[BETTER SLEEP] MyBeliefworks for Improving Your Sleep MP3/PDF

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Getting too much or not getting enough; energetically healing sleep disorders ie: hard to go to sleep, hard to stay asleep, waking up in the middle of the night. having a peaceful sleep through the night, waking up rested, drifting into a deep, calm sleep with a clear mind,

Dedicate each listening session to one specific sleep challenge and or issue in order to spiritually, energetically release & erase that individual issue on all levels.

This recording offers designed statements that have come in from super consciousness over a long period of time that help/contribute to and balance us out in a healthy way to change, release, erase, and even just listening could resolve these issues on all levels.

Sample clearings:
"The mental chatter of what I left undone yesterday and today as well as what I have to do tomorrow fall away from me now."

"I experience the feeling, the awareness and sensations resolving my stress and symptoms and ideal rest and sleep-filled slumber comes upon me now."

I'm releasing all levels of self-sabotaging patterns that have interrupted my ability to go to sleep, remain asleep – and when I arise I feel motivated, productive and my day cascades with forward momentum."

"Oversleeping, under-sleeping or restlessness and any bouts with insomnia that have haunted me are dispelled and replaced with sleep-filled slumber."

"I live without obsessing about or over-depending on sleep aids or fear of environmental noises and instead I trust the process of peace and sleep."

Includes over 35 mins of audio with over 120 clearings

1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript