7 Wellsprings of Life Mind Clearings: Past/Present/Future - June 2024

7 Wellsprings of Life Mind Clearings: Past/Present/Future - June 2024

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Originally recorded June 27, 2024.

This call is the second in our new clearing series for The 7 Wellsprings of Life.  This one focused on clearing the thoughts, beliefs and patterns of the Mind and was separated into 3 sections: past, present and future. 

Hundreds of emails were received each with a Top 3 and the clearings were especially deep and could be felt throught and after the call as they cleared off of the group.   It was truly a revelation for many.  I recommend multiple listenings for sure!

This is a 44-minute large video file (Audio only MP3 file available by request)

Releasing From the Past

  1. I'm releasing the pain from the loss of my father and from the ways I hurt him, behaved badly, said hurtful things and made him worry

  2. I’m releasing the guilt for all the mistakes I have made including addictions, creating problems with studies, work, family & friends

  3. I wish to release regret and my obsessive thoughts about how I would have done this or said that differently

  4. I wish to release from the past when my negative thinking mind has gotten in the way and stopped me from taking action

  5. I am releasing any and all thoughts, feelings and emotions from the past that still tend to haunt me

  6. I am releasing guilt and lack of self-forgiveness for not being a better person in my past.

  7. I am releasing any ongoing and lingering guilt and shame about my choices and behaviors in the past 

  8. I am releasing all beliefs, thoughts and mind chatter from my past that overshadows and doesn't allow me to be more positive and happy now

  9. I am releasing all regrets and shame for when I once spanked my children of no fault of their own and the hurt it still brings me now

  10. I am releasing thoughts about and anger toward my parents, my ex, and others that did not nurture, support and love me in a way I needed and would have liked.

  11. I wish to release any feelings of regret and remorse of not asking out some girls who I wanted to date

  12. I release any feelings of loss and loneliness from losing touch with friends from my past that I cannot contact anymore 

  13. I am releasing the limiting beliefs about money that I learned from my family and from others in the past.

  14. I am releasing any lingering thoughts and beliefs due to past traumas with men 

  15. I am releasing regrets of not being a better mother

  16. I release feeling like a failure to my daughter who is now drinking too much

  17. I am releasing the pattern of holding my tongue and not speaking my mind or speaking up for myself.

  18. I am releasing sorrow over not knowing how to help my suffering pet cat

  19. I am releasing all non-beneficial mind programming from my father so that I can move forward with my own soul plan clear of his ideas and influence.

  20. I am releasing all the reasons and justifications and any other sources of self-sabotage from my past

  21. I am releasing the grief and sadness from the loss of my husband

  22. I release all my past and current stories, created in my mind, that keep me feeling victimized

  23. I would like to release the feeling of grief and anger that comes when I think of all the time I lost doing things that brought me nowhere - or wasting time and being lazy

  24. I wish to release the past ways I allowed people to be around me who sucked my energy and left me feeling exhausted, drained, physically and spiritually.

  25. I want to release regrets around my family and not being able to help them financially over the years.

  26. I am releasing past financial decisions and their consequences

  27. I wish to release the guilt and shame of being absent emotionally for my daughters, pushing them away because of self-loathing and no self worth 

  28. I wish to release the regret and remorse for the things I should and shouldn’t have said and done toward my kids and grandkids and the pain it has caused us all.

  29. I am releasing the trauma and drama of being blamed for someone else’s lies on a very serious situation from my past. Recently, a similar situation triggered these thoughts.

  30. I am releasing my guilt for withholding food and liquid for my husband after he had a light transition while in hospice at home

  31. I am releasing all trauma from gaslighting and verbal abuse, belittlement and disrespect from my ex-husband and all exes from my past

  32. I am releasing all the past times I have defended for my limited points of view that have kept me from moving forward and receiving a better outcome

  33. I want to be free from the 3D thinking mind and become transformed and live in the 5D thinking world right now!

  34. It is safe and comfortable for us to clear all of this negativity in our minds due to past experiences. We have now learned all the lessons we needed to from it and we release being caught up and remaining in service to them.

Releasing in the Present

  1. Release overthinking about constant wishing for all the things that I want more of: energy, better health, more income and a successful business. 

