The Purple Rain Guided Energy Process - MP3 ONLY

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In the aftermath of my NDE (near death experience), when I look at the world - I now perceive a black light lavender-like silhouette around all living things that was not previously present.  If someone or something organic has died, even a fallen tree, I will no longer see the light around that object or person.

Through this special process, we will bring restorative, purple/lavender rain energy into wherever there is weakness and wherever you need to be restored. You will hear, see, feel, and experience the purple rain of divine healing energy enter into those darker recessed places of your self that have always longed for healing.  We are going to coat you, cleanse you and bathe you in the purple rain through the power of all that is.

On this digital MP3 file - you'll receive:
-- Blessings for learning all the lessons from your past, easily, quickly and safely so the remainder of your days will flourish.
-- Healing for opening your 3rd eye, expanding intuition and coming into alignment with life's purpose. 
--  An upgraded download to receive all attributes that will contribute to our lives and the lives of others.
--  A powerful activation, alignment and upgrade to allow you to be in the flow of life - living a vibrant experience beaming with joy and abundance surrounded by the purple rain of divine healing energy. 

This guided energy process is meant to be experienced as a listen-only piece, NO PDF transcript is provided. It is taken directly from a powerful LIVE call recording when it originally was released into the field among thousands of listeners who contributed to its potency.  So either sit comfortably or lay down with eyes closed when listening.

Includes one (1) downloadable digital MP3 FILE (not an MP3 link) for instant download to your computer/device.

Run time under 8 min. - Includes spoken intro & energy process


I know now that the singer, songwriter Prince was seeing what I was seeing. He writes in the song Purple Rain, “I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain” Because he knew that it was the spirit of life, and that water is pervasive and flows into all living things.

 **Watching Prince's Super Bowl performance of "Purple Rain" may stir something in you.  Watch it here.



"Hello Jimmy, I wrote the first half of this Monday before you offered the Purple Rain track for purchase! I laughed to myself when I saw it, and bought it immediately--beautiful synchronicity. I am still noticing the effects of the first time I listened to it, and I thank Source for it in this prayer request. Going a little deeper on this one :) Thank you, always, for all you do." - Nicole

"When it rains, look for rainbows.  When it's dark, look for stars.   Prince was right, the whole world needs "Purple Rain".  Thank you for making the purple rain video for us Jimmy, it raised my awareness and put examples in front of me to cement the message in.  You are so very appreciated."  - Penny

"Oh man Jimmy that purple rain process was so powerful. I just listened again and it brought tears to my eyes. Very deep. Still shifting !! Thank you ." - Donna H.

"The purple rain process was life changing and I would like to keep using it every day & night to keep making this amount of progress every day.  Extremely effective at reaching & clearing deep levels of stuck energy quickly.  I absolutely love it!!!" - Patricia

"Thank you I loved the purple healing rain on the Darius session, thank you." - Caroline

"Holy sh**, Jimmy! Er, um. shift :) Wow...This hit on so many levels, I was sobbing before you even started. Some syncs: Purple Rain was the first CD I ever purchased, and I have much attachment to Prince and his music. I saw that Superbowl show too, and I cried during that too from the deep emotional impact it had on me. Even more amazing, I did a galactic meditation a few days ago where my guide gave me a parting gift in a purple box. I've done this meditation several times, and I have never received a parting gift in purple. In the box was an amazing faceted light infused heart that, by my best approximation, looked like the Arkenstone--I think it was in The Hobbit.

To add to the magic, the guide that gave me the box showed up and joined me in the rain during the clearing, which sent me into floods again. God, there are no words for the beauty of this entire experience. Thank you Jimmy. I am so excited to see what happens in the next few weeks. I feel a ton of change is stirring, and I know Source God has my back and all those connected to me." - Nichole

"How miraculous, we all felt that Purple Rain shift for sure! Even Darius commented and felt like it shifted other parts of the world and conflicts and he was spot on!  Miracles never cease." - Amanda

"Just wanted to express my gratitude to you’all for making these. Listening to Jimmy go through his Purple Rain clearing last month on YWR, when the yard was covered with violet blooms was really great!  - Kate C. / VA