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Thank you for your wonderful & generous healing with me last Tuesday.  I have been clearer & grounded since then...much more myself & am better able to do the sway testing. I'm loving having more energy too. It's an enormously exciting change that I'm sure will continue. Many many thanks!!


"I always feel so uplifted and invincible, after we speak! Plus, having an action plan to move forward with, has been the missing link. I am so grateful to have you in my life, as my guide and cheerleader! Many Blessings to you always." 


When I woke up early this morning my cat still hadn't come home. So I got dressed and went to go look for her. After 45min and feeling into where she was I stood at a spot, quietly calling (as it still was really
early) and suddenly she started meowing from somewhere and found her way to me. After a bit of saying hello, she led the way home. So, she's back and I'm happy ;) Thanks for the session and assistance yesterday. It helped a lot!



“Miraculous blessings continue to flow effortlessly to me the last 4 weeks since your daily prayer service. I’m more tuned in than ever and I’m being blessed with financial miracles that truly leave me in awe! My angels are more present than ever! I’m so grateful you’ve been guided to offer this service. The shifts I’m experiencing are truly transformational on all levels!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – 


 "Hi Jimmy, Words cannot express my gratitude to you.  I was applying for a job and reached out to you and Spirit for prayer. After several levels of interviewing, I just received an incredible offer letter. Starting salary beyond my wildest expectations. One of my affirmations you have used which spoke to me to me and verbally express on a daily basis is…”In life and career, I am the CHOICE not the OPTION.”  Out of all the candidates, the company Chose Me! Thank you for all that you are and More! Love you always!" 


“Hi Jimmy,  Let me tell you what has happened in the short time of 10 days since I signed up for your daily prayers program. First thing, my husband and I reconciled after a long two months of miscommunication, anger, defensiveness, shutting down and almost to the point of not talking. We are now back to feeling safe and comfortable being together with love and laughter. Second, my lost US Mail package for over 3 weeks made its way back to me.  I know it was from your prayers that the package came back safe and sealed. You are AMAZING Jimmy!!! Thank you!!!”