Clearing Switches for Manifesting Dreams into Reality  - August 25, 2021

Clearing Switches for Manifesting Dreams into Reality - August 25, 2021

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Originally recorded August 25, 2021

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Manifesting Dreams into Reality".  We separated the over 120 submissions that folks wrote in about into three different categories. 1) Outward Physical Manifestations (Body/Money/Job/Business/People) 2) Clearing Blocks to Manifestation 3) Inner-self, Spiritual Manifestations.

We want to clarify that the true meaning of manifesting is the action of HOW it shows up, it’s the process and the action steps in between that we are asking for support and ease in facilitating that which we desire to show up .  It's also asking for assistance in being in a clear energetic frequency of alignment with those desires that are for our highest good so they have the best probability of materializing/actualizing and showing up in our world/reality.

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 35-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)


Listener reactions right after the call:

"Oh wow that was awesome!!! I couldn't sit down for this event. Jimmy you have the best of the best Team and Community on the planet. I feel that all the submissions covered all the bases and checked my blind spots. I was saying yes to the universe and giving Spirit a high Five through this whole event. My neighbors are probably wondering what I'm doing over here. I'm Lovin it that's what I'm doing! That was excitingly fun. Vibes Up Everyone!!!" - Scotty S. / Hawaii

"Thanks for that wonderful zoom call on manifestion. I loved it. Thanks a million." - S. Foster



  • to manifest nice jobs that can help me have lots of money to travel the world.  
  • To manifest a clear business plan/purpose.
  • To manifest an essay, book, and course topic ideas.  
  • To manifest the perfect SUV for us
  • To manifest a new job that I love that is easier on my body, less hours and more money and that I have a passion for
  • To manifest and accept a valuable job offer.
  • To start my business because I’ve passed my boards & have the money to do so!!! 
  • To manifest a new job, completely aligned with both my professional desires and my soul mission.
  • To manifest a prosperous private business that will enable us to be debt free- no more loans no more credit cards, no mortgages
  • To manifest friends with kids that I genuinely enjoy and that our kids genuinely enjoy each other
  • To manifest a volunteer option that will contribute a lasting impact and feels light.
  • To manifest a wonderful generously paying job to come to me easily - doing good work with co-workers that I love & feeling stress free and appreciated
  • To manifest a job that doubles the income that I’m making and allows me to use my authentic gifts and talents while working from my home studio.
  • To manifest alignment with an online business opportunity, with under $1k entry cost & minimum $1,500/ month profit, fast
  • To manifest the clients & customers to purchase the products that I create & sell
  • To manifest the optimal business name, logo & website with the ideal products and services that will sell themselves 
  • To manifest the clients, support team, technical resources, funding and studio that I need to create my new business. 
  • To manifest my twin flame/soulmate that is also in search of me. 
  • to manifest my loving, caring partner/spouse and inspiring conscious relationship.
  • to manifest an invention/patent that helps and benefits others. 
  • To manifest the perfect home for us
  • To manifest the resources to buy the house of my dreams with a beautiful deck and lots of pets  
  • To manifest a comfortable energetic home that brings me joy to be in and uplifts me and all who enter. If that means moving please show me where.
  • To manifest additional income from unexpected sources.
  • To manifest an automatic continuous financial income that comfortably meets all of our needs
  • To manifest being free and clear of ALL my debt. To pay my bills with ease and love in my heart and always have extra money.
  • To manifest financial wealth and abundance- multiple millions by retirement so that I can take care of not only myself but family and friends
  • To manifest a continuous abundance of money so I can give it away when others need it
  • To be 100% aligned with rapidly winning the lottery and games of chance. also a big money win for everyone listening or watching this zoom.
  • To manifest the sale of my land fast, with ease, for over €100,000
  • To manifest significant weight loss and to enjoy working out at home daily.
  • To manifest being in the best shape of my life by the end of this year. 
  • To manifest a strong immune system for me, my family, my friends and everybody on this call to protect against all viruses and bacteria
  • To manifest a magical healing ability for my body to heal itself immediately
  • To manifest my body to easily become healthy and skinny and to enjoy healthy foods, drinks & exercise
  • To manifest being ageless in body, mind and spirit.
  • To manifest the correct/right weight for my body
  • To manifest a fit, supple and strong body again - to reclaim my stronger, slimmer body of the past. 
  • To manifest complete health and well being on all levels


