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This is where you can browse the various one-on-one services that I offer and select the one for which you'd like to schedule time together. First availability is typically within 7 days of purchase.  We are now providing this Appointment Scheduling Options page on the site. Options for both pre-paid scheduling or "schedule first, then pay" are available.  Please read through carefully!

    • Wear comfortable clothing and remove large pieces of jewelry/metal and avoid heavy perfumes or scents whether in person or distant from me.
    • Drink lots of water and be fully hydrated. Have extra water near you. This is for muscle testing purposes and will help you feel changes occur.
    • Determine which direction is North in your location and face that direction during the session.  Quite simply if the sun comes up in the East it will be the wall next to you when you turn to your left after facing sunrise.
    • Block out the time for our appointment and ensure you are free from all distractions during the session including traffic, children, phone calls, pets etc.
    • Find a quiet, private area with a comfortable chair and make sure you have room to stand up when needed. If standing is uncomfortable for you, let me know and we can make arrangements to accommodate you.
    • Bring your pendulum or prepare to muscle test. If you use a pendulum or know how to muscle test (applied kinesiology) you will enjoy your session that much more.  If you do not know how to use a pendulum or muscle test, I will help you learn how in under 5 minutes.

    Please DO NOT send any emails ahead of time with stories or talk topics. Simply have a list of topics prepared ie: “I have back pain. I’m going through a divorce. Having trouble finding a job. I feel chronic fatigue.” I take things methodically one by one and do not want to see the playing cards ahead of time.   If a thought or an idea pops into your mind during our session, there is a reason for it and I want you to bring it up.  That way we can create the most appropriate, customized changes for you in the moment!

    Have REALISTIC expectations of time. Start out with your biggest current challenge first.  Do NOT be the client with 1 minute remaining that says, “Jimmy, one last thing, what’s my life’s purpose and should I leave my 30 year marriage?” Good Lord, lead with that stuff, don’t close with it.   Thanks! You’ll save us both a lot of time and disappointment for sure!!!


    There is NO recording of sessions by any means. If I cannot reach you via phone and email within the first 15 minutes, we will reschedule and a fee may be incurred for the missed appointment.


    Answers to several other Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

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