Clearing Switches for Themes of Rebirth - April 2022

Clearing Switches for Themes of Rebirth - April 2022

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Originally recorded April 27, 2022.

This month's call was all about Clearing Switches for Themes of Rebirth. The listener write-ins were separated into 5 sections with over 100 clearings!


And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

The video and audio replay links are below, you can watch again or watch for the first time... it's just as powerful as having been listening live. And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expands and amplifies things in a much deeper way. 

This is a 33-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

 What people are saying:

"Thanks, that was my first live zoom call with you. It was really cool! You answered my questions & others that I had not yet even had a query for!  Keep up the amazing work! So glad you are feeling better, & knocked out those 5 anchors!!!   And thanks for sharing & expanding compassion & loving~kindness far & wide! " ~Kate In VA 

  • To truly have a positive rebirth in body and mind and to look and feel younger

  • To have full mobility restored in my left upper arm and shoulder

  • To have increased energy and motivation to to get back on the workout wagon and to look forward to going to the gym and doing my class six days a week 

  • To be relieved of constant pressure causing headaches & migraines due to stress, anxiety and tension

  • to release sensitivity/reactions to full moons, new moons, eclipses - they make me dizzy and give me migraine headaches

  • To rebirth and restore my optimal, fantastic memory

  • To restore my healthy digestion, and have stronger hair and nails

  • To let go the fear of getting old and sick

  • To clear all my physical pain so that I can focus on manifesting.

  • To release, shed and let go of unwanted, excess fat as fast and fun as possible

  • To release all the extra physical and energetic weight that my body is carrying.

  • To improve my overall health and physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.

  • to be free of physical pain, have more energy, and have my physical body be happy, healthy, and vibrant.

  • for my partner to be released from alcoholism and get help other than from me

  • to detox my body, mind & spirit so that the pure energy can rebirth & flow again 

  • healing for daughter's mental/emotional troubles

  • To repair my leaky gut and all my resulting health issues - lupus, hashimoto's thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, eczema

  • To straighten, balance, and strengthen my muscles, bones, facia, ligaments, meridians etc so that the left side of my body is in full alignment with the right side in centered-ness and harmony. 

  • To learn the lessons from body pain so that it can be cleared from car/life accidents, inflammation, fibromyalgia from this lifetime and all time lines with gentle ease, speed, and grace.

  • To heal the pain in my left foot that is hurting bad from stepping on my dog’s bone

  • To clear ankle pain from old injuries, stagnant energy, any guilt, strengthen, balance and heal both ankles along with the feet/toes.

  • That the desire for well-being for all is always greater/stronger than the urge to pull others down 

  • For complete healing of my disc herniation and bulging discs in my spine/back

  • To get relief from the various health issues I’m having involving congestion, breathing and allergies

  • To have 100% healthy eyes with 20/20 vision or better now!

  • I wish to have a complete reset of physical health, bringing me back to a life free of pain and full of energy and stamina.

  • I AM highly motivated to be physically active daily and see and feel this activity as joyously fun.

  • A rebirth of peace for me and my mentally ill brother who I’ve been the guardian for 41 years. 

  • to heal myself physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually from being poisoned with heavy metal copper


  • rebirth of old lost friendships 

  • To meet and have a healthy, loving, lasting, fun relationship with my soulmate. 

  • to heal old family issues through DNA healing

  • an intimate, loving connection with a romantic partner.

  • Attracting more light-hearted good ole clean fun, happy positive peeps (and doggies and kitties) with grace and ease.  Let's have that for everybody, please. 

  • Release of relationship with my alcoholic partner of 17 yrs.

  • To be part of a loving, and fulfilling marriage with my forever Love, enjoying life at our Divine land of lakes and healing hot springs. 

  • To improve my parenting and to develop more patience with my children 

  • To remove all the bullying / bad neighbours and replace them with kind, friendly, good, law-abiding neighbours

  • I wish to get back into audio engineering school as a successful audio engineer.

  • To be successful in mastering any foreign language that I choose to learn

  • For my daughter to buy an apartment and find her dream job

  • To have increased visibility in my industries and for all my creative work.

  • to remove clutter and get organized, and have my home be happy, healthy, and beautiful. 

  • For my ideal clients (2 or more) to come to me willing to pay, be coached and to co-create their transformation 

  • For my coaching community to love my book and the information that I provide!

  • To expand and strengthen my intuition and psychic abilities, to activate my innate gifts

  • To live a rich and joyful life full of love, great abundance, prosperity, ease and a windfall of money to buy our dream home!

