The Night Passage Guided Energy Process - MP3 ONLY

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This unique process debuted live on Season 26 of Darius' You Wealth Revolution summit in October 2023 and we named it "Going Empty".  The original on air process is unavailable but it's been exclusively re-recorded here as a BRAND NEW 9-minute audio MP3 with an enhanced 432Hz earth grounding resonance background music and a new name, the Night Passage Process. 
During this process/meditation I will guide you on a little voyage of emptying your mind of overthinking and obsessing about any obstacles, challenges, burdens or worries.  Leading you to the zero point field of pure potentiality where all things are blended into one. 

Taking you to that space where you can release all thought and belief, to allow time to pass you by.  You will enter into a vortex of energy, frequency, and vibration where all things are possible, arriving at a stillness in a vortex of peace, fulfillment, and a natural realization of life and state of being.

Listening to this process will allow you to have improved meditation and better sleep results that could very well open up and clear the space for you to co-create the changes that you're looking for now! 

Recommended Listening:  Either sit comfortably or lay down with eyes closed when listening for an optimal experience. Headphones are not required but are encouraged. Most of those in the beta test group got the best results by listening to this audio before going to sleep at night. 

Includes one (1) downloadable digital 9-minute MP3 FILE for instant download to your computer/device.  



"I love this zero point field, the clearing out and going empty of my mind. It has taken some time however I can fully focus on one thought at a time. I am comfortable with that one thought and even more comfortable just being present with no thought. The peace within is phenomenal and I am so grateful to you and your help in this journey." - KiKi / Hawaii

“Finding a ‘happy place’ with all of the stress I’ve been under lately seemed impossible. What I really appreciated about this download was how out of the zone I felt. We’re always told that being ‘in' the zone is a place for peak performance, but it’s also really intense and draining. This download allowed me to unplug and unwind. - BB / Los Angeles

"I listened to this 4 times before writing this review, I know the first and second time will not be the final result. All I can say is WOW! The first time I listened I felt stress release, I started to relax, I didn't even realize I was that stressed. The second time I was calm. But the third time, well I was in a state of nothing to worry about. I do recommend you listen at night prior to sleep!! This will be my daily sleep mp3 Thank you Jimmy,." -Toni Greene, Psychic Medium

"I listened to Jimmy’s calming meditation process several times to see if I can repeat the powerful effects. I can say with certainty that the words and energies contained in the recording indeed cause a fast calming and relaxing of the mind. I actually felt something profound happening in my brain like I would after a long meditation process. Jimmy’s voice taking me to a zero point field of miracles and consciousness as a primary state of the being is something that EVERYONE needs in those hectic and stressful times. Thank you, Jimmy! - Gosia Lorenz / CA

"Friday night I totaled my Mustang. I hit a car in front of me while they were making a turn. Listening to this made peace of mind available. I saw a clear path to a new vehicle. It is time for a Jeep and/or Truck." - Jamie L. / FL

"Wow you nailed it, oh my gosh I almost teared up. When I was listening there was a feeling like we were going home to another world that we all know is there. And we realize that we come from this world, it's not a world of struggle.  We werent' struggling to be created, the creator didn't struggle to make us, we came forward through love and this is what I felt with like, just this ease." - Darius Barazandeh's comments after the original process aired

Other live listeners wrote in saying: 
-Thank you!
- Beautiful!
- Huge!
-That was amazing!
- I got super hot, I feel like I've been in a sauna. 
- Liberating!
- I got goosebumps!
- Lots of yawning.