Energy Clearing Audios

MyBeliefWorks™ Energetic Downloads Clear Negative Weakness and Strengthen Positive Belief Statements so you can smooth out the choppy waters and accelerate the speed of change. 

    Listening to each MyBeliefWorks™ audio recording is like having a 3 hour private one-on-one session with Jimmy because changes will be facilitated for you on nearly 100 positive and negative belief statements for each specific topic just by listening to each recording. These clearing statements come directly from divine guidance and are encoded into each recording and will in fact change for you as you listen.

    ALL PRODUCTS will be delivered in a SINGLE PDF FILE with the AUDIO MP3 LINK at the top of the page.

    The first time you listen to the audios, we suggest you be fully engaged and aware as you are laying down or sitting quietly listening. You can then choose to listen multiple times at a low volume or even while sleeping as a reinforcement or refresher. The negative beliefs will be extracted and the positive beliefs will be strengthened and reinforced to balance you out in a healthier way.



      Click photos of each audio/pdf to read a full product description and testimonial.

      I want you to take a moment now and ask yourself, “What is the one thing I’d most like to change or make better about my life?”  

      If you look through this list below, I bet you’ll find something that directly matches that thing for YOU. 

      Read some of the testimonials we've received:

      "I absolutely love listening to Jimmy Mack’s downloads. I used to work with him in person when I lived in Florida but have not found an energy worker that compares in my new state. I’m so grateful that I can still work with him long distance and listen to his soothing downloads! His work has definitely made a positive difference in my life." Taylor S / Hot Springs, Arkansas 

      "Hi Jimmy. 2 days after getting your new Abundance mp3 our house went on the market. Within 5 hours we had a full price offer. Awesomeness! Moving back to AZ. Blessings my Friend!"  ~ P. M. 

      "Jimmy Mack's MP3 on abundance was like magic for me!  Before I listened, I said I am very grateful for the money miracle coming to fruition right now!  I started listening and was about 10 minutes into the recording.  We talked and I was able instantly to save about $700 off of my taxes instantly!  Awesome manifestation...thanks Jimmy Mack!  Your recordings are like dollars coming out of the sky!" ~ Mermaya / St. Pete, FL

      "I had neck pain on the right side and I had hip pain on my left side after listening to the Body Scan mp3 twice pain was gone. It's awesome and thank you - love you." Joyce / Florida

      "Hey Jimmy I listened to the new Body Scan Audio MP3 twice….. amazing… I fell asleep or went very deep at the same point both times!!! Something amazing was happening……………… this is awesome" Toni / Wisconsin

      "After listening to the Creatives recording, I felt all anxiety around my book melt away and was able to approach the page with neutrality and then curiosity and then positive excitement.  Pretty quickly I was actually being compulsive about writing---which is something I've always dreamed off.  Thanks Jimmy!" - Ann Pope

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