Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Session Q&A

Q) How do I schedule an appointment with you and how do we connect for our session?

A) Here are the specifics you need to know about private sessions and booking.

  1. Sessions are VOICE ONLY calls.
  2. If you are located in the US or Canada – The session will be via PHONE and your phone number is required.
  3. If you are located Internationally in Europe and outside the US/Canada – The session will be via Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal
  4.  AND… You MUST add Jimmy as a contact PRIOR to your call.  No, he does not use Zoom for one on ones and they are not recorded.
  5. We are now providing this Appointment Scheduling Options page on the site. Options for both pre-paid scheduling or "schedule first, then pay" are available.  Please read through carefully!


Q) Are telephone & Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram sessions just as good?  

A) Yes, They are equally powerful and effective.

  • Convenience. You can experience your healing sessions from the privacy of your own home, at a time that is right for you, without needing to face traffic, transportation difficulties, or other similar concerns.
  • Comfort. If you wish, you can lie down and relax during sessions, and dress however you feel most comfortable.
  • Privacy. People often feel more comfortable disclosing very personal situations or challenges that they are concerned about, when they do not have to do so face to face. This may allow you to face and heal concerns that you might otherwise avoid dealing with.
  • Focus. In my experience, telephone sessions can at times be even more effective than those done in person as there tends to be less distraction during them.


Q) Who contacts whom?

A) I will call you at the number you provide when scheduling at the designated time. You will want to make certain that you have provided me with the best phone number to reach you PRIOR to our call.  I have free local and long distance calling in US and Canada as well as Skype phone or WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal.  I live in Florida, which is USA Eastern Standard Time. I can usually accommodate clients within the 7 day week. 



Q) How do I prepare my space for a session?

A) Read below:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and remove large pieces of jewelry/metal and avoid heavy perfumes or scents whether in person or distant from me.
  • Drink lots of water and be fully hydrated. Have extra water near you. This is for muscle testing purposes and will help you feel changes occur
  • Determine which direction is North in your location and face that direction during the session.  Quite simply if the sun comes up in the East it will be the wall next to you when you turn to your left after facing sunrise
  • Block out 30 minutes to an hour, and ensure you are free from all distractions during the session including children, phone calls, pets etc.
  • Find a quiet, private area with a comfortable chair and make sure you have room to stand up when needed.  if standing is uncomfortable for you, let me know and we can make arrangements to accommodate you.
  • Bring your pendulum or prepare to muscle test. If you use a pendulum or know how to muscle test (applied kinesiology) you will enjoy your session that much more.  If you do not know how to use a pendulum or muscle test, I will help you learn how in under 5 minutes.


Q) Do I send a list of things to talk about/work on, or do we decide that on the call?

A) Please DO NOT send anything ahead of time. Simply have a list of topics prepared (“I have back pain. I’m going through a divorce. Having trouble finding a job. I feel chronic fatigue.”   I take things methodically one by one and do not want to see the playing cards ahead of time (besides if I did it would require a T1 server here to hold all that data!!!)

Keep your list and DO NOT send it to me.  If you have a thought or an idea pops into your mind during our session, there is a reason for it and I want you to bring it up.  That way we can create the most appropriate, customized changes for you!

!*Have REALISTIC expectations of time.*!

Start out with your biggest current challenge first.  Do NOT be the client with 1 minute remaining that says, “Jimmy, one last thing, what’s my life’s purpose and should I leave my 30 year marriage?” Good Lord, lead with that stuff, don’t close with it.   Thanks! You’ll save us both a lot of time and disappointment for sure!!!


Q) How many things can Jimmy work on in a session? 

A) THAT will be up to you and how fast YOU process out the negative and download the positive. No two clients are the same, ever, and we never know what we’ll get into.


Q) Do you use Zoom for audio or video calls? 

A) No video calls are used. Phone voice only 50 states and Canada. I use Skype WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal outside of that. During our session, I'm nearly close to trance laying down with my cat Lilly and have my eyes closed the whole time so that I can remote view and get the best ethereal answers for you. I have found that I can go deeper and FASTER doing it like that.  You’re not missing a visual show of any kind.


Q) Please explain why I can’t record my session?

A) I used to record sessions for clients a long time ago. What I found over time was that we’d clear an issue about something and clients would go back and listen again and actually remember, recall re-trigger and go down the rabbit hole of more details about the event or tandem issue and actually FLARE it up again in a different way! Imagine an abuse victim crying and recounting events and then having a great session, zero twinges of angst doing great and they go back and listen again to their recalling talking about and crying over all of the abuse.  I’m sure you get the idea.  You are free to write any notes.   If you would like to see videos LIVE, visit our YouTube channel and archives of over 5 years of live radio shows for groups.


Q) Can I meet with you in person? What about remotely?

A) At this time, I am taking VERY limited in-person sessions and am available in person at my Tampa office typically once a month.  See our TGIW newsletter for upcoming dates.  Energy work can be done in person, over the telephone, or through one of the listed online apps and is just as effective done remotely. I've also worked remotely on clients and their pets just through a photograph and knowing their date of birth and where they are at that moment.



