[BOUNTIFUL] MyBeliefWorks™ for Experiencing a Bountiful Harvest MP3 & PDF

[BOUNTIFUL] MyBeliefWorks™ for Experiencing a Bountiful Harvest MP3 & PDF

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Clearings for aligning with and inviting in money flows of plenty so you can have more ease and fun receiving, growing, having and spending money.

These downloads and word tracks were received from Spirit and are meant to help you align with and invite in money flows of plenty so you can have more ease and fun receiving, growing, having and spending money. We want you to experience greater wealth in your life to joyfully share with others knowing that Spirit will always provide, and you will have more than enough.

If in this lifetime you have not come into your own financial abundance as of yet, NOW is the season of cornucopia and we offer this to help you find solitude in the ethereal horn of good plenty!

  • "I always have more than enough money to go around and I am rooted in God’s favor of PLENTY."
  • "My financial freedom has formed in front of me as I am in consistent alignment with the HORN OF GOOD PLENTY."
  • Money is another form of energy exchange that is safe for me to utilize knowing that it will increase tenfold."
  • "All paths of money come to me NOW, this is my season of Harvest. All blockages have cleared and there is a clear path to my HARVEST OF PLENTY.
  • "I welcome all positive experiences to come and money in all forms rains into my life. This is the season of my HARVEST"

Includes over 130 clearings delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript embedded with a link to the 31-minute MP3 audio recording.

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

**IMPT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) The AUDIO MP3 link will be clickable from the top of page 1 of the PDF! This should ease the access for both desktop & mobile users to now open both pdf & audio on one download link. Due to Apple's mobile download limitations: iPhone, iPad only purchases will still be required to request the alternate links or get one of their free file downloader Apps. 

Here's What People Are Saying...

Well, well, well . . . you've done it again, Jimmy Mack!  Don't ask me how this works, but I listened to your MP3 a week ago, and THE VERY NEXT DAY I got an offer for a $2.5 Million property that I had listed on the market 4 MONTHS!  It's not a coincidence, as this has happened before with your recordings.  You pave new pathways and open doors with your choice, energetic words and energy.  What can I say but, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!All the Best," - Katherine D.

"Thank you so much have just received and listened to the newest offering of Bountiful Harvest. I am going to call it Celestial Blessings. It is really beautiful and so clear. Looking forward to seeing what appears but I already feel calm and confident that all is well. And the era of lack is over!  Thank you another winner from the Jimmy Mack healing team! much love." - Rahima

"Money grows on trees, and those trees are in my yard!"   ............one of the single greatest word tracks of all time, and it is part of this mp3!  Jimmy Mack has yet again outdone himself, drawing upon, distilling, and coalescing the most powerful angelic energy in the Universe and transmuting it into the 3D form of Abundance.  When you listen, you begin to not only feel, but you begin to KNOW that it is time to be excited for what is showing up next.  Jimmy uses his unique abilities to bring down and exercise our divine right to prosperity from above into the present moment, here and now.  And Lord knows we sure need it here in 2020!  This one is an absolute homerun and it's here right on time!" --- Justin

"First and foremost, my liquid fish is the most powerful healing work I have experienced.  There are clearings in here I would’ve never ever thought oyf and I’m so happy are now cleared from me. I’ve listened three times and so far each time has released old energies patterns habits and every single time I heard something new. So much good stuff in here!" ---Toni G.

"I played the Harvest mp3 in a loop all night and had two immediate miracles.  I was upset because I wasn't going to be able to vote in the election because of a lapsed, then stolen ID and name change complications in my new state.  A client called me and said that she had felt a nudge to contact me because in her state, she'd learned people could sign affidavits and still vote without ID.  I called to discuss this on a voting help hotline and made a wonderful discovery---I was already registered to vote in the state I'd just moved to! I'd moved so many times, I hadn't realized this was the case.  All I had to do was change my address and renew, as my signature was on file.  Then, another client that had been MIA for some time, wrote me to say she wanted to resume working with me.  Thanks, Jimmy!" --- Eliza Bennet

"I am delighted with the Bountiful Harvest mp3. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Each recording brings a positive change in my world when I listen. Gratitude is a constant friend due to all that you have shared. Thank you for your time and effort responding to this email." - A.B. 

"So cool, Jimmy Mack.  Tyty.  I appreciate all of you at Team JM, too! Also in the news, I FINALLY received my unemployment monies last week after some big-time glitches in their system that took a couple hours over a couple weeks to sort out, but I received the debit card last week and it was over double what I expected it to be, which really helps me out this time of year.  Yay!" - T. Diaz

"Bountiful Harvest, another gem by Jimmy Mack. This audio created deep sense of peace and excitement about being ready, willing and able to receive easily. The clearings are so deep and cover so many aspects of possible blocks to abundance, from family baggage to addiction to retail therapy. I could feel layers clearing away and I went into trance-like state while listening to this audio." --- Gosia/ CA