[MENTAL STRESS] MyBeliefWorks for Healing Mental & Emotional Stressors

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Customized audio session for healing and freeing you up from mental, emotional stressors, challenges, mental illness, disease, disorder or a “labeled” diagnosis ie: people with ADD, ADHD, bi-polar disorder even stress, tension, fear, guilt. You can actually play this on behalf of someone else just by stating your intention prior to listening "this is for my son Michael" and ask for it to work for them as well.

I suggest that you dedicate each listening session to one specific challenge and or issue in order to spiritually, energetically release & erase that individual issue on all levels.

This recording offers designed statements that have come in from super consciousness over a long period of time that help/contribute to and balance us out in a healthy way to change, release, erase, and even just listening could resolve these issues on all levels.

Sample clearings: 
"I'm releasing all levels of self-sabotage and replacing them with motivation, production and forward momentum."

I'm moving through the stages of this issue faster than anyone thought possible, as miraculous healings come upon me to the amazement of others and even myself."

I'm free of over-explaining, justifying and talking about my stressors and upsets that held this issue in place, and I release them like a balloon in front of me now."

I see myself as alive and free of stress, diagnosis of illness and symptoms & all that which has kept me from being in a healthy state is released off of me now."

"I live without busyness for the sake of being busy, nor the extreme of complacency or apathy, and I replace those with peace, synergy & neutrality now."

Includes 35 mins of audio with over 120 clearings

1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript