[DAILY PRAYER] 30 Days of Daily Prayer (single month)

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Most clients save money and choose the auto-renew option listed below so they do not miss a single day of prayers PLUS they take advantage of the cummulative effects of this service over time.

Just $95/month 

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*Anytime prior to your next scheduled payment within the 30 days, you can cancel or pause this service via email request.


The $99 service on this page is for ONE SINGLE MONTH of 30 DAYS ONLY.  After the 30 days, you will receive an email from Jimmy and have the opportunity to renew for an additional month plus update your list, but you are under no obligation. 

Looking for a new job?  Going through a court proceeding? Upcoming surgery scheduled for you or a loved one?  Need help selling or buying a property? Troubled times in your relationship? These are just some of the life at the crossroads events that are ideal for My Daily Prayer program.

"I personally oversee prayers.  Prayers at times can be the only thing having you hold on to that blade of grass dangling off the precipice. I have literally seen people have such extreme luck with prayers that it has even impressed me!  I would not even offer the service if it did not work and if I was not amazed at some of the weekly stories that people write to me about which were hand of God miracles.  Please know that you can reach out and email any time there are updates. I am available to you.  You need only ask!!!  I am here for you!!!" - Love to all JMack


Your name will be added to a special VIP Prayer list where Jimmy will use his intelligent computer software, src4you which runs 24/7, to delete the negative and increase the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of favorable outcomes for you.  Your 30-days will begin from the time you have submitted your brief list of desired outcomes to Jimmy after your payment is received.

Throughout the full 30-days, Jimmy will be dialing in to your energetic signature each day upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day. He is doing the heavy lifting for you around 3am NY time while most of you are asleep in order to smooth out your way and increase your most favorable life outcomes.

When submitting your list, know that Jimmy is handling dozens of people's prayer requests every night so keeping your list brief is most helpful to him and actually important for getting the best outcomes. You can submit a bullet list of issues to focus on during the 30-days (not written stories or paragraphs, no details needed).  ie: prayers for relief from my shoulder pain, prayers to get a great offer on the sale of my house, prayers for my spouse and I to have better communication.

*Upon sending an email request after your purchase, you can receive a one-time sample/example of the software analysis. Most clients have had amazing results and outcomes!

This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone. You can add yourself and those living in your immediate household and yes you can include pets! Merely include everyone’s names and Jimmy will add them to his daily prayers.

This is about $3/day which is less than a trip to Starbucks , and I believe it will create more magic in your life and you will experience transformations and make progress every day!



"I love your prayer service!  I reached my financial goal in 2 weeks, my daughter is over the moon with her new official boyfriend and my son is loving college and successfully traveled home with no issues. My husband is a work in progress; your addiction audio will make a nice Christmas gift for him!" - C.T. / Florida  

“Jimmy, On our last prayer list we had – “Sell our family nursery.” Just letting you know that a young chap who lives in the next town up was in partnership with an older gentleman and he had just spent all his savings in buying the older gentleman’s share in the business. Then our business came up for sale and the young chap was disappointed that he had made an incorrect business decision. Meetings, phone discussions, emotions… now the young chap has moved into the residence at our nursery with his family. He will make payments to purchase the business in the future. We are happy because we have a passionate buyer to carry on our fastidious insistence for quality. Everyone is happy. Much appreciation.” – Best wishes from the R. Family

"I lamented to Jimmy how I lost my job in March due to Coronavirus. I have been applying since March for unemployment, but I had only sustained delays and obstacles. I asked Jimmy to send Healing Energies to my Claim and within days my claim miraculously was approved!  I received ALL retroactive pay due to me $13,640. I was crying for 1/2 hour thinking how much I had suffered financially since March. When I asked JIMMY MACK For HELP...MIRACLES MANIFESTED. I am grateful grateful for Jimmy. He is our angel on Earth helping us all." - Mimi M. / North Carolina

