[PROSPERITY PKG 2.0] MyBeliefWorks™ for Universal Abundance, The Gold Coin and Positive Money Mindset

[PROSPERITY PKG 2.0] MyBeliefWorks™ for Universal Abundance, The Gold Coin and Positive Money Mindset

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Retails for $171 but here Specially Priced at $136 for all 3 MyBeliefWorks™ Audios/PDFs 
Save $35 off of individual prices when you buy all 3 together.

1) Universal Abundance (reg. $57)

2) The Gold Coin (reg. $57)

3) Positive Money Mindset (reg. $57)

Includes 90 mins of audio with over 400 clearings on
3 MP3s/3 PDFs and can be downloaded instantly!

 This is what folks are saying...

"..found money 3 times since listening!" ~ K. M. /  Michigan

"Jimmy, you're right, this one IS very special!  After I listened to the audio a few times, I decided to buy some lottery tickets and got a small win of a free ticket with the first one! Then I got the next ticket, and the next and no kidding 6 times in a row I had a won a free ticket, $2, $5.50, $3, $11, $5. Not only that, I got inspired to follow up on some new marketing ideas and began receiving 5x the sales from programs that I hadn't sold in years. Such fun!" - S.B. / Clearwater

"Jimmy Mack's MP3 on abundance was like magic for me!  Before I listened, I said I am very grateful for the money miracle coming to fruition right now!  I started listening and was about 10 minutes into the recording.  We talked and I was able instantly to save about $700 off of my taxes instantly!  Awesome manifestation...thanks Jimmy Mack!  Your recordings are like dollars coming out of the sky!" ~ Mermaya / St. Pete, FL

"The blessings from Above have once again been divinely channeled through the latest entry in Jimmy Mack's "MyBeliefWorks" series.  The Abundance audio opens the door and acts as a catalyst to allow the riches of the Universe to more freely flow into your life.  Words have power, and Jimmy's words powerfully and poetically bring together the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.  They help manifest the infinite prosperity of the 5D by making it a firm reality here in the 3D.  Thank you Jimmy for helping us all receive this gift and for helping us live a truly fortunate life!" ~ J.A. / Tampa

"The first time I listened to this I felt pain, or more likely "stuff" leaving my ovary area. The second time I listened to this I could feel more leaving from other parts of my body. This is good but within 24 hours I was booked with clients and keep getting calls. I also received a nice check. This is great but what I love most is the way I feel about money and RECEIVING it has changed. I used to feel guilty about having or receiving money, now it's just normal, like breathing I don't even think about it, it;s just happening... I love you for this beautiful mp3 what a blessing. Thank you Jimmy," ~ T.G. / Wisconsin

"Once again I am totally blown away by your Abundance MP3.. .. I've listened to it everyday for 1 week. I've even taken parts out to add into my daily mantra. Two days ago the Cardiologist at my hospital invited me to his family's annual gratitude celebration, I've been manifesting for some time now to be including in the Dr.s circle. You are blessed Jimmy with wonderful gifts." ~ Kiki / Hawaii

"The Gold Coin Guided Meditation is very thorough and empowering! I could feel shifts in my consciousness as I aligned with your statements and intentions, including with investing for the future. I will listen to this often to ensure that I maintain these new frequencies in Body, Mind and Spirit. I feel lighter and unburdened by the stress I’ve been holding about what is in store for me, and I feel I can relax and trust Spirit to show me the way. Thank you, Jimmy!" - C.S. / Florida

"I love The Gold Coin download I plan to layer listen and let spirit guide me to play lotto.. scratch offs. I actually want to go to the casino I'm sooooo excited to see the manifestation become reality...It will!!" Kiki / Honolulu

"Jimmy's audio The Gold Coin is a powerful transmission of good luck and fortune, shifting old patterns and beliefs that can keep us stuck. My feet were buzzing as I listened, indicating to me that my old beliefs were exiting out through the bottom of my feet!"  - Marla / Los Angeles

"I feel like a Golden Child after listening to "Gold Coin" by Jimmy "the Healer". He covers all the money attracting bases with his soothing voice and comforting style. I was pleasantly surprised by the Bonus Prayer at the end. I've only just started listening and already been winning free tickets with the lotto. Looking forward to what's going to happen next for me financially as I continue to listen & layer the effects of this audio." - Colleen / Canada 

"I am always so excited to hear about Jimmy's new offerings. No matter what the topic is, afterwards I always feel a level of physical, energetic, and spiritual alignment and a level of clarity that is hard to come by so tangibly through most other methods. We all can use a little or a lot of support when it comes to finances, and clearing up any limiting beliefs or negative energies around your self and money can be truly life-changing. I really enjoyed listening to this new offering and I'm excited to see how it unfolds in my daily life! Jimmy always has a few tricks up his sleeve and this time is no different." - Marley / Kansas City

"Another winner!  This is a very comprehensive audio.  Jimmy Mack has truly thought of everything related to money blocks and inviting abundance into your life!   It is an informative audio as well as an interesting audio and reminded me of numerous money related things to consider improving.  He really covers it all in his soothing voice.  Relax, listen, take action, repeat!   Much gratitude for another helpful audio to improve my life" - K. M. / New York
"Jimmy thank you so much for creating this MP3 in them I believe works series. It is been a vital part of me moving forward with finances. The first time I listen to it I felt overwhelmed almost like I was tired. The second time I listened to it I could feel Energy leaving me and changes happening. By the third time I was completely comprehending the entire MP3 and feeling extremely confident. Thank you so much for creating this." - Toni G. / Wisconsin
"While I don’t have anxiety over paying taxes, I do have resistance and procrastination when preparing my taxes for my accountant.  After listening to the tax audio, I feel no resistance to tax preparation." - Pat. T. / Tampa

"This recording was a Godsend---my panic at preparing my taxes was completely gone and I was able to focus with clarity." - Teresa / Seattle

​"​Thank you for making this! Having an audited by the IRS when tax time comes around I am always nervous and stressed out. Being self employed I always worry about my deductions, the amount I’m going to have to pay and if I’ll have enough to pay it. I have listen to this twice. The first time I listened I felt a sense of relief but the second time I listened I felt like a big load was lifted from me and is permanently gone. Preparing my taxes to take to my accountant I am much more relaxed and calm and absolutely more confident thank you thank you thank you. And most importantly I am not worried I will be audited again.​" - Toni G. / Wisconsin​ 


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