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We will discuss any issues and formulate a plan. I will cover a variety of key beliefs to discuss and work on creating real changes in order to offer relief from any number of issues. After even this brief session, clients have experienced changes and come away with a greater sense of peace. This is NOT an option for new clients because it does not allow enough time to address needs and find deeper, underlying issues that require time and it is only for experienced/established clients, IE Tune ups.

Read about what changes people are reporting:

"Hey Jimmy! We spoke about 4-6 months ago about my 3 year old's health. You recommended removing grains, wheat and gluten. We followed it and immediately saw results and his gut has been healing ever since. He's like a new kid. I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance! Its changed our families lives." - J.S./ Florida

"I visited Jimmy at the yoga studio at the beginning of November.  This was a birthday present to myself. Among the questions I asked, two have already come true/through for me. A third one, I will have to wait until February rolls around to see if that occurs.

1.  I had acute diarrhea for 6 weeks after a colonoscopy.  Nothing helped.  I was instructed to take mega doses of probiotics to balance my gut  as the prep wiped everything out. One probiotic a day was not going to cut it.  I needed to take five  3xs per day. After 2 days of doing this protocol, I was headed back to normal. I stayed at this dosage until the probiotics were gone, and I am perfectly fine now. I am so grateful!

2.  When asking about my future at my job, I was told I would be "elevated" in my position there.  Three weeks later, out of the blue, I got a promotion and a raise! That was so unexpected, I was shocked!"

  - Claire Matthews / Tampa,FL


“Dear Jimmy, Your Liquid Fish is helping me more than anything else in this life!! Healing others become far more easier than before. “Thanks a lot friend.”

– A.K. / India

"Dear Jimmy, I want to thank you again for our session today.  I was surprised to get to talk with you so soon.  You must work 48 hours a day! Also thank you for sending the supplement list.  I have ordered the four items you suggested.

You gave me so much information and help in releasing my anxiety and digestive issues.  I also have not seen Abby licking herself since we talked.  How mystical and magical!  I will continue to "fish" and, of course, check to see if I get a Yes or No before changing anything.  I am looking forward to working at a stress-free and healthier, happier life. You are truly a blessing to humanity!"

- Carol M. / Wisconsin


"I have had neck/back issues for several years that has prevented me from (well being OCD) about cleaning or exercising etc.. I mean I do it but with limitations.. but just 1 session (that was way long over due & much needed) & I woke the next day, hit the ground running forward non stop for 3 straight days & all being pain free.

Not only did I clean without pain I was able to join my husband at the gym & do not just cardio but some strength training as well. I cannot thank you enough for what you do not only for me but the rest of your clients as well!! If you're in need of a natural healer he is the man."

- Angelia Ortiz (posted on Facebook)


“I have had an eye opening experience in learning My Liquid Fish!  My challenges were career, relationships and finances like most everybody!  In the couple of sessions I have had, it is amazing how things that were blocking my success have been removed.  Within the first 2 weeks I have had 2 job opportunities cross my path and a new love interest.  I can say that I am a believer and have been using it on negative situations almost daily!  My Liquid Fish has opened up my world to have the life I want and deserve!  Thank you Jimmy for sharing this!”

– T.G. / Nevada


“I got the  job:)  A big fat huge giant relief! I had the second round of interviews last Friday where I met with the other managers – Then met with the Head Server (who was cool) this past Wednesday. Just found out last night that they wanted to bring me on board!!! A slower start, which will benefit me, & then business picks up around the holidays. Felt like I was walking on ice for awhile there … happy to know now! There were other applicants & everything. Everyone is being really cool to me there too … They are making me feel both comfortable & supported. I really wanted to reach out to you & share this newfound wealth that is flowing into my life. Thank you for your services, Soul Buddy! I’m sure we’ll be talking soon – if not sooner 😉 Hope you are well!”

– B.K. Florida