[ANIMAL HEALING] MyBeliefworks for Facilitating Pet & Animal Healing MP3/PDF

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Healing Your Pet or Animal Friend Of Illness, Disease, Emotional & Mental Disorders, Phobias, Behavioral Problems, Pre-Operative & Post-Op Recovery

This audio MP3 will address whatever your challenge may be with your pet. Everything from digestive disorders, behavioral problems, misbehaving, separation anxiety, fear of car rides or the vet, ADD/ADHD, fear of missing out, aggression, biting, lashing out, to disease processes, or an upcoming operation or procedure. 

Sample clearings: 

"I release any past traumatic veterinarian experiences for my pet animal friend allowing for smooth communications and I experience favorable outcomes here and now."

"I release the need to over-think it or process past, present, and future fears of my pet animal friend’s health challenges and replace them with ideal outcomes for them."

"The ideal people, places, things and situations show up when I least expect them, and the right combination allows my pet animal friend to heal completely, and align with wholeness and wellness now."

"I remain unattached from expectations and exact outcomes and I release the need to control my animal friend’s outcome as Spirit works on this now."

"All of my animals’ compulsive and negative behaviors keeping them from integrating into our family are released and deleted off of everyone now."

"My new animal friends are easily assimilated into the pack and family. Birth, life and transition into heaven are all handled equally with grace and ease."

Includes over 30 mins of audio with over 120 clearings

1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript


MyBeliefworks for Facilitating Animal Healing MP3/PDF PLUS 30 MINUTE Pet Healing Session with Jimmy- $111


"I wanted to take a moment to explain what this audio has done for my Peaches and our family. When we first adopted Peaches our kitty she was so timid, scared and sad. She had no love to give and seemed like a lost cause. Not wanting to give up on her we listened to the Pet Therapy Audio from Jimmy Mack. After listening twice it was like magic. Not only did she start to come around, she even accepted the man of the house and is a completely different cat. Thank you Jimmy Mack!"
- J.G. / Florida

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom and top of my heart. I received a free copy of your animal healing mp3 for calling into your show and wanted to report back about obvious change/ miracles in my world that came about after playing it twice with my kitties. For several months my cat has been going through severe health and attitude issues brought on by bringing home a sweet stray cat.  She was my best sweetest buddy and became so aggressive mad and distant.  Running off out of sight everyday. I thought she was going to break up with me.  After I played the mp3 once not a noticeable difference, except maybe no biting me as I walk by.... After the 2nd play holy moly I saw a complete attitude 180 degree flip. She is hanging out in the house again, playing string with me like she used to instead turning nose up and walking away AND sleep snuggling with me again!!!!!!!!  Such a blessing......especially because I'm going through heartbreak and losing her on top of that felt like hitting bottom....BUT now I have the loving support of my best kitty friend again everything is looking solo much brighter. Thank you a million times over for generously gifting miracles if healing!!!!"
- Kelley


"I am so impressed with this comprehensive Pet Healing meditation.  It covers every angle regarding a pet from healing to transition and releasing financial blocks to caring for the pet.  There is a real opportunity to connect the dots for all facets of the relationship between the pet, the owner, and all connections surrounding the pet/owner.  I will be sharing with all my pet owner friends!"
- K. M.

"I played this recording a second time and focused on a walnut-sized lump on my dog's neck---something which I have not had biopsied but which is most like a fatty lump according to a vet. I've been nervous about it in the back of my mind, worried that it was cancer.  The dog and I crashed out again during the healing.  A week later, I noticed that the lump was about half the size as it usually is. A couple days later it was almost entirely gone. Thank you for the miracle Jimmy!"
- Tammy S. / Seattle

"My dog Aloysious and I listened to this right after a traumatic experience. I left him tied up at the minute market and walked home, alone, forgetting I'd brought him with me. I started working on my computer, thinking he was in the room with me. When I noticed he was gone and ran back to the store, they'd had the police take him to a shelter. The shelter was closed and although I went out there anyway, it was gated and no one would let me in. I went and bailed him out the next day and he was understandably pretty shaken. I played the recording and he relaxed and snored right through it (as did I). I held as an intention, the curing of his animal aggression---not really expecting it to work---mostly just hoping he would be relaxed after his ordeal.  He slept peacefully. The next day, we went on a walk---I didn't test out his animal aggression because I thought it was too dangerous to do so. But then we were at an outdoor eating area and while I was distracted, he stretched his lead around the corner.  I casually began to reel him back in and when I looked---I couldn't believe my eyes!---he was sniffing nose to nose with a boxer---and nobody was growling or attacking---there were no hackles up.  He was wagging.  I can't tell you how shocking this was. He hasn't had a single non-predatory interaction with another dog up close for six years or so---and then it was only with his one friend he grew up with. Outstanding!"
- Ann F.  / Oregon

 "Jimmy, after YEARS of working with you - only you could help me with “our new puppy”. I call her an “energy ball” – all puppy, lots of energy and no manners.  She was not mean – just overly fun and friendly - with SHARP baby teeth. After a week of bites and cuts and a box of bandaids – I had had enough – so I called Jimmy for help! I purchased the Pet audio and I scheduled the 30 minute pet session. For the next week – I had the audio on when the puppy was sleeping – during 3PM nap time. And during our one-on-one session, Jimmy was able to communicate with our new puppy and let her know that she was safe and comfortable in her new home. She was one of a litter of ten, she needed re- assurance in her new family and her new environment. After two weeks of working with her and with Jimmy’s help – we now have a wonderful puppy that is playful but no longer bites and snaps. She now sleeps all night without having to take her out and she is more relaxed and calm. We still have a puppy – but with Jimmy’s help we were able to create a communication connection that expands as she grows. One look into the puppy’s eyes and you know that she is happy." - Gwen