REMOTE VIEWING (5 Minutes + Remote Time)

REMOTE VIEWING (5 Minutes + Remote Time)

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Conversation via phone, Skype or Email to set up the goals followed by “quiet time” at my end for as long as it takes. Detailed email findings to follow.

Whether it’s a lost diamond ring or even a person, we can tap into all that is and inquire about it. I worked with an arborist recently to find a leak in over 60 feet of pipe that was buried underneath concrete and it was in the exact spot that “we” told him where it was. Utilizing this service will save you time and a lot of money.

It is also fantastic for those that cannot work on themselves or are nonbelievers like your grumpy friend or relative that’s going to have surgery next week or month! We will dial into them utilizing turbo-charged, super-charged prayers and My Liquid Fish ® Change Made Simple ® and endeavor to have an optimal outcome. There is zero involvement or prep time on their behalf if it is a surrogate session for someone else.

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