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Opening Up Your Cosmic Finance Frequency - March 2024

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Originally recorded March 28, 2024.

This call's theme is focused on calling on the ethereal cosmos to bring the financial rain that we so richly deserve. On this call, we tuned into our divine cosmic abundance frequency and help co-create better financial times for ourselves, those we love and for the world!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 

This is a 31-minute large video file (Audio only MP3 file available by request)

"This Is The Best of the Best Divine Dream Team!!! We all Rocked it Today! I am just Blown away.  We Changed The World today and beyond. I honor all of you, and our Future Generations are going to do the same. Wow talking about being in the moment. 🌊🌊🌊The limitless endless Wave for sure. Just gets better and better for all! - Scotty / Hawaii

Opening the Cosmic Money Current for myself:

  1. Clear all past life inner child wounding, ancestral/family beliefs and experiences creating any existing money blocks 
  2. to release all attachment to financial scarcity from all past lifetimes, realities and dimensions
  3. Release any repelling and resistance of having and receiving money and remove any financial ceiling out of all my fields and timelines
  4. To release any money blocks, fears, emotions, beliefs, etc. that are keeping me from being a joyful money magnet with a “big money” frequency 
  5. To remove fear and blocks around spending/receiving money to have surplus of money for savings, investments, vacations and other wishes
  6. to finally release any blocks for getting all of the government assistance that I’m entitled to and any feeling of dread for filling out the paperwork
  7. to release lingering money blocks and to increase money flow via finding a kind, knowledgeable Literary Manager to facilitate 6-7 figure sales for me
  8. To permanently elevate my divine cosmic abundance frequency from this moment forward
  9. I am basking in the open cosmic current and activating the flow of life-changing abundance in all forms here and now
  10. To uplevel and increase my currency flow in every way to create fantastic new experiences and follow my passions
  11. to attract the money, resources, ideas, opportunities and services from all the right people to build my home business 
  12. to connect and align my body/mind/spirit with the frequency of physical and electronic currency to receive a windfall of financial gifts
  13. to receive continuous well-paid, inspiring work assignments and unexpected huge sum of money coming into my life
  14. to have overflowing financial abundance to travel with family and friends to explore exciting and sacred sites worldwide
  15. to align with a BIG money frequency so I can buy a house and a car and live my dream life with grace and ease
  16. To receive enough money to purchase a new home/property with a dance studio
  17. to embody and sustain the frequency of good luck and to increase money flows in all forms
  18. to become vibrationally upgraded and aligned with having continuous large money wins and increases in all my accounts
  19. For my business to abundantly bless me every day in every way with consistent income and still have a healthy work/life balance.
  20. I am happily in an abundant flow of wellbeing, attracting generous clients, signing up to work with me.
  21. For enough money to show up in unexpected and surprising ways to pay for home repairs and upgrades needed due to the extreme rain 
  22. I'd like to 100x my energetic signal and open the floodgates for receiving income from ethical sources
  23. to receive a money miracle and get the ideal homestead in Utah to educate the community on how to grow organic gardens and be self-sufficient.
  24. I'd like my current finances to expand to easily meet today's prices instead of trying to scrimp, save and cut my budget
  25. To be financially well paid for my authentic actions - to become my own CEO of a fun profitable business now!
  26. For myself to soon land a perfect job and to have abundance to support and accomplish my soul's plan
  27. To have the freedom to give money to others whenever Spirit moves me without limitations or hesitation
  28. to know the feeling of always having plenty of money to buy whatever I want for me or for my loved ones for generations to come

Opening the Cosmic Money Current for our loved ones: 

