[ENTHUSIASM 4LIFE]- MyBeliefWorks™ for Elevating and Infusing Your Enthusiasm for Life MP3 & PDF

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We are so excited to get this out to you all knowing that it WILL make a big difference for you - And not only that... we want you to SHARE IT with others in your life that would most benefit!  Yes, I'm serious...  choose 2 people in your immediate family to share this with and you have my blessing to send them the link after your purchase.  

When I was in College we were fortunate enough to have seen the original Grateful Dead LIVE in concert.  I will never forget the floor was packed with trance dancing hippy girls many of whom never once turned towards the stage.  Scattered between all of them was a see of mic stands and cassette recorders that were recording the live show.  Today that would be prohibited but then it was encouraged!  I share this with you because I really want you to share the love and the energy of these most powerful Audio MP3’s.

So without using any social media and quietly via email or text please share any of our audio MP3’s with any of your immediate family and friends that you believe need an encouraging life boost!  Now more than ever we need more positive thinking and outlooks in our lives so this would be the ideal Audio MP3 to purchase and share with others.


On this 24 minute audio, the fishing is DONE-FOR-YOU. By listening, it will support you in elevating your observations of life’s blessings, taking time for yourself, reconnecting with loved ones and also honoring your guidance and empowering you to take the actions that will lead you to accomplishing your goals with enthusiasm!

We’re at the tipping point of stress, anxiety and tension as we go through these cosmic changes. We need only turn on the news and we’ll be bombarded with politics, war, natural disasters, inflation, corporate and financial instability.  Sprinkle some family and relationship chaos and drama on top of that and it’s enough to turn anyone's thoughts negative. We can’t help but to cringe a little and feel somewhat down and yes even negative and shell-shocked if you will. 

Now more than ever we need to turn the tide energetically to the positive so that we can turn this ship around and still have hope to fulfill wishes, and dreams on this journey.  Let’s take out the feeling of drudgery and install optimism and better outcomes with this new Audio MP3.  It can happen!

PDF also includes a bonus 4-part Meditation/Prayer MP3 - 7 minutes

This prayer is a spiritually divine call to action for each section of the day, arising in the morning, continuing through afternoon, evening and finally bedtime. It very well could be your new favorite "go to" daily pick-me-up in order to give you the added infusion of energy to stay strong throughout your day and your life! You’re going to really enjoy this one because it’s short and sweet, yet impactful and all encompassing. 

Includes over 80 clearings delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript embedded with a link to one 24-minute MP3 audio recording and 4 individual prayer MP3s

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

**IMPT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) The AUDIO MP3 link will be clickable from the top of page 1 of the PDF! This should ease the access for both desktop & mobile users to now open both pdf & audio on one download link. Due to Apple's mobile download limitations: iPhone, iPad only purchases may require requesting the alternate links or get one of their free file downloader Apps. 

SPECIAL NOTE: *Cover art is called Water Dancer and is used with permission from Energy Artist Julia - 15% off code =  JM1

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Powerful and comprehensive! The audio is a great reminder to be present, engaged and to honor your value and impact in your world. The prayers are reminders to stay present and focused on energetically moving forward throughout the day.  Love that the prayers are split into individual audios, they are easy to use throughout the day." - Pat T.

"Hi Jimmy, I listened to this mp3 once and didn't rouse out of the lack of zest that i was experiencing, not that i was expecting to with one hearing. Last night as i prepared to sleep, i put it on loop, and wallah.!!! Since i awoke I feel me again. I feel the joy once more. I have accomplished so much in a short  time at a cool pace. I saw the offer today to share the link with 2 family members. I will share it with my two daughters." - Stephanie D.

“Starting my day with this audio gets me grounded and eases the stress related to world events and things that are out of my control.” - Marla Martenson 

"Listening to this at least three times a week in the morning as you’re waking up it is simply amazing! The first time I listen to it halfway through I was out just passed out. The next time, by the time it was done, I felt amazing I love this one." - Toni Greene /Psychic Medium 

"I just listened to the Enthusiasm MP3 and how did you know I need that more than ever, Jimmy Mack?!!  Although I normally possess much zest for life, I certainly could use more zeal (Zest is spirited enjoyment, zeal is diligent devotion).  It's quite a job not to get depressed, with many of the world events transpiring these days.  This is a sweet reminder to become devoted to your enthusiasm, and work for it by making daily/weekly/monthly goals, and also taking the time to reach out to those long lost friends!  They might be in the same boat, and your call can beneficial to both of you!  Thank you kindly Jimmy Mack, for recording such special and encouraging words for us to live by in these challenging times!" 
- Your #1 Fan, Katherine Douville/Tampa, FL

"I was very curious about this new audio and of course Jimmy did not dissapoint once again! This activation/clearing/upshifting recording addresses every possible aspect that plays a role in creating a happier, more fulfilled, accomplished, and joyful life. It took me through creating healthier eating habits, loving self-care, healing of the body and nurturing meaningful relationships, to living more purposefully with self-recognition and acknowledgement, enjoying life, having more gratitude and kindness. I feel really motivated and enthusiastic to set goals and take action to create and manifest more in my life. The additional prayer audio helps reset the trajectory of the day towards balance, energy, wellness, energetic clarity, success, resilience, trust, passion for life, joy, and positive attitude and outcomes. In this challenging time where finding enthusiasm for life might sometimes not be the easiest thing to do, this audio is a treasure! Thank you, Jimmy!" Gosia Lorenz, CA