LISTENING INSTRUCTIONS: I would suggest that you not drive a car or be operating heavy machinery of any kind when playing any audios as they can be kind of trancy and very deep.  I would be lying down or sitting comfortably and following along with my words.

Listen with intent and awareness the first time, after that it can be beneficial to play it in the background on a loop on very low/soft volume. We've found that if it's fully muted, then the embedded frequencies are not as well received.

Don’t get bogged down into any of the words or word tracks or different things I’m saying. It’s all from Spirit and from consciousness and we’re just asking for things to shift for you. Just know that anything good you already have is going to be strengthened and anything negative will be deleted off multiple levels of you including DNA, Core, History, Soul and others.

We include the PDF of the written clearings on the majority of the products and that is for those of you who have a visual learning style. Also, it's an opportunity for you to customize it, some folks have re-recorded in their own voice for example, and others choose to go line by line with their pendulum and test and fish the statements.  NONE of that is necessary, but we all have our process :).

SHARING WITH OTHERS:  As you probably know by now, I'm not like every other healer.  I freely give away the My Liquid Fish technology as a gift when you sign up for the TGIW weekly newsletter. I am in the "business" of helping people all the way to the door and I encourage you to discretely (by email or text, no posting) and with discernment share any of these audio files with your immediate friends and family that you feel it would contribute to.   

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS:  After purchase you will be redirected to a download page and also will receive an email confirmation that will contain the download link(s) for your digital product format.  Impt:  Be sure you are checking the email address that is set up for your credit card purchases, that is where all shop communication will be sent.  You can then download and save directly to your phone, desktop or tablet. 

**IMPORTANT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) The AUDIO MP3 link will be clickable from the top of page 1 of the PDF.  We are currently working on delivering them as separate files which will then be available to access in your SHOP ACCOUNT when you login. 

*****COMING SOON******

MY ACCOUNT LOGIN:  Every order placed in the shop establishes an account for you automatically.  At the top of every shop page you'll soon see the "My Account" icon which is where you will go to login and retrieve your previously purchased downloads.