Clearing Switches in the Way of Achieving Your Greatest Desire  - Jan. 2022

Clearing Switches in the Way of Achieving Your Greatest Desire - Jan. 2022

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Originally recorded January 26, 2022

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches in the Way of Achieving Your Greatest Desire" Over 120 clearings submitted by dozens of participants and separated into 4 sections.

1) "The main thing holding me back is""

2) "The item most taking up overthinking/frustrating/rent free space in my mind is"

3) Random Clearings & Wishes

4) "This year my main positive goal and desire is"

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 32-minute video and a large download file*  (the audio file is not available at this time)


Here's what folks are saying:

"Hi Jimmy, Just wanted to say the call last night was really awesome, I really felt the energy and it came at a perfect time for me. I'm not sure and I think you might have said this somewhere, but I'm finding the Fish seem more like friends than a technique. Really amazing and something I really need right now! Thanks Jimmy, be well!" - Kevin M.

"AGREED.  Yes, it is a tear in the portal/fabric of time and THEY know what we’re doing/asking for by doing it. Amazing……….wild feeling to play in it and YES the call last night energetically was palpable!!! I really felt it all moving too." - Jimmy Mack

"Hi all, I really enjoyed last night's call, thanks!  It was my first, such great energy." - Jennifer I.

The main thing holding me back is:

  • I’m stuck in hibernation mode

  • Lack of favor, a desired job offer

  • Lack of motivation and a lot of procrastination & distraction and resulting in stagnation and confusion

  • Apathy / Lack of taking action

  • Self Blame / Lack of Confidence

  • rushing ahead and comparing myself to others and their station in life 

  • being dependent on others to finish their part of the agreement

  • the perception of lacking enough time - so I continue to put my main goal on the back burner

  • Dysfunctional perfectionism: Overthinking & Under/Overdoing

  • lack of financial freedom - straightforward cash flow problem

  • finding a great lawyer who can help me win the Trust issue 

  • Too much clutter

  • Doubting myself and my value/worth

  • lack of confidence and not being able to complete what I start

  • financial flexibility for more time to focus on building my business

  • feeling frustrated by my lack of finances

  • Not having enough resources to leave my executive level position

  • fear in knowing who I am at my core

  • fear i will sabotage myself by not letting go of old, familiar ways

  • Fear of staying small, and blocking myself from reaching for the joy filled creative life i really want 

  • My ego

  • Not hearing my guidance

  • not wanting to be here, doing this whole earthly incarnation thing

  • a slight fear of failure if I DO pursue my main goal

  • lack of trust and fear

  • Self-doubt & fear of failure / fear of rejection

  • fear of success and losing it once achieve it 

  • the feeling that it’s too late for me in this lifetime

  • lack of physical energy & motivation 

  • Poor health with my lungs, health challenges & chronic cough

  • Stress and exhaustion

  • Not making myself & my physical, mental and emotional, spiritual needs a priority 

  • my struggle to create and maintain a clean, healthy, functional space for myself, including space to finally do the work/art i want to do

The item most taking up overthinking/frustrating/rent free space in my mind is: 

  • what if I’m not being all that I’m supposed to be?

  • why has it not happened yet - the money - the love - my career advancement? 

  • The question "How do I achieve the desired result - without changing anything?"

  • obsessing about why it has not yet progressed

  • Indulging in time-consuming entertainment like books and Netflix, instead of creating

  • Overthinking - is there any way to stop what’s been causing my perpetual problems with money for myself & others?     

  • how can I service all my responsibilities to others and still move my life on?  I don't want to let myself or others down    

  • Ongoing Indecision and overwhelm

  • Fear of failure / negative outcome / uncertainty 

  • feeling like I belong

  • Worry about my court cases

  • over thinking being fat and not good enough

  • Whether or not I should stay or go from my 37 year marriage?

  • Simply stuck in same old repetitive thoughts

  • Thinking that there's always too much to do

  • Overly focused on my my business career and income 

  • trying to remember what is my sole purpose and how to move forward in alignment to that?

  • how to clear my house of all the clutter to be ready for my next step without overwhelm?  