  2. Release current thoughts of sadness and sorrow about the state of the world we live in, releasing frustration with current political and economic affairs

  3. I am now releasing ongoing thoughts and beliefs that the Barbarian age has returned and the goodness in the world will be overcome by war and violence

  4. Releasing stressful feelings of instability in my country and in issues with finances, income, debt, health, family, work job/career  and relationships

  5. I am now releasing from my present moment any self-recrimination or self-judgment around my inability to end my toxic marriage sooner 

  6. bring forgiveness to myself for the chronic excuses I have made to justify others’ abusive / dismissive behaviors in the attempt to keep the peace.

  7. Release any thoughts and feelings I have now around being less than, or not good enough and other thoughts of lack

  8. I am now releasing all thoughts of worry about my joint pain probably manifested by always worrying about when my children will get married.

  9. I am now releasing all fear and frustration that I will not have the money to travel more in my retirement

  10. I am now releasing current frustration with my children not showing up for me

  11. I wish to release stressful and repetitive worry and thoughts about never finding the girl of my dreams and starting a wonderful family 

  12. I am now releasing from my mind the need to buy and hoard unnecessary things from my current life. 

  13. I am now releasing all depression and anxiety from my present.  

  14. release from my mind thoughts of being a complete failure in this life

  15. Release me from any anger and rage issues that I feel toward others for their behavior towards me and open my heart to forgiveness.

  16. I release any negative thought patterns that keeps me having issues with finances and debt

  17. I am now releasing any thought patterns and beliefs that keep me having insufficient income in my present.   

  18. I am now releasing any thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping me having health issues in the present moment.

  19. I am now releasing overwhelm and overthinking about how to deal with tasks and procrastination each day

  20. Please release from my mind ideas planted by the media, internet, and self-interest groups that cause fear and separation.

  21. Please release from my mind whatever thoughts and beliefs block and get in the way of my connection with Spirit. 

  22. I release all my subconscious beliefs that prevent me from achieving/receiving self-love, happiness, health and wellness now!

  23. I am now releasing this loop of illness that keeps happening – just when I think I’m getting better, I get hit again with body stuff

  24. I am releasing any thoughts, limitations and blocks in my conscious and subconscious mind saying, “everyday I am so swamped by chores that I don't have time to do my art.”

  25. I am now releasing doubts and worries about my career and financial situation in this moment and beyond.

  26. I am now releasing constant and extreme sadness that my children and grandchildren have all been jabbed and young grandchildren now have major health issues; stress now causing me possible health issue.

  27. I am now releasing my current grief over the recent passing of my husband.

  28. I am now releasing the thought patterns that create my need to carry the burdens of others 

  29. I am now releasing negative beliefs that I’ve picked up about aging that come from others and the collective consciousness

  30. I am releasing from my present the thoughts that are inhibiting and getting in the way of my happy new life

  31. We are now scrambling the frequency and transmuting these negative thoughts into harmony here and now on all levels, dimensions, depths, heights and angles.  

Releasing from the future

  1. Please release from my mind overthinking about money and stressing over my future financial situation.

  2. I am releasing the thoughts that keep me up at night about the future and worrying about the unknown and things I can’t control

  3. Please release my mind from worrying about catastrophic events that could happen and for the safety of my family and myself.

  4. I am now releasing thoughts of overwhelm of not knowing the future and feeling unprepared for it

  5. Please release from my mind any fear about the digital dollar and any possibility of an EMP attack on the United States.

  6. Release my mind from worry and fears about whether I will be able to play with my grandchildren in this life. 

  7. Please release from my mind all blocks around being thoughtful and considerate to others especially around scheduling and planning for the future

  8. I wish to release any thoughts and beliefs that prevent me from being able to find the best high paying job for me 

  9. Please release from my mind the future worry that as I age I will be alone and become isolated

  10. please release from my mind the thoughts and beliefs that I will never fully reconnect with my greater self; that I will aimlessly move through life without discovering my passion and fulfilling my purpose in this lifetime. 

  11. I release from my mind the belief that because my parents, grandparents or ancestors had certain negative problems, my future self will have them too.

  12. Please release from my mind the very heavy and oddly strong belief that nothing is going to change or get better for me, for those close to me, and for the world. 

  13. Please release my mind from the feeling that I will not have enough time left in this life to accomplish my artistic goals or to find some peace of mind and live a joyful life. 

  14. We are now in full energetic alignment with releasing and transmuting all aspects of these negative thought and belief patterns of the mind that were brought up on our call today including all those known or unknown, named or unnamed.