Clearing Blocks and Transcending New Years Resolutions  - January 2023

Clearing Blocks and Transcending New Years Resolutions - January 2023

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Originally recorded January 25, 2023.

This month's call was all about "Clearing Blocks and Transcending New Year's Resolutions".  New Year's resolutions seldom work, so let's improve your chances during this time of new beginnings!  Over 100 items submitted by dozens of participants and separated into 4 sections.

Listen to this call replay as we clear and transform your resistance so you can go above and beyond! We deleted the negative blocks and downloaded the positive attributes to achieving what you thought was once unattainable allowing you to be more in alignment with giving and receiving the very best that this new year of life has to offer.

We separated the write-ins into these 4 sections: 


- What new habit, skill or result would you like to achieve to start the new year out right? 

- What excuses do you make for why it hasn't happened or can't happen for you or for who or what is in your way?

- What positive outcome or new behavior would you most like to experience and carry forward to make progress in your life?

      And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 

      This is a 31-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)


      Here's what some live listeners wrote in saying:
      "Hi Jimmy and team, During the call I felt my legs heavy like they were being pulled by a magnet to the ground. And my phone kept ringing so it took me out the zoom call for about 30 seconds and I felt like a strong jolt, as if the energy left me. I quickly logged back on. Super powerful!" - Diana 

      "Hello Jimmy, just a wee note of thanks for last eve's zoom call. It was something else. No words ha ha. Today is a new day and the whole world looks and feels different. I am on another planet or maybe I have joined those whales out there :)) You know that feeling when you have spent the week decluttering and clearing the house and it feels really strange!  I haven't been on a zoom call with you for awhile, and I have to say it was a completely different experience. Thank you so much for all the clearing. I hope you are really good today too. many best wishes and Lots of Love." - Rahima

      "I Looooooove this community!!! The intentions were soooo Awesome. I was doing my usual cheerleading Yes and Thank you on each and everyone. The neighbors just have to wonder what I am doing. Thank you Team for all your work putting this together. We’re all on the team for sure. Love It!!!!!" - Scotty / Hawaii



      • get rid of my ongoing covid cough/ have healthy lungs

      • Heal a painful body and Covid aftermath!  Pain  rashes  lumps  

      • That the blocks that prevent my colon from working properly be resolved quickly.

      • To have my pancreas produce the perfect amount of insulin and cut out the sugar cravings.

      • To clear up painful sciatic back pain whenever I drive or sit for any length of time.

      • To lower my blood pressure to perfect BP and heal all the root causes, such as fear and safety issues.

      • being healthy slim, releasing excess weight, excess toxins or all of the toxins

      • To heal my brain and have clear thinking and clear memory.

      • clear my resistance to all that is preventing me from healing

      •  I am identifying and releasing all emotions connected to the tumors in my breasts and I am tumor free and healthy now.

      • Achieve mental health & physical health with great vitality.

      What new habit, skill or result would you like to achieve to start the new year out right? 

      • I would like to get good at receiving, family harmony 

      • to be the best version of me in this lifetime

      • healing the past and releasing worry 

      • To get information/friends/money to start my healing business. to live a fulfilling life in 2023.

      • To have faith in myself in creating value for others, creating companies that bring wealth and inspire clients, owners & employees.

      • to align myself with commitment and stop procrastinating and start doing and engaging in life again. 

      • To balance all areas of my life….Health, Wealth and Relationships.

      • Getting up earlier, exercising more, eating cleaner and have my diet straight,  to joyfully get up earlier and exercise.

      • To become a consistently positive person who achieves their goals

      • To achieve financial freedom.

      •  To receive financial blessings through jackpots in lottery

      • To do more strength based exercise like weights

      • to be able to “digest” and integrate helpful and beneficial information, execute the changes, while being able to calmly go through life. 

      • To be in perfect alignment with Spirit and to move through life guided by synchronicities

      • To be open to easily receiving solutions and information coming to me from Spirit’s guidance.

      • To create wealth and to live a life beyond my wildest dreams and blessing others as I go.

      • To have an open heart to attract a kind, compassionate romantic partner into my life.

      • to have a successful interview and receive a stable job and career advancement

      • To experience a true and delicious friendship.

      •  to develop new habits to stay sober and find my magnificent enjoyable life 

      • to take positive action steps to achieve my soul plan and purpose 

      • I would like to manifest enough money to start my animal sanctuary.

      • To accomplish selling many books that help children connect positively to their world

      • Waking up in the morning and being in excitement and wonderment for the Rockin Awesome day ahead

      • My new skill is consolidating all aspects of my knowing skill so that I feel true confident of my intuitive skills

      • This year I am going to love earning and saving more than enough money to pay all my bills and  doing work I love.

