Practitioner Certification Program LEVEL 2 - GET PURCHASE LINK HERE

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Mastery students can log in and upgrade directly from within the training portal HERE:  


The Certified Practitioner Training is an online program with 5 separate modules delivered 1-2 days apart and will include Jimmy's EXCLUSIVELY written "My Liquid Fish® Practitioner’s Handbook" not sold anywhere else!

The training begins once you have completed the 2 modules from Level 1 Certification of Mastery and then moves into the advanced training for how to incorporate this technique into your practice plus additional reference materials and clearings that will support you and the success of your practice.

The training will include a live instructional testing with Jimmy at the end as he will approve each person for certification himself.

After completion of the program and certification testing, generally between 2-3 weeks... your name, website and contact info will be featured on a special global practitioner listing on the Jimmy Mack Healing website and you will be getting in on the ground floor at a price that will never again be this low.

*SPECIAL NOTE* To be approved for the certification training, you MUST be in a  current practice setting which can be a practicing Psychic, Healer, NP, AP, DOM, DO, MD, DC, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, RN, Nurse Practitioner, PhD, and Physician Assistant or currently practicing another modality, technique or method that includes natural healing in your home office or office setting, phone and or Skype.

We are striving to have practitioners worldwide, in each major city, and every state of the USA and in every country.

Materials in this course include:

-- Materials for this course include: ALL of the items from the Level 1 Advanced Instruction and Practice modules

-- Exclusive "The Practitioners Handbook" ebook, Kindle versions, not available anywhere else

-- Clearing MP3 for "MyBeliefworks™ for Work, Job and Career" and "MyBeliefworks™ for Optimizing Success in Sales"

-- "Healing A to Z" ebook, Kindle versions with advanced training video demonstration on how to use the book- Access to video and audio with over a dozen live sessions with Jimmy

-- A BONUS MODULE with "MyBeliefworks™ for a Positive Money Mindset" which will help clear you and your practice for being deserving and worthy of receiving more money.

-- All members will get a 2nd one on one phone or Skype instructional/testing time directly with Jimmy 

-- Upon completion, you'll receive a printable Certified My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® Practitioner Certificate plus a special listing on the website as worldwide Certified Practitioner

-- Our elite group of Certified Practitioners will occasionally receive special, free, advance copies of the newest audio MP3 releases.