Elevating Your Life Force to Increase Longevity - January 2024

Elevating Your Life Force to Increase Longevity - January 2024

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Originally recorded January 31, 2024.

Elevating life force energy to restore health, increase longevity and slow down the aging process of each of us and our planet. 

We asked for submissions in 3 different categories:
- Physical and Mental Health Restoration & Rejuvenation

- Loved One's Restoration & Rejuvenation

- Earth Restoration & Rejuvenation.

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 

This is a 35-minute large video file (Audio only MP3 file available by request)

Section 1) For Self

Physical Health Restoration & Rejuvenation:

  1. To reduce high cholesterol and have a healthy cardiovascular system

  2. To lower my blood pressure & blood sugar and regulate my endocrine system. 

  3. to heal from low ferritin and anemia & any and all ancestral burdens /hardships that have come through the bloodline 

  4. To bring down my systemic inflammation so I can reduce the need for supplements

  5. To receive healing for my teeth, jaw bone and swollen and bleeding gums.

  6. To stop requiring extensive dental work and to feel regeneration and some restoration taking place in my mouth. 

  7. To release all physical symptoms of menopause and any beliefs about it affecting aging women 

  8. To restore any damage done from my diabetes and its consequences on my physical health particularly pain in my thighs and ankles.

  9. to heal the nodes on my thyroid and the Raynaud's Syndrome in my hands and the neuropathy in my feet.

  10. To enhance skin regeneration from damage caused by eczema and trauma 

  11. To remove or reduce skin discoloration and the thousands of age spots covering my body so that I look as youthful as I feel.

  12. To release incontinence, bladder and digestion issues

  13. To improve my eyesight physically and spiritually

  14. to have my facia, adrenals and my vagus nerve flow in a happy, healthy, peaceful vitality. 

  15. Release all sleep apnea issues and improve my overall sleep

  16. to improve my brain health and have it function optimally 

  17. To eliminate the stress from worry that is causing premature aging

  18. Release the stress of feeling abandoned, and calm my brain from sending distress signals to my pancreas and body 

  19. To release any chronic health conditions, back, neck and body pains and have full restoration of health, vitality and energy 

  20. To be able to return to my lighter weight and manage my weight with grace and ease no matter my age 

  21. to enjoy having a healthy, youthful, fit and toned body and fresh face

  22. for every cell in my body to be continuously re-youthing

  23. Allow me to age gracefully and improve my mobility, radiance, saggy skin, including hooded eyes.

  24. To reset my body back to a more youthful time with great health, thick beautiful hair, healthy teeth and eyes.

  25. To allow my body to adjust quicker to life's challenges physically, to accept the aging process with grace and regain my self-esteem

Mental Health Restoration & Rejuvenation 

  1. To release my addiction to supplements because I lack faith and trust in myself to be my own physician

  2. To release my problem with painkillers causing liver damage, prostate problems and low energy.

  3. To release addictions such as sugar cravings, hoarding, control, and people-pleasing.

  4. Please help me to reduce and limit the amount of alcohol I drink daily 

  5. To stop remaining stuck in regrets and guilt over past events which stops me from moving forward faster and increases my procrastination

  6. to allow myself to be more trusting and open to having and enjoying close relationships.

  7. To release any fear success or fear of failure 

  8. To release always being caught up in the energy of fight or flight

  9. To release this overwhelming fear that I am too old to get another job and will not be able to support myself.  

  10. Please make it easier to obtain a fun job for prosperity and for my start up business

  11. To upgrade my skills to a professional coach's level, to lead a successful business and bring happiness to people.

  12. To have inner certainty about which foods / liquids to eat and how much to most benefit my wonderful body.

  13. I ask the Universe to help my body regenerate and rejuvenate from the inside and help me overcome whatever blocks me from getting back in shape. 

  14. To improve my motivation for weight training for my arms so I can go sleeveless this year.

  15. To elevate my life force for greater longevity and vitality and to always feel young-at-heart with grace and ease

  16. To shed all limitations on health and vitality, and align myself with pure flowing Life-Force that lasts well into my later years

  17. For my mind, body and spirit to be in perfect harmony and that every time I look into the mirror I love how i look 

  18. To dissolve the old ideas about slowing down with age, and embrace all life-affirming activity and service in my wise years.

  19. Bring me fully into my true, pure, divine energy and frequencies when I have felt my most confident & courageous, joyous and happy. This or something greater and limitless!!!

Section 2) Loved One’s Restoration & Rejuvenation 
  1. to improve my daughter’s quality of sleep and get rid of insomnia

  2. For my loved one to make better food choices, and be able to once again sleep through the night

  3. for my husband to go to bed earlier, before midnight, so that his body has time to rest & repair and his mind has time to calm down

  4. I’d like for my husband, who is on the Autism Spectrum, to be able to make the best choices for his lifelong health, safety & happiness.