  • Remove all blocks that don’t allow Jimmy Mack & other healers’ methods to assist me.
  • To immediately, permanently, and completely eradicate any and all blocks throughout all timelines and the entirety of my lineages to living an unlimited abundant and joyous life for myself and my family.
  • Any thoughts of doubt that keep me from believing I can achieve my desires
  • Clearing my beliefs and feelings about dealing with bookkeeping that block the growth of my business
  • Clear the relentless feeling of worry from COVID and trust the Divine
  • All the blocks that stopped me from being my true self and accomplishing my goals are now removed.
  • Release and discontinue the struggle within me; in my mind and my emotional bodies.
  • Release and clearing of all fear; doubt; worry; avoidance and resistance that is in my mind and my body that is blocking the flow of energy within me
  • Please remove the blocks to my manifesting and where I sabotage myself sometimes manifesting what I don’t want.
  • To release things that are holding me back from financial abundance, purpose and happiness to benefit all.
  • Remove Issues of not enough- not feeling good enough; that I have enough;  that I will have enough in future 
  • Release Fear of being rejected and fear of failure - to stop falling short and to take that last bit of action that will put me over that edge and in the crosshairs of incredible financial reward.
  • To be free of mental and physical exhaustion/depletion/burnout from several years of managing the effects trauma 
  • To release any blocks to having unlimited energy to focus on expanding my business
  • Release feeling the need to comfort myself at night with food
  • Release pain of old injuries, lack of sleep and energy and motivation when it's time to get out and get active.   
  • I have a lack of belief in my ability to do what I really love for a living, so I wind up procrastinating and not following through on my goals.
  • I feel stuck and trapped in my current career and would love to kick fear to the curb and find the courage to follow through on the dreams and goals that have been stuck in neutral for years.
  • Release stress, uncertainty and stagnation over figuring out exactly what I want to manifest—especially for a new career direction and “label”
  • Release unworthiness, guilt and fear over receiving any and all good things I do manifest—especially money—big money


  • To have love and joy in my life and anything more unmentioned that brings happiness to me... even for my lineage throughout all lifetimes
  • Confidence in Myself, that I would Know, that I Know, that I Know!
  • Personal Opportunity to make ridiculous amounts of money per month that continues to grow, doing simple, easy tasks that I enjoy and I'm great at.
  • For Love to be forever in our hearts so we could continue to have a happy healthy family life  
  • Manifesting a clear and focused mind and improved organization 
  • My willingness to manifest an abundance of joy, great health ,success and wealth is rekindled and unlimited.
  • To have the feeling that I have found my place. 
  • to have great opportunities that will support our dreams to keep coming true.
  • To be ready to Open up my energy to be more of a Global hand up guide on the side to my brothers and sisters of this planet. 
  • To be Ready and Open 24/7 with a High Viben, ultimate, feel good Energy, Focus, Clarity, Confidence and Courage. 
  • To have the knowing that what I desire is already on it's way to me!
  • determination to lose weight with healthy diet and exercise 
  • to know when, where, how and why to make the best choices when it comes to eating, exercise, and nutritional choices.
  • enthusiasm and rekindled interest in hobbies and home 
  • To manifest a miracle for my family and me of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation 
  • to manifest ease in the process of asking my beloved husband of 41 years for a divorce 
  • to manifest another miracle by which my husband and i can remain friends 
  • To manifest full disclosure of the truth of what is playing out & reckoning of the accounts.
  • To manifest remaining in a creative flow state during all times of the day.
  • Bring in trust, faith and serenity I will manifest and allow in what is right for me and in the right time
  • To have the drive and consistent determination to achieve all of my goals
  • To always give and receive equal exchange when it comes to all business endeavors I embark on.
  • The ability to communicate from my heart clearly, to conduct successful group healings, and to speak eloquently from my authentic self.
  • To be full of radiant happy energy to do things
  • I am unlimited in manifesting Love, great health  and abundance for  my friends, family and the good people on this earth
  • to manifest maximum creative flow, financial flow, career flow, and the flow of joy.
  • To manifest good relationships with family, partners, & self) and healthy communications, loving connections, and more compassion with ease and grace. 
  • To manifest an increase creation, receptivity, acceptance, of the flow of money, and financial surplus into my experience on a consistent basis with grace, ease
  • I am absolutely fully confident in my ability to immediately, completely, permanently and joyously manifest all manner of good in my life.
  • I am able to stay present in the moment and open to receiving good things in my life
  • I am open to recognizing and receiving all the things I’m asking for
  • The ability to maintain the vibration of all that I manifest.
  • Please super boost and supercharge our ability to manifest what we do want from anywhere, in all timelines, past, present, future, all dimensions and in all languages.