Meet Jimmy Mack | Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coach

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who after a near death experience, was divinely shown and then developed a simpler, faster way to create healing and profound transformational changes called My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™. This can access an interdimensional healing portal where you can actually see and feel energetic shifts and create profound change on multiple levels in minutes! He is the author of 9 books and over 35 energetic clearing and healing audio MP3’s on a variety of self-improvement topics. He now offers Online Training, Masterclasses and a Mastery & Practitioner Certification Program for all to become empowered with this technique. In addition, Jimmy works with clients worldwide on the phone, over Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal and in person co-creating changes in people, places, pets, situations and things.

Medical Intuitive

A Medical Intuitive is a person who "reads" your medical condition without performing an actual physical examination. The practitioner reads your body's energy field and detects imbalances which lead to illness.


A little about me…

I was born in Clearwater, Florida and grew up as an Episcopalian. I was even an acolyte in the church, yet I was always fascinated with psychic phenomenon, Astrology, Numerology etc.. I graduated from The University Of South Florida with a BA degree, but not before discovering spiritualist churches and realizing that I wanted to learn more.

I took a variety of psychic development classes and later even “Ascension.” I continue to practice yoga to this day. For a while, I ran an acupuncture clinic with several doctors. They were all well versed in Applied Kinesiology, TBM, NET and a variety of herbs and spices that brought about great healing change with their patients.

Then one day, they started having this guy named Lu come around at least twice a month. The doctors would write down lists of things that they wanted “Lu” to work on, pull, remove or change for them. I thought to myself that if these doctors that I respected were giving “their stuff” and lists of work to this guy, then I have got to get to know him.

Lu and I soon became good friends and I spent over a year going to his home every other Friday night and working with him, pulling, deleting and canceling beliefs that I knew needed changing but that I did not know how to change. Eventually, I enrolled in Lu’s ThetaHealing® courses, including Basic ThetaHealing® Advanced ThetaHealing® and Manifestation and Abundance, as well as a Paradigm course that I was invited to take with only a select few other students. I have also completed Ascension, and I have been “reconnected” completing Reconnection Healing Levels, I, II and III.

I am Certified as an Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, and have completed Basic, DNA Advanced ThetaHealing® as well as Manifestation and Abundance training. I am a member of The Circle Of Healers, The International Natural Healers Association, The American Association Of Healers and ordained with the non-denominational Healing Ministry, The Universal Light Church. I have completed and been attuned to Reiki Levels 1,2 and 3 as a Master as well as Certified Shamanic Healer and Remote Viewer. I have also completed Matrix Energetics Level 1, 2 and 3 (Wizard Training) and Level 4 Self-Mastery. I have been Certified as Practitioner with creator Richard Bartlett.

After all of that training at the feet of the masters, I was then given my own healing technology from Spirit and I was lead to bring it forth as My Liquid Fish.  It is ever-evolving and deepening in ways that I find miraculous and that is what I teach use, and share with each client giving them "the best of the best" of all that I know.  Read more in our blog posts here.

I continue to work on myself and others from around the world. I have developed a real passion and drive for helping others achieve their goals and to experience comfort, relief and real life changes and will do it all the way to the door!

Please read over the testimonials throughout the shop services and products to get a better idea of results. In the end, for people that are searching for relief and who are sincerely wanting to make changes and improvements in their lives, the results are all that matter.


ThetaHealing® and www.thetahealing.com are registered trade marks and I am listed as an Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner under the state of Florida, USA in their directory. The Reconnection, Reconnective Healing, Dr Eric Pearl, are also registered trade marks and I am listed as a Practitioner of Level 1,2 and 3. Matrix Energetics, and Dr. Richard Bartlett are all registered trademarks and I am listed with them as a Certified Practitioner.