  5. for my mom to live happily & in good health for at least 10 more years and finally experience the joy of a peaceful life

  6. For all to let go of anger and resentment towards narcissistic family members

  7. For my loved ones to heal from all of the trauma they have suffered

  8. To correct a hormone imbalance from my loved one’s pituitary tumor.

  9. For my kiddo to have the Ultimate Health and Vitality and always be on her path of service and inspiring others.  

  10. to help my two sons make a booming and prosperous businesses - one is a designer and one is a lawyer

  11. For my loved one to be released from work addiction and the need to hold the world on his shoulders so that balance may enter his life.

  12. For my loved ones to truly love themselves

  13. For us all to enjoy the feeling of being young, vibrant, healthy, joyful no matter what the calendar age tells us

  14. For my husband to clear up his hoarding and clutter

  15. that my loved one would make better choices, quit drugs, alcohol, and non-beneficial behaviors & wind up with the love of their lives

  16. For my loved one to have a greater mindset of taking action and responsibility, to advocate for themselves to live a free life

  17. for my brother to have the ability to set healthy boundaries in relation to his work to find an optimal work/life balance.

  18. I would like for my children to accept changes in their lives.

  19. For my sister’s husband to be more loving and supportive, the kind of husband she needs

  20. For my loved one to be healed in their brain from Parkinson’s

  21. For my 19 year old granddaughter to heal from her horrid, debilitating anorexia so she can embrace life again.

  22. for my 21-year-old gamer son to make more and more healthy choices here and now.

  23. help my Mother to age with grace and ease and help to heal her cardiovascular issues. 

  24. to have ease and direction for where my loved ones should live as they get older and are dealing with dementia and heart issues

  25. For my mother’s gut health issues to improve & my brothers to have good income, successful businesses, less stress & make a happy family 

  26. For my son to overcome addiction and homelessness and for him to Be the light I know he is 

  27. Allow my husband to age gracefully and make better choices that will continue to free him from diabetes and high blood pressure issues

  28. I wish that others would not focus so much on the aging process as it is just a number and instead focus on what people CAN do 

  29. For others to value and respect people more as they age, like in past times our elders were revered for their life wisdom and contribution.

  30. For people to open themselves to accept their life and their gifts, and to accept that loved ones & others also have their own lives to live.

  31. For my loved ones to have clarity and open doors regarding their best next steps in life

  32. For my loved ones to feel worthy, abundant and have self-love

  33. Because it's my birthday I would like for myself and everyone to always have magical, blessed birthdays, where dreams and wishes really do come true!

Section 3) Earth Restoration & Rejuvenation:

  1. To replenish and renew clean air, water and food sources - uncreate harmful energies and infuse them with divine love and light.

  2. My wish for Mother Gaia is to have all powerful policy-makers be conscious and dedicated to preserving our gorgeous planet.

  3. have more capacity to transmute chemtrails/pesticides and other man made toxins and pollutants into harmless and beneficial outcomes for humanity, plants and animals

  4. My wish is that all the crimes and violations against Nature come to be viewed by all as completely and utterly repugnant so that every man, woman and child becomes her steward.

  5. My wish is for the Earth to ascend gently, peacefully with love, joy, and compassion for earth itself and all sentient beings on this beautiful planet now.

  6. For humanity to have complete gratitude and awe at all the miracles of nature for it to be deeply respected and revered by all its human inhabitants.

  7. for the world to go back to natural medicine and not focus all of their energy on the treatment of diseases but instead focus on curing and preventing them at the root cause 

  8. for the Earth to become restored and renewed and have more clean waters, new plant growth, cleansing of toxins and pollutants on earth's soils

  9. help our Planet and our society to eradicate famine so that from now on no human being dies of hunger. 

  10. I wish for her to be cleansed and forever protected from all toxic chemicals sprayed on her and from nuclear wastes which are dumped in her soils, seas and rivers

  11. For there to be deep peace and connections between humans (instead of the growing divisiveness) so that care for each other and Earth increases exponentially

  12. For Mother Earth to purge, transform and ascend with grace and ease to support all her inhabitants with all they need!

  13. For all nations, lands and countries to become united and strong

  14. I wish that humanity finally unites in doing what is needed to sustainably regenerate the Earth’s resources and prevent climate disaster. 

  15. For us to have more awareness of the power of flowers and nature and do all we can to bring the earth back into balance and harmony.

  16. Allow the world to love Mother Earth and make the changes necessary to allow our planet to flourish and feel safe in our hands

  17. Our wish is for the Earth to become restored and renewed and have more peace, joy and harmony among all people and nations, more kindness to all its creatures and celebrated for its beauty and gifts to humanity.

  18. so grateful and Thankful for all my Global Divine Community soul families to know that their passionate service to this Earth and all its inhabitants are so recognized and honored from Big Mama Earth and beyond.