Jimmy's Fishing Tips & Resources

We've been teaching, training and transforming people by using My Liquid Fish for decades now and we've created countless helpful and free resources along the way.

My #1 fishing tip is to be sure to sign up for my weekly TGIWednesday newsletter.  Our WELCOME GIFT to you is a free membership with access to our online basic training course for My Liquid Fish™ plus you'll get weekly updates, inspiration & other unexpected gifts and humor. Subscribe here today.

Another invaluable resource with very timely new content each week is my YouTube channel. Every week I record a live update and a clearing download "empowering affirmation" on that week's newsletter topic, over 150 are posted there.  Also you'll find playlists with dozens of live interviews that you can watch and receive healing from on a variety of topics Visit my YouTube Channel here.

I also hosted a weekly, live call in Blog Talk Radio show for over 5 years and we have the full audios available for you to listen to any time. I had many special guests join me that were expert energy healers, psychics, pet healers etc.  We worked with dozens of callers on a variety of topics and anyone who listens now and in the future will also receive the healing energy benefits.   Visit the radio show archives here.


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