[EMPATHS] MyBeliefWorks™ for Empowering the Empath in You PDF & MP3

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This piece offers clearing and protection for caregivers, empaths, healers, psychics or intuitives from taking on other peoples’ issues, negativity and heavy emotions as well as grounding, balancing and strengthening your autonomy, safety and trust in claiming and utilizing your powerful psychic gifts and abilities. 

Spiritual healing support for empathic souls, whether you're interacting with family and friends, visiting a hospital or long-term care facility or a working professional caregiver, nurse/doctor/psychic/healer this audio will help calm the waters and empower you to embrace your gift for sensitivity.  

Clearings are grouped as follows:

  • Grounding and Support for Using Your Gifts
  • Releasing Heavy Emotions
  • Support for Caregivers
  • Supporting Others During Surgery/Post-Op/Birth/Death
  • Trusting in Psychic Intuition and Abilities
  • Protection from Negative Influences
  • Strengthening the Balance and Harmony of Your Power

Includes over 90 clearings delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript embedded with a link to the 26-minute MP3 audio recording.

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

**IMPT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) The AUDIO MP3 link will be clickable from the top of page 1 of the PDF! This should ease the access for both desktop & mobile users to now open both pdf & audio on one download link. Due to Apple's mobile download limitations: iPhone, iPad purchases will still be required to request the alternate links. 


Here's What People Are Saying...

"This recording covered lots of specific, surprising issues that were very useful to address.  I experienced more optimism after listening to this a number of times, like the world was a more bearable place."  ~Alexis Choan, Astoria

"This is simply beautiful! This is 3 mp3's in one. It covered so many areas, it's perfect for anyone that is or wants to be psychic or more psychic, empathic and many other areas." - Toni Greene

"One of your best recordings Jimmy! I was totally swaying yes as you read every word to recieved the download. I had tingles at the base of my neck and goosebumps. You truly have a gift, every month I look forward to your recordings." - Melody/ Lake Tahoe


"IMMEDIATELY after listening to Jimmy Mack's Empath MP3, I could feel the stress leaving my heavily weighed down shoulders. Even though Jimmy does not recommend listening to his MP3s while driving, I needed some radical healing intervention! I was driving home 11 hours after being with my father, who was in an assisted living rehab facility, due to Covid complications. I was starting to feel agitated and not myself, then Jimmy Mack's soothing voice came through and reminded me of my empathic gifts (both good and bad sometimes). Of course I was feeling old, achy, grouchy, and ungrounded. Isn't that how most everyone feels in these rehab centers? Having been so focused on my father for a week, I realized that I had left myself Wide open to physical and psychic attacks From the residents and nurses. I was able to use the rest of my drive home to center myself and shake off those energies. Thanks again Jimmy, for helping me out of a jam and literally steering me out of a funk that had my name on it!" - Kat D. /Colorado