Clearing the 5 Anchors Guided Energy Process - MP3 ONLY

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This Audio MP3 is an encore recording of a live participant show and could be a game-changer in your life!  During this incredibly potent and popular process, Jimmy leads listeners step by step through a deep clearing that has the power to FINALLY remove/unhook that ONE ongoing, repeating or stuck issue you may be struggling with.  


⚓ Do you have a body injury that has never healed?  This could be the process that pulls the thorn out of the lion’s paw.

⚓ Can’t ever seem to get to that next level at your job and feel like there is a glass ceiling?  This is the hammer to smash it.

⚓ Always broken-hearted and love is eluding you?  Let’s make certain those anchors aren't stuck in your heart!!!

During a recent and difficult "dark night of the soul", Jimmy was given information on five (5) specific categories of darkness and evil that are responsible for holding down some of the most submerged energetic anchors deep under the surface. 

With this upgrade in his technique, Jimmy is now able to use his My Liquid Fish technique to "fish out" multiple issues and beliefs that have been the most stuck. What came through are solutions to play with and practice with and see if they make as big a difference for you as they did for Jimmy and so many others.  

After the process was delivered live to tens of thousands of listeners... we received an immediate and incredible reaction (read more below). That introduction to the 5 Anchors Process instantly created a morphic field around the globe which continues to expand and amplify with each new listener.

Listening to the Clearing the 5 Anchors Process could be the push that will lead you to smoother sailing!  

*NOTE* This guided energy process is meant to be experienced as a listen-only piece, NO PDF transcript is provided. It is taken directly from a powerful LIVE call recording when it originally was released into the field among thousands of listeners which contributed to its potency.  So either sit comfortably or lay down with eyes closed when listening.

Includes one (1) downloadable digital MP3 FILE (not an MP3 link & NO PDF) for instant download to your computer/device. 

Run time approx. 10 minutes - Includes Jimmy's spoken intro with energy process



"When Jimmy brought in the 5 Anchors clearing, I felt like this “kink in my neck” came out of my heart & I felt the feelings of why I was “ducking” & scrunching up my neck & shoulder (like bracing for something to fall on the head) & the whole top of my heart, my neck, & my left shoulder just unwound in such an amazing way, that I can only say was miraculous! Will be sure to check back to see if I can purchase your clearing mp3 when it becomes available."Kate C in VA

"Really looking forward to the new clearing the 5 Anchors mp3 coming out, it will be a gift to so many myself included. Keep up the great work." - Deb 

"As for the 5 anchors, that is extraordinary stuff and so very truthful at this time." - R. S.

"Since you introduced us to the 5 Anchors on the Darius call I have been playing with it and adding it into the process. It used to worry me that when using MLF to clear it was fast and wonderful but people seemed to click out into unclear again sometimes very quickly.  And then you mentioned one day about how energy is moving all the time. Duh.  Of course things are changing all the time so fast we cannot even perceive it. With the 5 Anchors process it seems to add in that extreme deep deep ocean clearing that you can only get with the power of the sea.  We are in a very strange world these days with such chaos and unnerving events and so many distorted views. The Five Anchors addresses this all perfectly! So very relevant for us all in these times. Our strange feelings and emotions not always are own. The Five Anchors is a wonderful bright happy and immensely beneficial process for everyone!I am so looking forward to the MP3 and more instructions on how to use it. And to swimming in clear beautiful waters with that lovely whale  The Five Anchors Thank you so much!Lots of love." - Rahima