MySwitchWorks Video Call Replays

These are video replays of specially held Zoom video calls by Jimmy on various topics and explaining the next level of My Liquid Fish®  clearings called Switches.


Ground-breaking news!  We've stumbled onto some new level of My Liquid Fish® technology and I want you all to read closely here, it's simple and profound and it's going to take more than one viewing of the videos to get it.
For decades I have been saying, “my bad luck switch is turned off" or "my good luck switch is turned on” and obviously we need to fish one way or the other if they aren’t on track. 

Now scientists are talking about a device called a "quantum switch" which defies the concepts of ‘before’ and ‘after’. The apparatus works by putting particles of light through a series of two operations FIRST OR LAST.  Scientists have given a sequence of events the quantum treatment. Two events, A and B, occur in both orders simultaneously: A before B, and B before A. The switch can be in BOTH On and Off states. I go into a deeper analogy about a dimmer switch on the video - be sure to watch. 

If we can defy before and after, I believe that with MLF we can change/influence a negative into a positive state as quickly as an issue came on.
Now if you’re scratching your head on that one... don’t, because we’ve simplified it even more

Think of a light switch on a wall that uses electricity to turn the light On (A) or Off (B).  With your pendulum or standing sway test, you get your energetic Yes or No in response to a statement you make and then you fish In (bring more energy into) or fish Out (remove the unwanted energy) toward the positive change you desire.

With My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® we’re now saying look at everything as if it were a switch ie: Body, mind, spirit, money, relationships, health, emotions... Like using the "quantum switch", if both outcomes can exist at the same time on the quantum level, we can "change the switch" and influence/improve the positive outcome of a situation by fishing. 

Play with it, like I have been for a while now, but expand your concept of it and go BIG and test and fish for... "my weight gain switch is off" and "my fat burning switch is on",  turn off your procrastination switch and turn on your productivity switchturn off your anxiety switch and turn on your peace and calm switch ... (you get the idea). 

Have fun with it, don’t judge or poke it to death, just play and let me know what happens for you.  Think more in terms of simplicity and that bad stuff can change into good stuff pretty darn fast.  

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