  1. For my family and lineage to clear all the blocks and weakness and to raise their vibration to that of flourishing financial abundance for now and all future generations
  2. I ask for my offsprings and ancestors to heal their money stories, karma and any blocks they may hold to be completely cleared and healed
  3. For my daughter to become tuned into her own divine cosmic abundance frequency to afford a new home that she and her family all love & thrive in. 
  4. Allow our soul tribe to create peace and harmony in this moment knowing they are supported by Spirit to have the funds to expand on their business dream and reach more people. 
  5. Asking for a cosmic money gift to be given to my child so they can afford to complete their education
  6. Please allow my husband to feel safe, comfortable and willing to open the check book and to release and spend money with grace and ease. 
  7. Please bless my sister and myself the funds to take a long vacation of recreation and inspiration that we both deserve
  8. I ask for my son to be cosmically aligned with having a thriving business in this economy and to provide a windfall of wealth.
  9. Asking for blessings to create a substantial financial surplus for me and all light-workers, healers and bright lights here on Earth. 
  10. Allow my partner to have the monies flowing smoothly for the rebuild of his home after losing everything in a fire. 
  11. Allow my mom to easily afford the cost of repair work of her roof.
  12. For Spirit to guide my daughter’s success and luck in her career and increase her money flows.
  13. For Spirit to bless my sister and allow her to receive a life-changing amount of money with grace and ease
  14. Please allow my family, especially my son who works hard for very little, financial freedom & to end the paradigm of being undervalued & underpaid
  15. I ask for both of my daughters to be financially secure and to have wonderful health insurance with very complete coverage. 
  16. Prayers for my parents to have the financial abundance to make their lives easier
  17. Allow all those we love to be cosmically aligned with getting the job of their dreams and to live in their best and highest timeline.
  18. For all to receive a salary greater than they ever imagined and to be able to afford their dream homes
  19. Bring In the 369 financial blessings so My Dream Team Soul Family can support their passionate work somehow in some way for the good of all!  
  20. For us each to become abundant beacons of light guiding others to their own shores of financial success for the highest good of all  

Opening the Cosmic Money Current for Planet Earth/Gaia:

  1. For every soul to have the expanded consciousness of their abundant birthright so they may prosper and thrive 
  2. Encourage people to allow and embrace a new energy-harmonizing, life-affirming system of currency exchange that is in the highest vibration'
  3. That all global financial wrongdoing is exposed and systems dissolved - that our collective vibration is raised so high that it eliminates any unfair, illegal or unethical behaviours in the future. 
  4. For all global tax organizations that are abusive and corrupt to become transformed into fair and equitable systems for all
  5. Please allow all the people who have earned the right to compensation from the government for various issues to receive that money now
  6. for the people of this earth to end their struggle with having enough money and/or their obsession with chasing more money motivated by greed
  7. For humanity to learn to LOVE money and what it represents and to know how we can truly support each other without greed or competition
  8. Allow and encourage all people to support one another’s natural abundance and may new ideas and solutions for all to thrive and live in harmony be born.  
  9. to expose the financial corruption in all governments; let it be seen and transformed into financially sound economies for personal wealth and environmental protection throughout the world.
  10. to stop policies that decrease the value of money and assets of people. 
  11. For us all to have the ability to move beyond the lack frequency and into oneness supporting each other in thriving in our lives
  12. Asking for Spirit to fill our hearts and minds with loving kindness and cooperation, to encourage us to make uplifting financial policies for all
  13. Allow and encourage all people of the world to increase their cosmic money frequency with ease and grace 
  14. Asking Spirit to open up and create a new space where we come together to find solutions & set up simple, stable & sustainable financial systems for the good of all
  15. Bring in Divine intervention and guidance to all that have selfishly profited at the expense of others and guide them to uplift and support all the communities that are actually serving the world.
  16. For the financial policy makers around the world to do their jobs with integrity, honesty, and in alignment with protection of the people, the planet and all living creatures.
  17. Asking for big businesses and bank institutions who have intentionally harmed the people financially to atone for their greed and give back to their communities 
  18. allow for more money be spent on preserving our plants and animal resources for the next generation
  19. Upgrade our cosmic money frequency to allow for a person's value to be equated to something other than their bank account
  20. Allow and encourage all people and governments to get financially involved and invested in the protection of environmental and animal welfare 
  21. support Mother Earth in up-shifting into the highest vibration that is possible for her to attain this year as we all transition onto our New Earth timeline 
  22. For each of us to now anchor in these frequencies and call upon the ethereal cosmos to co-create with us in this beautiful, positive, high-vibrational flow here and now, and so it is.