  • feeling like there is never enough time for me to do the things I really love

  • fear and anxiety that something tragic and terrible is going to randomly happen to my family

  • fear that everything will be taken away from me—what I’ve referred to in the past as getting ‘Godsmacked’ 

  • effectively addressing the postmenopausal health concerns around aging in the least painful, least costly way possible, without medications

  • Thinking “that I am not good enough” -  the fear of not being good enough

  • Obsessing about my physical ailments & perceived limitations 

  • Lingering on hurt, regrets and resentments from the past

  • the lack of time & space I perceive each day to achieve all that I want to create

  • fighting to keep my peace, all kinds of stuff keeps trying to throw me for a loop 

  • Obsessing about bringing in my God-chosen marriage partner

Random Clearings & Wishes

  • For my soulmate to miraculously heal from his personality disorder of, mentally and emotionally checking out & having robotic, immature romantic behaviors

  • For soulmate, to safely and positively and even miraculously find the courage to stand up to his family in his reuniting with me

  • For my husband to learn the most profitable, easiest and safest ways to promote and run his landscaping business

  • Receiving the guidance to show me the best way to start a business

  • To clear hoarding behavior at the root & all it’s underlying causes and clearing the subsequent clutter easily and quickly

  • To delete and break any subsequent habits that have developed and replace them with order and structure beauty and ease.

  • to be tapped into my full financial income potential and manifest it quickly into our physical reality

  • To recover my sense of smell which is out of whack from having Covid. Most everything smells rancid and horrible

  • Healing from head to toe - specifically ears and eyes, hypertension and type 2 diabetes, breast and ovarian cysts, allergies, bunions, neck, back, and shoulder pain

  • To heal the leg and knee pain as I am barely able to walk or exercise

  • To clear and remove any beliefs from myself and others about me not being able to do things from me being totally blind 

  •  for this year to be a great year for me and all who I interact with

  • May I be paid swiftly for all invoices made out from December 2021 onwards

  • May I be swiftly appointed to a new, interesting and very rewarding interior design project

  • To deeply instill the belief that “I can do it!”

  • To ask spirit for help in creating time for me to make my goals for this year a reality 

  • to have an abundance of perfect health and unlimited wealth so as to experience life with grace and ease

  • That we all have our every need granted for the highest & best good  

This year my main positive goal is:

  • to find ways to get out and socialize more and meet the ideal romantic partner for me and to have it come easily for me 

  • To replace bad habits with good ones and take appropriate action with fun, joy and ease

  • to develop / master my Animal communication abilities

  • To learn Forex trading 

  • to learn the strategies for receiving more than enough money to pay for a luxury 2 bedroom apartment and furnishings 

  • pass a whole slew of qualifications so I can move on with my life and change the direction of my career.

  • To finish the trainings I’m doing/ finish creating my program & get it up and running 

  • to create more abundance for myself and my family this year

  • to experience confidence in my decision-making process related to clutter

  • To achieve success in my career as a Psychologist and artist

  • to quit my full time job and make positive gains in having a career working for myself

  • to enjoy life worry-free and no longer obsess about my hurry to have it all (the money, the career advancement and love life I see in my mind's eye)

  • to have time for myself and restart my activities after 10 years of caring for my parents and two years of Covid19. 

  • to continue to assist and guide students into a great future

  • to finally find the proper schools and instructors for studying audio engineering 

  • To work in the most amazing ISD as a counselor, to assist students to be successful beyond high school

  • to earn over $10,000 US/1 million rupees monthly through my business 

  • To enjoy total financial freedom

  • To create financial security and abundance that produces steady passive income in order to at least double my current income

  • To build my business/revenue streams to be able to leave job/live where I choose

  • to pay off debt and have the freedom and resources to help others heal

  • To feel good about living again

  • To get clear on what I want

  • to find myself again and develop my spiritual habits

  • To change the messages I'm sending out

  • Find joy in each day and to be happy - to live a life of grace and ease

  • To manifest a healthy, happy, beautiful home environment 

  • to establish my home as an ideal homestead, home school, and home office, with healthy and consistent routines

  • To improving my eyesight and overall health

  •  to get back to 100% to healthy

  • To get my life back on track - in terms of health, fitness, wealth and relationships so that we can have a wonderful life

  • to perfectly balance my job and my personal life

  • to enjoy making the myriad tiny actions of self-love that go into caring for one's space and self 

  • Be a positive light and energy in the midst of energetic density

  • Strengthen my intuition to grow much stronger and clearer

  • to move out of self imposed limitation into trusting infinite possibility

  • Strengthen the connection with my higher self & Spiritual direction/guidance 

  • to be in love with myself and life in the best possible way

  • To be the best version of myself - healthier, more fit and to be financially secure

  • To heal my body, make better health choices and live my best life

  • To know down deep that everything is working out for me and to be appreciative of all great things in my life