Co-Creating a Prosperous Fall Season and Beyond - September 2023

Co-Creating a Prosperous Fall Season and Beyond - September 2023

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Originally recorded September 27, 2023.

This Zoom recording is dedicated to the Fall Equinox and intertwined with the MONEY audio MP3 "MyBeliefWorks for Standing in Abundance with High Cotton"  as we bring in the abundance of crops and co-create a super prosperous Fall season!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 

This is a 30-minute audio file easy to download and listen on your mobile device. (Large 100MB video file available by request only)

Here's what some live listeners wrote in saying:

"Oh My Wow!!! I so Honor you all. That was Soooo Awesome!!! Thank You Spirit.I am Smiling Soooo Big right now it looks like I ate a banana sideways. I just love you all!" -Scotty / Hawaii


I) Creating a Prosperous Fall Season for Myself:

  1. I would like my 401K account and all other investments, monies and funds that I have to grow exponentially!

  2. I would like to see my creativity and ability to make money increase in joyful ways 

  3. I would like to see my personal health, prosperity & abundance take off like a rocket now

  4. I would like to see my relocation and all associated financial obligations handled as quickly, efficiently and as cost effective as possible.

  5. I desire for my finances to grow consistently and ever-increasing daily 

  6. to finally get the settlement that I deserve from my lawsuit that has taken years to settle

  7. to get a financial windfall that will help me to retire, and never worry about finances again

  8. to see my personal artistic career take off now and vastly prosper and flourish with a huge amount of creations and sales.

  9. I would like to receive a bounty of abundance of personal financial windfalls 

  10. I would like to see my personal lottery wins and other wild riches take off now and vastly improve my life of luxury.

  11. To receive a prosperous resolution as my two inheritances are finalized

  12. To become aligned with the best schools for me that can teach me wonderful skills as well as get me a good high paying job afterwards.  

  13. I would like to see the prosperous sale of our house and the clearing out of excess belongings 

  14. to increase my personal income from consulting sessions and for my Youtube channel to take off prosperously here and now

  15. To receive an outrageous income that vastly exceeds my expenses and credit card debt.

  16. For my real estate business to have lots of transactions and loyal clients that consistently utilize my services and send me referrals.

  17.  to see my personal luck, income and trading accounts increase greatly so that I can fund my future projects and dream lifestyle

  18.  to see my personal entrepreneurial projects take off enabling me to leave my full-time job and achieve the career of my dreams.

  19. to see my personal manifesting power and clarity come into the physical bigger and better than I could have ever imagined! 

  20. I would like to see my personal finances skyrocket - fueled by luck, love and miracles that vastly improve and allow me to thrive in all areas of my life!

  21. I would like to feel more abundant in friendships and intimate relationships, have more fun, joy, mischief and pleasure.

  22. to see lottery winnings or other forms of wild riches and bountiful blessings come to fruition in the best possible way here and now.

II) Creating an Abundant Fall Season For My Loved Ones:

  1. To see my loved ones financially secure in every aspect.

  2. to see my daughter win the jackpot on one of her tickets as she so dearly wishes.

  3. to see my daughter’s Etsy store thrive to motivate her and believe in herself!

  4. For my brother’s thing with probate court to be resolved now!

  5. For my children to finally get the job of their dreams where they are thriving.

  6. to see my spouse promoted to a new position that he loves with increased salary and for it come to fruition in the best possible way

  7. For my relatives to obtain more funds, sales and income for all of our family businesses

  8. I wish for all of my loved ones who need it, to get a major boost in their money-making views and to see more than just one option for generating income

  9. to see my son achieve higher status with respect and higher wages in his work. 

  10. I wish for my siblings' health & wealth to improve in the best possible way here and now.

  11. to see my parents receiving more funds and money blessings instead of feeling the pressures of living on a fixed income.

  12. For all of our loved ones to receive blessings of abundance and joy in all areas of their lives.

  13. I would love to see my children’s dreams and desires come into the physical and be bigger, better and brighter than imagined!

  14. To see my child find a fulfilling career and relationship and for both to be financially independent, healthy and happy!

  15. I would like to see my relatives obtaining more funds and a bounty of blessings by being able to sell their home

  16. I would like to see my roommate receive magical financial blessings and a wonderful new job/work offers that lift him up, change his life, and make his heart sing.

  17.  I would like to see my family members feel more abundant & lighter on their spiritual path

  18. I would like to see my sister getting back all the money she loaned and many, many more returned blessings back to her

  19.  I would love my daughter to receive a raise and recognition where she works so that she can easily pay for her son's education.

  20. to receive an abundance of income from unexpected sources enabling my family to get out of debt and not be so concerned about money.

III) Blessings for Financial Harmony in the World: 

  1. I would like to see decreases (or elimination) in add-on taxes (gas tax, carbon tax, sales taxes) in my Province and country so all would find it easier to make ends meet and even to thrive.

  2. I desire harmony for every being, everywhere

  3. I would like to see financial change throughout the world that improves the lives of all our citizens here and now

  4. For there to be less inflation and more equity and fairness in our commodities systems    

  5. I would like to envision fair trade and financial prosperity and gains for all souls here and now

  6. For the world I wish to have money issues not exist and for lots of money to go around and for the world to know that lots of money making options exist.

  7. For all the central banks and all the financial systems to stop their manipulation of the currencies and markets which is hurting us all

  8. For the truth to be seen and exposed regarding the dangers of  transitioning to a digital currency system

  9. I would like to envision profitable new businesses in all small towns to provide jobs and build community

  10. I would like to envision more humanity and honesty within our governments and financial institutions

  11. I would like to envision the high taxes of our wages and household costs improve by coming down to some normality or even lower

  12. To see an improvement in financial stabilization and a return to kindness towards each other

  13. I would like to envision all people receiving the wealth and freedom that was stolen from them by any governments.

  14. I would like to see people find their own sovereignty and stand up for it in love and comradery!

  15. I would like to envision the end of poverty in our world and beyond... as well as food, clothing and shelter for all.

  16.  I would like to envision greed - healed, hearts - opened, and people supported on all levels

  17.  To see people and animals financially cared for, to live a life full of dignity and support and healing 

  18. I would like to envision empathy blossoming throughout our global community.  

  19. I envision businesses, societies and governments making decisions that increase the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants.

  20. I would like to envision miracle shifts, clearings and changes, coming in now in perfect timing, that support all of humanity financially and beyond.

  21. to see peace in the world, and for all the world leaders to put their egos aside and put an end to all wars

  22. For us to envision all of our global families & community’s intentions, prayers, wishes and desires for prosperity to be amplified bigger, brighter and better and for the good of all!!!