Clearing Switches and Money Blocks to Bring in Life-changing Amounts  - August 2022

Clearing Switches and Money Blocks to Bring in Life-changing Amounts - August 2022

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Originally recorded August 31, 2022.

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches and Money Blocks to Bring in Life-changing Amounts". Over 120 items submitted by nearly 100 participants and separated into 5 sections. We can REALLY feel the buzz in the air on this one and changes are already showing up for people just because they signed up!  After listening... you will feel the tail of this for days, I'm telling you right now.

  1. My Biggest Money Blocks:
  2. If a windfall of money fell into my lap: 
  3. Financial Abundance in my life would make a big difference if:
  4. With an abundant mindset, I’d be brave enough to: 
  5. Money Affirmations


And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is below, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expands and amplifies things in a much deeper way. 

This is a 37-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

 What people are saying:

"Hi Jimmy, just wanted to let you know –  signed up for your live call Money and abundance, and I was actually able to get onto the live call which was fantastic for me. Later that day I was given the go-ahead to promote 4 people, which gave them a hefty pay rise and double their bonus prospects. I also was able to rearrange some business budgets to give more funding to some of my managers who were asking for more money. So while I’m waiting for my money breakthrough, I actually am functioning as the money breakthrough for other people! Best regards" - N. Wells


"That was Sooooo Good!!! I appreciate your hard work behind the scene’s. These just keep getting better and better. I feel that the more people the better. I feel a full spectrum on this one. I love this community I hope they all know.  On a side note. I signed up Monday for this and Earlier today I didn’t have money for my license plates that are due today. The gentleman I do a side job for asked me if I wanted prepaid. I gladly accepted and told him why. He doubled what I asked for. I won’t have late fees now. And I know like I know that this is the very little tip of the iceberg. Here is a huge Hawaiian Yezzzzaaaaaahhhhh!!  - Scotty S. / Hawaii

"Woo weee, Thank ya'll so much I certainly feel lighter of blocks I didn't even know about, and filled up with so much goodness I could only dream about,  what a roller coaster ride of abundance, yee haw good times all around.  Luvzzz and light." - D.P.

"I have to share this with you!!! I signed up for the August 31st zoom call today and then clicked on the link to submit my 3 wishes.  I submitted my 3 wishes and sent the email off (drum roll) when I clicked back to my email homepage a new email literally popped up at the same moment (time stamp confirms) I was finally going to get my refund from a company after 3 months...long story lots of emails and phone calls exchanged but refund is being processed!!! Thank You" - Nancy S. 


My Biggest Money Block

  1. Not believing that things could ever be miraculous after all this time

  2. Allowing my financial boundaries to expand to where I feel safe and comfortable having more

  3. That money has passed me by as though I wasn’t there - feeling invisible

  4. Believing there is not enough money and I have no financial security.

  5. My biggest money block is self confidence

  6. My biggest money block is self doubt, fear, unworthiness and shame

  7. My biggest money block is MYSELF

  8. I have to trade health and well-being for income

  9. Is that money doesn't EXIST in my life is an empty void

  10.  is not believing that I can manifest enough of it to be comfortable, be debt-free, and do everything that I want to do.

  11. Getting clear of any resistance to accepting money and true abundance 

  12. Getting clear of the beliefs of "not deserving" and "not worthy" of money, abundance and good things in life. 

  13. My biggest money block is an ongoing cycle of debt I can’t seem to escape.

  14. My biggest money block is my poor timing.

  15. Not being able to hold on to money, and running short all the time.

  16. feeling that it's wrong to be wealthy when so many others are poor and starving. 

  17. Clearing my family programming of lack/scarcity/poverty consciousness

  18. I’m not sure if I have a money block, but more isn’t coming in yet

  19. Unworthiness and undeservingness are my biggest money blocks.

  20. My biggest block is self-worth - believing whether or not I deserve money from other people.

  21. That money doesn’t stay and grow, instead it leaves to pay new bills that pop up.

  22. My biggest money block is never having enough

  23. Clear the temporary happiness spending money gives me...I want to be happy period and not spending money to fill any void in my life!

  24. overspending and then worrying about it, then paying it off, then doing the same thing again - needing to be bailed out - needing to get rid of my money (shopping)

  25. Clearing off the family programming about struggle from both mom’s and dad’s side

  26. trouble believing that I can make the amount of money I need to live abundantly

  27. My family continually shames me about money - thinking my artistic work isn't good enough.

  28. My biggest money block is FEAR of not having 

  29. My biggest block is that I don't know if I really want more money

  30. I feel like I'm falling into a trap if I take the Abundance route 

  31. I feel like I'm betraying everything I've believed so far

  32. My biggest money block is the stubborn belief that I do not have 'value' and therefore, nothing I create has value.

  33. believing that I do not deserve to keep money in my life, always slated to watch it come in and immediately disappear to debts, emergency scenarios or mindless spending 

  34. the very deeply rooted lack and scarcity programming coming from past generations 

  35. My biggest money block is not feeling worthy of love and support and fear of being deceived by things pretending to be love and support.