Q) After we make these changes will they stick?

A) Yes, the changes we make together will “stick”.  It is possible to re-create them (for this reason I do not allow recording of sessions), but it is difficult to do so.  If you have made up your mind to make real changes in your life, the programs generally do not re-appear.


Q) What areas are these clearings affecting energetically?

A)   There are 4 main levels and areas that we work on:

  1. DNA level – which is just what it sounds like, cellular level, down to your   DNA, cells, bone marrow etc..
  2. Core level – which is from this life, starting at conception and continuing to the present day
  3. History level – which is from all of your past lives
  4. Soul level – which I call the spirit inside of each of us that connects back up to God
  5. There are endless other levels of known and unknown, depths, heights, parallels and angles and I will facilitate changes on those levels for you too!

I believe that together we can permanently change and delete these programs and replace them with new, positive and helpful ones. 


Q) What in the way of changes should I expect and when?

A) I feel like a huge part of the fascination of all of this is that we never know! Things could wildly shift today, 3 days from now, a week, month or next year or one of each of your topic areas that needs to be changed could happen every few weeks after our session.

It will always be in divine timing and not ours, but what I know for sure is when we have a session together and we initiate change and use My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™ changes WILL occur and that’s FAR greater than leaving things to chance!


Q) How might I feel after a session?

A) Everyone reacts differently to sessions. Some people feel energized while others sleep deeply that night or the next day.  Most clients feel very light headed in a good way, as if burdens or issues have somehow been magically “lifted” off of them.  Things seem to run smoother in their lives and a basic pervasive calm comes over them.

I never know how a client will react or how fast they will receive resolutions to issues, but many have experienced profound immediate shifts over relatively short periods of time.  This includes, mental, physical and spiritual issues that may have been with them for years or even decades.  It is possible that they diminish greatly or disappear entirely.

A personal example of my own healing began when was getting an eye exam.  Since teenage years, my eyesight had been getting progressively worse.  I dreaded my annual exam.  During my exam in October 2009, the doctor mumbled things like, “That’s interesting” or “That’s unusual” and “This is pretty rare.”  These were statements NO patient wants to hear.  I honestly feared I would be walking out of there with Coke-bottle glasses!

Instead, I found out that my distance vision improved, my reading vision improved AND my astigmatism improved, something the doctor said she had never seen in a patient my age.  Of course, I credit all of this to working on the downloads from the ThetaHealing® book, Disease And Disorder and working on my own vision, as well as several key supplement combinations.  I have saved the before and after prescriptions as well as the doctors notes, and I feel that this is nothing short of a miracle.

(SAMPLES: Old -2.75-2.50×090 and -3.00-2.25×090 +1.50 New Prescription -2.50-2.25×094 and -2.75-2.25×088 +2.00)


Q)  After a manifestation and abundance session, will I get rich or win the Lotto?

A) Shifts in people occur every day. Some are subtle, some drastic.  What I do know is that after we have had this session, you are far more likely and there is a higher probability for you to experience good fortune, divine timing and being in the right place at the right time than before a session with me.

Woody Allen once said, “90% of life is showing up…”  So you MUST go to that job interview, the gym or spa, or party invite in order to propel the changes.  Please review my unsolicited testimonial section of my website and read the real stories from every day walk of life folks to some of the best healers in the world.

I have worked with famous athletes, actors that go by their first names, politicians, and some of the best and most famous healers, teachers and practitioners in the world.  I have become the “go to guy” for abundance and manifestation work, as well as diseases and disorders for which medical science cannot seem to alleviate.

Early on in 2006, I bought 2 Florida Lottery tickets. Six numbers on each one on the same printed ticket (total of 12 numbers) two rows of tickets.  On the top ticket I got the first 3 numbers in the exact order of the 10 million dollar prize.  On the bottom set of numbers I picked, the ticket got the last 3 numbers correct in the exact order as the last numbers in the winning 10 million dollar set.  So I am getting closer and anything is possible!



Q) Since I’m new to this, can you explain what the difference is between the MyBeliefWorks™ audios and the “fishing” method? Does he use both in a session? 

A) The MBW audio clearings are pre-recorded and grouped specific to a topic and have about 100 energetic clearings & strengthening in about 20-30 minutes where I do the fishing FOR you. Multiple listens will change things over time and keep your field more clear allowing the probability of better outcomes for the topic addressed to show up.

What we do LIVE is still fishing which we can do together and I can do for you at my end.  It’s personalized to YOUR current situation and follows the whispers I receive from Spirit on your behalf in the moment.  Very often clients will walk away feeling the changes after our session and many write to me within 24-72 hours sharing their results.


Q) I was looking at a couple of products. What is the difference between these two? (1) MyBeliefWorks for Receiving More Love and Finding The One and (2) Turning On Your Love & Romance Switches Replay

A) The first one is the MBW Audio MP3 you play on loop with about 100 clearings (see answer above). The second is a video replay of a LIVE monthly group clearing with approximately 100 clearings submitted by participants from around the world who attended the event.  Both are different for sure and will address multiple aspects of the similar topic, either one or both could only help you in your quest.


