[BODY SCAN] Head to Toe Clearing of Chronic Pains & Injuries

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Some lingering, odd, and unexplainable body pains require a step by step, head to toe scan to clear stuck energy in order to get relief.

This Audio MP3 will address the body's unseen yet often interconnected pathways to healing - focusing on joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, fascia, tendons, nerves and bones.

These can come from pains suffered from accidents, injuries, illnesses, diseases and more. From what I see in working with clients, at least 80 percent of most pain is related to joints. Throughout this audio I will be concentrating on your joints as you hear me talk you through your body from head to toe. Now I find that if we can get that one word or word track that has been overlooked and energetically take it out of you, healing can and will occur.

I've included a BONUS section in this audio with detailed suggestions I offer that are to be used for sore body parts and are really ideas to test and to try out from how to use a foam roller, to whether you should use heat or cold.

Includes 30 mins of instruction, clearings & bonus recommendations
1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

IMPT: Please do not listen to the audio while driving or operating heavy machinery. Note, that it is important to layer this audio MP3 meaning, you can listen to it today and wait 3 more days and listen again. I believe it can take out different issues and challenges over time.

Sample Clearings:

  • "Sinus allergies including my being allergic to life and living and any reaction causing issues is released off of this body here and now."
  • "My neck, vertebrae, bone, muscle, tissue, joint, ligament, cartilage, fascia and nerve endings are seen as releasing the attachment root cause of any pain and discomfort ushering in a new era of being pain-free."
  • "Any issues with my back where I have been left unsupported or without money are released as I hear this now.  My upper, middle and lower back as well as my ribs come into alignment and support this body’s efforts to remain pain-free."
  • "Knee pain at any joint or angle including meniscus, back of the knee, and any sharp, dull or uncooperative mechanics that have caused issues for this body part are released here and now."
  • "Anywhere I was injured twisted, sprained, sore, sharp or acute pains within my ankles, feet and toes are released as I hear this now."

Here's What People Are Saying...

"I had neck pain on the right side and I had hip pain on my left side after listening to it twice pain was gone. It's awesome and thank you - love you." Joyce / Florida

"Hey Jimmy I listened to the new Audio MP3 twice….. amazing… I fell asleep or went very deep at the same point both times!!! Something amazing was happening……………… this is awesome" Toni / Wisconsin

"Love this new audio clearing!! Body pain reduced next day!!"  - Lisa R. /FL

"Hey congrats on the revised Body Scan! Thurs eve, I ran the audio once focused on my hot flashes. I had meetings on Friday and no hot flashes. Today my shoulder and neck were pretty painful from being in non-stop meetings. Ran the audio and the pain was gone before the audio finished. You're such a rockstar!" - Pat / Florida

"I LOVE this body scan. It feels like the new technology for health which we can use easily whenever we need. I was amazed to see my body start to move by itself when something was being released.  My head feels way lighter now and there is a sense that my body has been reprogrammed.  I can't explain it but something feels different! Thanks Jimmy - your voice is very healing too : )"
- Kara / Japan   

"Jimmy's Body Scan audio is a very comprehensive, powerful, dynamic, detailed and effective head-to-toe clearing. Even though I didn't have any physical complains at the moment I could feel lots of movement, shifts, releasing, rearranging, clearing and change occurring in my body. Being an energy worker myself I was aware of the depth and power of Jimmy's words and I am so grateful to have this audio that I will be able to use anytime there is something going on with my body. Thank you, Jimmy! You are the best!"Gosia L. / California

"WOW aches and pains reduced. Lower back pain gone. After listening the second time most body pains gone. Felt lighter, more energetic. A new awareness of energy blockages in the body and how to move and stretch to release them.-Sheralyn / Hawaii 

“This body scan MP3 is your best ever!  I have listened to it daily with headphones since receiving Friday.  It was late and I had fallen asleep listening Friday, so on Saturday I started my day with the recording.   I have had knee injuries and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and have terrible knee pain for awhile now.  After the meditation, I went into a deep trance feeling and could feel waves of energy.  When you said about releasing doctors who didn't help you, I felt emotional which was very interesting.  I was about fifty percent better after the second session.  I really felt it opened me up on a clairaudient level for sure.   I felt much more rested yesterday and today.   I was feeling those lovely waves of energy again through and after the meditation.   Thanks again for such an effective meditation.  I am excited to see how the healing progresses." Kathy / Florida