  36. My biggest money block is self-limiting - not expanding what's possible with the Universe’s Riches

  37. The belief that it is too late for me in this lifetime to own a huge amount of money allowing me to live the lifestyle I desire

  38. My biggest money block is unknown to me and I ask that whatever is in the way be miraculously cleared


If a windfall of money fell into my lap:

  1. I would give to charities and needy families as we go. 

  2. I would take me and my family on a world tour.

  3. I would help my family and friends. 

  4. I would buy more crypto and a new vehicle 

  5. I could move to a nice area of the country and live in ease and grace

  6. I would have contentment that I financially could do whatever I want whenever I want. Like restore old buildings and not build new. 

  1. I would buy a farmhouse /retreat space

  1. I would buy a new yacht

  2. I would do pay off all debts and close my credit cards

  3. I would buy the freedom of jailed non-violent drug offenders

  4. I would buy commercial real estate and other positive revenue generating assets to build generational wealth with residual profits and appreciation

  5. I would buy a new car, then bless someone with my current car, take a vacation and help my family and friends out who are struggling. 

  6. I would pay my debt so I can settle out of court.

  7. I would buy stocks.

Financial Abundance in my life would make a big difference if:

  1. if only I could be free of money limitations of any and all kinds

  2. if only I could summon up the belief that miracles like this can come true

  3. If only the abundance was truly significant in the winnings .

  4. if only I could be worthy of it, be allowed to have it

  5. if only I could get off the hamster wheel and into Spirit's flow for my life.

  6. if only I were able to buy anything I want without worrying if I can afford it

  7. if only I could stop using retail therapy as a "quick fix"

  8. if only I could let it come to me.

  9. if only I could be creative to make money while I sleep

With an abundant mindset, I’d be brave enough to: 

  1. I’d be brave enough to take chances (instead of taking the safe route). 

  2. I’d be brave enough to create a place for like-minded people and healers to heal and rejuvenate themselves

  3. I know I would go through every day of life without ever worrying about the cost of things

  4. I wouldn't feel so persecuted and shunned by others for being a poor single parent who deserves what I get.

Money Affirmations

  1. I feel safe with Money and Money feels safe with me. 

  2. I find new ways to harness money 

  3. I focus on my talents and create avenues or streams of income that reflect these talents.

  4. I am creating, receiving and accepting life-changing money

  5. I have cleared my fear of being financially prosperous.

  6. I have cleared my self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness in receiving and having money.

  7. Money is kind, supportive and easy to receive 

  8. I continuously receive financial abundance in the new entrepreneurial endeavors I’m involved in.

  9. I now clear all hindrances to me having financial success.

  10. I always have plenty of money available whenever I want to buy nice things for me or for my friends and family.

  11. I completely let go and surrender the limitations and belief systems once and for all right now and choose to be totally confident and trusting!!

  12. I find a way to get off of disability assistance and their limits as to how much I can have in my bank account OR I find ways to stay on it and put money somewhere else. 

  13. I have an open-mindset to surrender to a consistent, easy, joyful money flow.

  14. I allow and deserve financial freedom and I am open to any and all financial windfalls, I am open and worthy of receiving on all levels!

  15. I have become a great steward of money which comes to me consistently in any and all forms

  16. I now have all the money I could ever spend and all my needs are met 

  17. I am open and ready to receive a joyful, high-earning interior design assignment lasting many months.

  18. I have lots of money coming in often from the most unexpected sources, with much joy and zero harm to anyone.

  19. I am successful in my work and am rewarded with lots of money and acknowledgement. 

  20. I am a multi-millionaire now and I am a philanthropist with the ability to assist my friends, family and others to alleviate their financial stress.

  21. I now hold the deed to my house because it is now mortgage free.

  22. I allow myself to attract a huge winning sum of money to be used for healing and to gather the larger family to a reconciliation retreat.

  23. I easily find a wonderful job that I love doing that makes a lot of money.  

  24. I easily find new friends who have a lot of money and can teach me how to make lots of money like them. 

  25. my husband easily gets a new job to help pay our bills

  26. I have more than enough money or resources of abundance to cover my medical bills for an upcoming surgery

  27. I have money and resources to assist us in paying for food, bills and our mortgage.  

  28. I now have more time to do the things I really love and I ask spirit for help in creating time for me to make my goals a reality. 

  29. My credit cards are all paid off and they have a zero balance.

  30. I know how to make money to achieve financial independence and sovereignty.

  31. I AM grateful to have multiple streams of passive income consistently and endlessly flowing my way.

  1. the universe shows me every day and in every way how I am always supported with my finances

  2. it is my birthright to co-create with the universe an abundance of joy, creativity, cash and community

  3. money and other resources easily flow into my life as needed.

  4. I am an excellent money manager (and my family knows and respects that).

  5. I am an excellent artist and make excellent money, with ease, with my Art.

  6. I am debt free and have more than enough to live my dream life.

  7. I allow money to come to me from unusual and unexpected places, people, and things, plus all the usual ones.

  8. I am incredibly lucky with money and financial matters.

  9. I am open to, recognize and receive infinite financial abundance month after month.

  10. I have enough money so that buying things like a new car is as easy as buying a candy bar.

  11. I am in sync, in alignment and I vibrate with the frequency of receiving larger sums of money ($100,000 and larger)

  12. I am open to creating enlightened products and services that translate into "bags of cash", "stacks of bills and coin", "monumental bank accounts", "a treasure trove of riches" with grace, ease, inspired action and joyful abandon.

  13. Let money overflow to me and everyone then out into the world with good intentions