"Hello. In March of this year I was hauling freight from southern Texas to Salt Lake City. I drove all day Friday the 19th and felt fine, but when I woke up Saturday and started driving something didn’t feel right with my left shoulder. By that afternoon the pain grew worse and eventually I finished the last few hundred miles with one arm. I found a lace to park and took some meds and went to bed. My shoulder was on FIRE!!! Could not sleep and could not move my arm at all without extreme pain. The next day I went to walk in care and they said it was a “frozen shoulder“ and could not do anything and didn’t give me anything for pain, and the pain was at a steady 8 and would flash to a 10 if you touched or moved my arm at all. When I went to bed that night I was desperate and wondering how am I going to get home! When I opened my eyes the next day I was scared to move, but I didn’t feel that red hot pain and I didn’t want do anything to change that wonderful feeling. So I sat up in bed and still didn’t feel that pain and my first thought was....what did my wife do? I knew instinctively it was divine but what? I found out later my wife had contacted Jimmy Mack and put me on the prayer chain. All I know is it worked. The pain was gone and I could function again. I was able to completely unload my truck into my rental car and drive home six hundred miles that day!!!  Thanks so much for helping me!!!" - Dan L. 

"Dan, thanks so much for writing that. We appreciate it so much because it not only encourages me and my team and my ethereal team, but it encourages others to have hope. Considering prior to that event I had never worked on you or met you, but that your wife put you on our nightly prayer list, well, that’s all you need to know about the power of prayer.  Many Blessings." - Jimmy

"Just wanted to let you know that I will be renewing the 30 days of prayer for Dave and his boys.  David Jr. is now 5 months sober, which is the longest time since he started using.  He has graduated from rehab to a sober house and is working his program to stay clean and sober.  Says he hasn't felt this happy or this good in a very long time. Scott continues to be happy and healthy, which is fantastic!  I still have not heard from Dave, so I assume he is ok and happy that his boys are doing well.  since things are looking so good with the boys, please continue to do the amazing things you have been for them and for Dave too.  Any positive energy you can throw at the situation between Dave and I would be much appreciated too. Thank You!" - P.M. / New Jersey


“Miraculous blessings continue to flow effortlessly to me the last 4 weeks since your daily prayer service. I’m more tuned in than ever and I’m being blessed with financial miracles that truly leave me in awe! My angels are more present than ever! I’m so grateful you’ve been guided to offer this service. The shifts I’m experiencing are truly transformational on all levels!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – L.R. / Florida

 "Hi Jimmy, Words cannot express my gratitude to you.  I was applying for a job and reached out to you and Spirit for prayer. After several levels of interviewing, I just received an incredible offer letter. Starting salary beyond my wildest expectations. One of my affirmations you have used which spoke to me to me and verbally express on a daily basis is…”In life and career, I am the CHOICE not the OPTION.”  Out of all the candidates, the company Chose Me! Thank you for all that you are and More! Love you always!" - Carolyn M. 

"BTW, I notice the difference now we are not on your daily prayer list…wow. Your prayers were powerful! Mama will keep working hard so we can go back on the list this year : )"- K.Y.

“So my husband was being sued by an auto insurance company because he lacked the proper coverage on one of his company drivers whom had gotten into a fender bender.  The guy was 18 years old but had only recently gotten his license, when you’re supposed to have two years of driving experience under this certain insurance.  This had been going on for months and months….lawyer fees, depositions, court dates, more lawyer fees.  My husband was already out $12,000 and was preparing for at least another $30,000 before it was all said and done.  The evening of September 30 (a Friday), he was on his way up to fly out of town for a friend’s wedding when he got a call around 8pm on a Friday night from his attorney saying that the insurance company wanted to settle.  This is unheard of and my husband  obviously agreed which meant he was only out a total of $15,000 — a hell of a lot better than the $40,000+ he was expecting.  The weird part is, on September 27th is when I emailed you and signed up for your daily prayer service!  Talk about getting my money’s worth!  🙂 “ – N.J. / Florida


“Hi Jimmy,  Let me tell you what has happened in the short time of 10 days since I signed up for your daily prayers program. First thing, my husband and I reconciled after a long two months of miscommunication, anger, defensiveness, shutting down and almost to the point of not talking unless it’s necessary. We are now back to feeling safe and comfortable being together with love and laughter. My heart is full and my love tank is full again. Thank you! Second, my lost US Mail package for over 3 weeks made its way back to me. We thought it was lost or stolen because it didn’t get to its destination. I know it was from your payers that the package came back safe and sealed. You are AMAZING Jimmy!!! Thank you!!!” - P.L. Florida