Q) Can you explain MySwitchWorks? I’ve heard about both “fishing” and “switches” but don’t know how they are different.

A) Over time we have discovered a deeper level of My Liquid Fish™ technology that we are calling MySwitchWorks and it’s simple and profound. It’s beyond just releasing a block to receiving more money for example.  It’s going bigger and deeper and tapping into a larger, possibly ancestral, issue and overall concept of poverty that your family lineage may have gone through going back lifetimes. With Switches we use the Fish with support from Spirit and go in and turn ON your energetic switches on the deepest of levels and that will include going forward and backward in time as this is a benefit to your entire lineage. Switches are used to turn on or off entire concepts like good luck, bad luck, a family genetic line of arthritis. If it tests as ON we would switch it to off so it did not continue!  If it’s bad we want to switch it off and if it’s good and we don’t have it, we’d switch it with a specific fish hand movement as if we’re turning on or off a light switch in a room.


Q)  When should I use Life Force Energy: Fishing With Numbers? 

A) Often people want to reach the zero point field where there are infinite possibilities and options. This energy runs through everything and everyone, all space and time and all matter. We can measure and numerically quantify what the strengths and weaknesses of the percentage of probability are and then we can change them!  Life Force Energy is what we want to use to create and positively increase in our lives and even in, for example, an organ in our body that is blocked or weakened could be strengthened by fishing in a higher level of life force energy.  You might typically think the LFE clearing technique would be practiced just like traditional fishing, but it’s not.  The main difference is that ALL of this will have you starting at the top left tail of the fish as changes are made. You’ll learn all about it in the masterclass.


Q) Is possible to intend a healing session for someone else using your mp3’s? For example imagining the balloon above my head with the person’s name and issue and intending the healing for them?

A) God and the Holy Spirit use the ultimate smart phone and can find prayer targets and good intentions and send them anywhere in this or any other world! It is easy to play any Audio Mp3 for someone else.  I start ahead of time and say out loud like a conversation with God as if the power was in the room as to whom this is for and what this is for.


Q) Are there specific listening instructions for the audios?

A)  I would suggest that you not drive a car or be operating heavy machinery because this is kind of trancy and very deep.  I would be lying/sitting comfortably and you can also play it in the background, it’s very important to know that. Even if you have the sound low or in the background, on your phone, desktop or tablet – you’re going to pick up the same results. Don’t get bogged down into any of the words or word tracks or different things I’m going to say. It’s all from Spirit and from consciousness and we’re just asking for things to shift for you. Just know that anything good you already have is going to be strengthened and of course anything negative will be deleted off of a lot of different levels of you.



Q) Where to I go to access your Masterclasses (ie: Anchors Away, Life Force Energy, Mastery & Practitioner Certification)?

A) We have created a subdomain that hosts only the courses.  This is the link to go for Member’s Login or purchase. 

If you still require technical support, email us here:

Q) What if I can’t remember my password? 

A) You can follow these prompts below to recover or create your FREE account which includes access to the My Liquid Fish Basic Training Course.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign Up!

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Q) How much time will it take me to understand all this fully?

A) Understand fully? 30 years, 9 books, 35+ audio MP3’s and I still don’t “understand fully” and may never!!! But it works!!!  


Q) Who guides you?

A) I believe that I am reaching the 7th plane of all that is and that this allows us to command changes and create changes.  I also believe that dropping down into heart center will allow you to access change, to enter into a state of grace that can cause change to occur in an infinite number of ways.  I never know who is going to show up.  Often it is my brother who has passed on, and other times I have seen my dear aunt sitting in my chair.  Because I nearly died after an operation and spent several days in ICUI experienced and heard and was told a number of different and profound thingsChief among those was that I was assigned another worldly being to bring greater levels of healing and peace to the planet. 

Make no mistake, I do not believe that any of these guides require worship or praise, but are there to assist as best they can to move things forward for clients and me.


Q) What is the meaning and purpose of my life?

A) I am asked this every day and my best advice is: live the best life that you can and be the best person, parent, friend or relative you can be.

“I think the purpose of life is to be useful, responsible, honorable, and compassionate. It is above all to matter:  to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” – Leo Rosten


Q) Do I need to read the bible daily, or practice a certain religion or do certain things to get into heaven?

A) I would like to leave it at that one word sentence but will add to it by saying that we all are where we are at now to learn lessons and to be helpful and kind and make progress in our lives and to make a difference in other people’s lives.  Everyone is going to heaven when you think of heaven as the awesome music you may hear, the wind rustling through the leaves in a tree and the glowing colors of a beautiful sunset.  Heaven itself is beyond description and beyond words, all feelings and senses.  Be a good person, a good parent, a good friend and someone who can be relied upon.  A person that is on the path to making improvements in themselves and others.


Q) Are there any guarantees?

A) In the same way that you would never expect any guarantees from your medical doctor (MD), there are no guarantees of any particular outcomes with energy work.  I offer intuitive insight during spiritual energy healing sessions, but ultimately you are responsible for your own decisions and actions and your results may vary from anyone else's.