The Magical Golden Key Guided Energy Process - MP3 ONLY

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Everybody has that one negative you can think of it right now be it Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships, maybe Health, Money, Work, Job, Career. It just seems like they've been stuck or hung up in you forever and it's that one thing that's always bothering you and you've been to a million different healers or tried supplements and tried this potion or that potion or this form of woo-woo or that, and nothing seems to change that one thing.

I have no doubt that Spirit, God in all forms may be your guardian angel, your guide, some profound master teacher healer that's on the other side or maybe a benevolent family member that's over there now. I really believe they are fully aware of what this magical key would do as a solution. They're aware of it but we can't see it, feel it, hear it, touch it, none of that. But they know what it is and we've never bothered to ask, so now we're asking. And it's as if Spirit rejoices saying, "I thought they'd never ask! THIS is what they need the most!"

You may find that today, tonight, tomorrow, next week you will have a profound experience. You may meet that one person that helps you with your profound issue that's been bothering and plaguing you forever that leads you to that next magical solution. Maybe that week you're going to get that odd phone call, that odd circumstantial change, that odd piece or you'll be led to that one thing and THIS is what came through from Spirit.

We want it to be mystical, magical for you!  


*NOTE* This guided energy process is meant to be experienced as a listen-only piece, NO PDF transcript is provided.  So either sit comfortably or lay down with eyes closed when listening.

Includes one digital MP3 file for download to your computer or mobile device.

Run time: 6:39



"Thanks Jimmy, my family and I received and still are receiving much help from divine through the powerful Golden Key Process." - Caroline / Australia

“Hi Jimmy, I'll tell you what's funny. Three times it has happened now. I'll be in the middle of playing a download from my emails and I will move my phone or touch something and it momentarily disappears. When I press play again it is you doing your golden key process, which I have saved in downloads. Each time I listened to the golden key and cleared what was on mind. Food for thought,.“ - Siobhan Foster / New Zealand

"Love it! From the beginning, I’ve been seeing/using a golden fish… the image I see now is the fish with the golden key as the fish eye. And I've noticed that after clearing, I use the Golden Key to bring in the good stuff.  The energy is much higher than with fishing alone." - Pat

"Amazing MBW, in all aspects! I also appreciated the Golden Key, which arrived in Divine Timing for my circumstance. Synchronicity is amazing lately! Thank you all for everything!! Much Love" - Nichole

"Wow Jimmy what an activation...that was a really amazing call with Darius. Thank you so much. I really feel something huge has shifted with that Golden Key Activation. A sense of freedom. How amazing is that! And I felt all those beautiful beings with you and teared up several times at the pure love of it all. Thank you so much for being in my life and all our lives it ripples out and out and out blessings and a lot of love" - R.S 

"I came across a Gold Key on the street, It felt like a sign that the process is now in motion--that I was heard--and I felt that lightness of confirmation and laughed. The rest of the day, I saw bluebirds (not remotely common where I live), tiny orange butterflies, dragonflies of blue and gold--all in all a beautiful, wonder-filled day. Just what I needed to prepare me for the s show on Friday, lol.  I've spent the majority of my day today curled up like a kitty with a fuzzy blanket on the couch by a space heater between my kids. Thanked spirit for every bit of that peace and comfort, and feel tremendous peace now.  Hope your weekend is transcendent, and please know how very much everything you do is felt and appreciated." Nichole / Washington State

"My experience when I listened to the Golden Key activation: I have had only what I can describe as a "dizzy head."  I can't stand for too long.  I needed help with meal prep as I would need to sit down and rest.  It's bothered me for a couple of months.  So I thought about that.  When you asked us to picture the key dropping into the fish it was like an electric current hit my head and went down my spine out my feet!  It didn't hurt, but it gave me a jolt!.  I felt very energized and like my head was suddenly clear.  I felt alert. I've been able to prepare dinner and breakfast without any dizziness.  I feel stronger.  I slept better.  Less fatigue!  Wow!  From ONE activation! I've learned to not concern myself with what changes--only sit back and believe in the process. Is this something I do every few days with the same thought in mind to keep feeling this way? Thanks again Jimmy for your gifts and sharing.  It is such a blessing." - Leean J.

The Golden Key comes at a time here and now right when we all need it the most.  Life is often quite complicated. At times, the only way we can unweave complex issues is with a simple but powerful solution.  Our angels are always working and interceding on our behalf, but it is of utmost importance that we learn the proper way to ask for their help.  The Golden Key is exactly that.  It distills that necessary essence, that divine alchemy, that holy ether, and that metaphysical momentum into that one tangible solution that you can hold in the palm of your hand and start to make real, measurable progress amidst life's greatest challenges.  And you can do it in 6 minutes!  Thank you again Jimmy Mack for standing in the gap for us, for your unending prayers, and for bringing in the heavenly tools that make the 5D accessible to us here in the 3rd dimension.  We sincerely appreciate it!" - Justin A. / Tampa, FL