[DARK ENERGIES] MyBeliefworks™ for Releasing Dark Energies, Fear, and Negativity

[DARK ENERGIES] MyBeliefworks™ for Releasing Dark Energies, Fear, and Negativity

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This audio clearing goes beyond just clearing away negativity.... dare I say, it will be like nothing you've ever heard before. This recording goes deeper into clearings for dark energies, fears, curses, hexes, spells, past lives and paranormal activity to release all past negativity and in their place bring light, higher vibrations and frequencies. 

This audio annihilates the dark energies and fear driven things and takes all that out and clear it off of you. Interestingly, I recorded it with my son and the next day, my back pain was gone, gone!  It was like I had these negative dark energetic clamps or traps that was causing that pain, but they are not identifiable.  Doctors can take an MRI and won't see anything because it wouldn't measure up and then they send you away saying "you 'should' be fine".  Guess what... it's a darker energy thing.

Some are fearful to even look or acknowledge that this is a part of our reality, but I'm telling you, it's there. It doesn't matter about your belief, I don't care if you're Muslim, Christian, Jewish or whatever... it's as real as real gets whether you believe in it or not.

For those of you who feel consumed by or are experiencing odd occurrences, dark, negative energies or feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde, we KNOW this will help/contribute to lessening the affects of the miscommunications and interference that often accompany this astrological event.

These statements or belief pieces are actually designed statements that have come in from super consciousness that will clear and balance your energy and greatly minimize the negative effects.

I want to encourage you to share this audio with your family and friends who you believe who would benefit from this. You can listen or read this for another person, pet, place, thing or situation, as you will be acting as the surrogate for them when you speak their name with intention at the beginning.

This MP3 is INCLUDED with purchase of the Mastery Certification Program

Sample clearings:

-- Psychic hooks, vows of celibacy and vows of poverty are disavowed, banished, released and relinquished as I hear this now.

-- Any and all past lives where I was a captive, subservient, slave or held by a negative unruly master are released, recanted, rescinded and dispelled off of this current lifetime and incarnation as I hear this now.

-- Any time I have picked up negative entities from being around large groups of people including malls, hospitals and sporting events are rinsed from me, relinquished and deleted as I hear this now.

-- It is safe and comfortable to keep any attributes that have come about through magic, incantation and power that allows me to heal or bless others.

      Here's what people are saying:

      "Hi Jimmy, Just a bit of feedback, the dark energies MP3, it was really helpful, and powerful, as I listened today, harmony in the house ensued!!!! (And of course, I feel your prayer work, has also contributed .... much.)! I found myself experiencing a lot of ‘ peace’ and centeredness after listening to the MP3, really cool ...!!!!...thank you!!" - Donna K

      "The clearings are so brilliant!!!  Jimmy, you cover absolutely everything!!! It released so much for me! Wow! I'm impressed."  - Gosia Lorenz / Talk to the Entities Facilitator

      "Wow this one is awesome cleans out the cobwebs!  Feeling so much better grounded and clearer mind!  Thanks so much."  - Linda F. / Texas

      "I feel that it is very powerful and very effective for releasing dark entities, they certainly seem to be terrified and shift."   ~ Dee Clare / Psychic