“Hi Jimmy, just wanted to give you a little update.  I was in New Orleans and on Friday I got extremely sick. I don’t know if I ate too many oysters or had too much to drink. But I know I’ve had more to drink before and have not felt that sick. The outcome of that was, we were not up and down Bourbon Street all night on Saturday. On Sunday we found out that 10 people got shot @ on Bourbon Street. My theory is that spirit was with me and I got sick for a reason . Yay for daily prayers." – L.L. / Florida

“Hi Jimmy,  Just wanted to give you an update since you have started the daily prayer service for me. We were two mortgage payments behind unfortunately. (I am a teacher and didn’t have income over the summer). Yesterday, my father-in-law gave us a check to make the two past payments and the one for this month! Yay! My husband’s family business went out of business in 2009/10 because of the economy. After being out of work, he got a job at a bank. Yay for a job, but the pay wasn’t as much as he was making before, so we have had a hard time ever since. Since the daily prayer service, he has had two different people tell him they were interested in hiring him for a job!!!. I have to say that he hasn’t had any one offer him another job opportunity in years. I know these things are going so well because of your prayers. Thank you! I am going to have to schedule a session at some point soon. But I am definitely going to renew the daily prayer service when it comes up! Thank you Jimmy! Much love to you!” – E.W. / Virginia  

"Within a  couple of days of signing up for your Daily Prayer Service…the magic happened.  It worked so quickly Jimmy, that I was suddenly too busy to even write to tell you. My mostly “word-of-mouth” service was languishing. Well not anymore…more work than I can handle, some even insisting on over-paying me. Doesn’t get any better than that!  Also am very impressed by your MyBeliefworks—Ideal Weight audio. I played it, believed it would work—and my late night stress-eating is “a thing of the past”. And amazingly- I am OK with that. So long, good bye—to all those extra calories!  Everyone has issues of some sort. But I decided to do something constructive to resolve mine… figuring “something might just happen”-and it did. Thank you Jimmy—for being there with your creative solutions- for those of us willing to think a bit outside the box." - L. Rosenbaum (Healer) / FL

"I have a heartfelt testimonial I want to provide you. I signed up last Thursday night for your prayer service, and it was mostly for my mom who had fallen the week earlier and fractured her hip and three fingers on her right hand. She had to have surgery for her hip and had a rod/pin inserted to stabilize her.She was in tremendous pain and my family and I were somewhat frustrated as we were not given any information when she would begin rehabbing which as I understand it needs to happen very soon after surgery. So her first week in the hospital was very stressful and frustrating for her and all of us as she was just lying in bed in pain, had no appetite so wasn’t eating and worse yet, doing no rehabbing. It was then that I signed up for your amazing prayer service.

Jimmy, I kid you not when I tell you that the very day you started praying for us, we finally got news they were moving her to the 5th floor of the hospital and would begin rehabbing the very next day. Fast forward one week later, and she is doing amazingly well! The stabbing, debilitating pain in her hip is now a dull discomfort, and her rehab has been going great. The physical therapist had been very pleased with her progress, she has her appetite back and has been eating again and overall she is doing much, much better.

Jimmy, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was your intervention that turned things around for us! I felt it in my heart that very first day. You are always here for me and I consider you a dear friend. Please feel free to use this testimonial in a future newsletter because this works, it really works!! Thank you thank you thank you, so much! PS. I’m signing up for more prayer service today!!!" - K.M. / Florida

Q) "I am considering getting the VIP prayer service and noticed on the sales page it saying it would be most helful and effective to keep the list brief. I have done it in the past and you said to give your top 10 issues to work on and I was just wondering if a lower number like 5 would be more helpful or recommended now?"  - Sean

A) "Up to 10 is fine……I never know what’s going to happen but we seem to have better “luck” with clients that do one liners and 10 or less. To do say 5 does not mean we’ll have better luck with 5 rather than 10,  I am sure you understand what we’re saying." -  Jimmy


"Hello Jimmy Mack, Thank you for your prayers. I noticed some real benefits from your prayers. The tax office was communicating much better with me. Got relieved of a debt and more . Thank you so much. - Marian