      • A way to recognize my innate healing abilities and a sign on how to activate and use them.

      • For the New Year to bring me a New energy…one that starts earlier each day, includes regular physical activity and regular quiet time. 

      • to master, with confidence, my knowledge and skills of the two foreign languages that I am currently studying

      • To simplify and organize everything in my home with ease and grace.

      What excuses do you make for why it hasn't happened or can't happen for you or for who or what is in your way?

      • That I need more time and more money to make it happen

      • Having the feeling that the other shoe is about to drop whenever something good happens

      • To release my fear that if things get too good something bad will happen.  I need to believe/ know that’s great things can happen, and I will be safe

      • That I need to get my foot off the hose so I can ignite and allow all that is jubilant, rapturous and dazzling

      • My excuse for not achieving my weight loss goals has been the belief that if I could do it, I would’ve done it by now. 

      • To stop sabotaging myself once and for all and commit joyfully to following through every day.

      • release lack of focus - create action to intentions

      • Release resistance and allow flow!  Laughter  Fun! 

      • Having the lack of desire or motivation to exercise daily

      • Having the belief that I won’t shift out of this malaise

      • I am always putting others' needs ahead of my own and honestly looking for ways to avoid my own responsibilities. 

      • Constantly looking for “new” opportunities (shiny object syndrome) to distract me from following through and completing projects that are already underway.

      • Clear all cause and reasons, excuses to not being able to put an exercise routine into action successfully

      • Clear all excuses and reasons for why I can’t stay alcohol-free -  remove this addiction and all of my addictions including negative thinking

      • To stop resisting selling my art and allow this year to be the starting point for my art to be recognized and in huge demand

      • clear the biggest blocks, excuses and obstacles that I have within me or around me that prevents me from meeting a nice girlfriend or new friends

      • clear any and all obstacles within me or around me that I cannot see that prevent me from finally getting back into studying audio engineering 

      • release any judgements, conclusions, projections or expectations that I have about finding instructors who can truly see me and appreciate my abilities

      • The belief that it's too late for me to actualize my gifts and have an extraordinary life.

      • Having the need to become connected to helpful Influencers

      • Conquering thoughts of overwhelm for all I have to get done

      • Totally releasing the negative thoughts and resentments of the past

      •  the shame of not being where I imagined and dreamed I would be in life by now

      • Please clear resistance to ANY resistance I hold against people or things beneficial to me

      • Please kiss and say goodbye to (release!) any stuck energy or beliefs that I am on something other than an elegant and easy path of illuminated ascension

      • Please dissolve anything blocking or limiting my direct communication with the Divine on High, especially my insecurities, self-judgments and low self esteem

      • To get rid of the belief that no one shows up for me - so I can feel chosen and pursued

      • My excuse has been that I have been unable to identify how to change and improve due to a shattering of my skills

      • Releasing the need to make excuses, feel guilty or demean myself to live my life to the fullest.

      • Please clear the fear of being true to myself

      • Please clear blocks from all timelines allowing magic to be a regular part of each of my days. 

      • To release a deep seated belief that my stuff could never be as good as someone else’s

      •  Release the fear of asking for and accepting money for goods and services and the belief that it will make me greedy and worthless.

      • I transcend all previous habits that prevent me from being in the now and in the flow.

      • to now and forever cast aside limiting beliefs I took on or had imposed consciously or unconsciously about money and my worthiness and intelligence to be a money magnet and financially independent.  

      What positive outcome or new behavior would you most like to experience and carry forward to make progress in your life?

      • To Finish my novel and sell it for the big bucks.

      • to have a better voice

      • To have more transactions closing per month.

      • To have peace of mind with better relationships both with friends and also romantically.

      • To be okay to be seen as I am

      • To feel comfortable expressing myself when I choose to and have trust and value in myself 

      • To have a sense of accomplishment to enhance my self-worth which will result in empowering myself, boosting my self-confidence. 

      • My new behavior is that I use and rely on my intuitive skills with comfort and ease and with excellent accuracy

      • To Live a life of gratitude and happiness.

      • To be free from all financial debts this year and to live with unlimited access to financial wealth.

      • To find my soul made and new home

      • To take the actions that are in alignment with my greatest intentions

      • To establish my animal sanctuary to rescue as many animals as I can afford to

      • To become 100% mentally and spiritually sovereign, allowing myself to express all my innate potentials - this year and beyond

      • Delighting in earning more than enough money will spill over into my work and energize me to be more creative and productive and vibrant.

      • To be grounded in my own work and purpose and not be bound to an employer

      • I request opportunities, guidance ,setting of realistic goals in attaining positive results in keeping with my needs, capabilities etc.

      • This new year will be filled with joy, wonder and excitement as well as miracles, love and magic and we will be lovingly guided by the heart of intuition always!