  • To easily be able to clear and organize paper and other clutter around me

  •  To be able to buy my late mother’s house to make it into a spiritual centre 

  • to have many happy animal mothers who take excellent care of their young on my permaculture mini farm.

  • For my permaculture garden to yield abundant mother earth's blessings: lots of yummy healthy foods and medicinal plants.

  • To have the grace and ease of offering my life's work to all those that will benefit in little ways and huge ways. 

  • To have my healing hands 100% powerfully activated Now!

  • For my book proposal to be accepted with grace and ease and for it to be successful

  • For my intellectual property and ideas to be protected by copyright with grace and ease.

  • to find the right car that is safe and comfortable for me and my family with grace and ease.

  • To receive blessings on the purchase of my new house at a miraculous deal, in Michigan

  • To receive blessings to finish my tiny home on wheels in Florida.

  • To have a home of our own (cats and me) and our own space

  • Joyously and successfully finding and purchasing our beautiful dream house with gorgeous and dramatic views and privacy in this year of 2022.

  • For the return of my nice little pre-pandemic job, or something better

  • Finding the best job for me from my heart space or the best source to make money.

  • to renew my love and excitement to create an abundance of paintings and for those creations to be seen and bought in many art avenues 

  • To always have more than enough money to live comfortably and to also be able to help those in need financially.

  • Generate lots of disposable income to invest and pay off debt

  • To be in a constant flow of money and abundance

  • Requesting a boost and refresh of abundance and prosperity mentality, especially around a continual increase in income, for myself and anyone else who needs this

  • Clear ALL blocks of any kind that's holding me down from financial abundance and prosperity easily, quickly and painlessly.

  • To have more financial abundance in my new entrepreneurial endeavors 

  • A rebirth of great ideas to flow to me regarding all my creative endeavors.

  • For my credit card balances shrink rapidly and have zero balances.

  • To attract money and financial abundance including over $300,000 of passive income annually 

  • to have a complete rebirth in my financial situation bringing me a huge abundance of money and opportunities for great investments and a big new home by the water that I am excited to call mine.

  • To remove whatever is blocking me from correctly predicting winning lottery numbers and winning lottery jackpots

  • to raise my money setpoint so I am able to receive much more on a continuous basis from multiple sources in an easy, joyful way that is of benefit for everyone concerned

  • The rebirth of money flow since my mother passed away 

  • For all loved ones and everybody in this call and beyond to always live and work and thrive in the free zone. Free of debts, loans, taxes, dirty politics, restrictions, free of diseases, fears, worry and doubt


  • To have complete confidence in myself in all areas of my life, to eliminate procrastination and self-doubt
  • To have the confidence to step out onto the world stage in bigger ways 
  • To wake up every day with energy, vim and vigor eager to complete tasks and feel positive throughout the whole day
  • For patience and understanding in all interactions, no matter how challenging
  • To fully embrace the freedom of choosing my beliefs & trusting Life, Source & my physicality 
  • It is safe to know that the past is forgiven, and move forward with grace and without survivors guilt
  • to be clear about my path and destiny to lift all blockages that are holding me back to fulfill my life's purpose
  • to be connected to my higher self continuously and create a life of love and abundance
  • to feel worthy of phenomenal success and to feel unlimited excitement and joy
  • For divine blessings and good fortune to all those who are struggling to find their way 
  • To release my limiting beliefs and low self confidence in my career and replacing it with confidence, success and financial growth.
  • to expand my self concept in every way and connect to my higher-self and spirit guides with ease
  •  feeling and hearing the guidance on how to be my authentic self, living a life full of blessings and magic.
  • to feel supported, accepted, admired, protected and infused with mother earth's love and power.
  • To have closure and a peace-filled heart over the untimely passing of my dear sweet cat, Henry Grey, who died on Easter.
  • To have a shift in my overall mood to one of more optimism, to get out of a depressive mind state and out of the mindset of "life is a struggle" or "it's always something."
  • Let go of the fear and anxiety of losing my love ones and not seeing them again
  • Clear the extreme overwhelm I am feeling, so I can focus on attaining wealth abundance.
  • to be liberated from all forms of auto-sabotage.
  • overcome and release any and all panic and fears!!
  • to clearly perceive the messages of my guides.
  • To be able to know my boundaries better
  • To feel safe being seen and heard, as I step into my light and shine! 
  • All of us here can experience our natural inner state of PEACE AND WELL BEING- living "Happy for no Reason"
  • To release all resentment and have forgiveness from past experiences that are not settled within me.
  • To bring in bright new upbeat energy each day with the same outlook on life.
  • To have a better connection with the divine and to be able to help nature, animals and people.
  • Create more reasons to smile, laugh, and enjoy every day.