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My Liquid Fish ®
“A technological method for creating profound change”™
Hopefully, by the time you reach this page you have already read my book How to heal yourself and others now and are reading as a daily supplemental guide, Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations the other primary choice is the book I co-authored with Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret and Maria Nemeth PhD entitled: Take Action Now! Which I would highly recommend to anyone who is either now or thinking of becoming a life coach as Bob and Maria are some of the best on this or any other planet! Either one of these books will give you the basic overview and background so that you can get your head around the information.

I would highly encourage you to schedule a session with me after you have read the eBook or hard copies

I was awakened in the middle of the night with this concept and of course I debated as usual and asked “them” to wait until the morning, promising to remember it and other stories that we tell ourselves and others to avoid something. Thank goodness I turned on the night light and wrote it down. Thus began the odyssey of My Liquid Fish.

You will find all sorts of helpful pieces once we have had a session and I will gladly send you a lot more information. Check out my YouTube channel and throughout my books you will find strength in your ability to create change. In the end, there is only death, taxes and change. It took me 25 years and somewhere in the 6 figures to take all the methods, systems, retreats, teachings and healing techniques that I learned and mastered. Now for a fraction of that cost in money and very little time investment you can do what I do. How awesome would it be if you had a simple, powerful tool that would determine yes or no and then YOU could create a wind of change in any area of your life and that of others?

You are only limited by your mind. This will work on people, places, things, pets, situations, body, mind, health, spirit, money, relationships, blocks, negative stuff and so forth and so on.

If you can muscle test or use applied Kinesiology (I have found standing muscle testing to work best) you can reach a yes or no. If you are new at all of this standing works best. If you can already muscle test and get clear answers good for you! You can also use a pendulum which comes from dowsing days where people used dowsing rods to find water and even oil along with an array of lost things. Google the above terms or you tube them if need be. If you cannot do any of these, it is ok, I will show you how during our session and a session can create changes and teach you how to do this

The Super Ancient History of Fish
Ok, so I only happened on all the links and info below by accident one night on TV and I thought wow, here is a guy who may or may not be very religious/spiritual or elevated but yet he is presenting the basic theory that we (mankind) all evolved from fish. So how cool is that? When you consider that in 2013 I was given the design and hand movements of My Liquid Fish that can actually create changes for you when you play with it; to me it is all coming full circle or at least circular.

Special thanks to NASA for permission to use the Hubble space telescope picture for my latest book Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations. And special thanks to Reverend Michael Beckwith from the movie The Secret for asking me and allowing me to continue to contribute to services live stream @ Agape Live in LA.

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