Guided Energy Processes

Over recent years Jimmy Mack has been receiving transmissions and downloads from Spirit that he has shared with several high profile online telesummit communities.  The energetic connection made to millions of consciousness seeking people around the world has instantly created a morphic field around these processes which grows with each new listener. 

Many of these Guided Energy Processes are now available here in the shop.  Each process is under 10 minutes, in length and you may feel cold, maybe hot, maybe tingling sensations - a lot people feel like he is running his fingers through their hair while listening. All of which are great signs of shifting energy movement.

When preparing to listen, just relax and sit there quietly and if you can lay down that's great. These replays are just going to be just as powerful as the original and can be listened to multiple times with different issues, although it's best if you limit each listen to one issue per process.

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