Releasing the Evil Effects of the Unseen World

Releasing the Evil Effects of the Unseen World

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Originally recorded: October 25, 2023

Format: Video M4A (Audio mp3 available by request)

Length: 34 minutes

This recording was themed, Releasing the Evil Effects of the Unseen World. We touched on any negative energies affecting you, a loved one and the world! 5G, Wifi, chemtrails, pure evil energies, weather fears, future fears, fears of the unknown and the dark side of Halloween!

We worked on deleting out the invisible evil including spam and cyber attacks any things seen and unseen that are dark energies and are showing up more in our awareness now that the veil has thinned.

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 


Here's what one live listener wrote in saying:

"This event is going to make a huge impact! Wow! Us and Future generations are going to thrive because of this.  Because of us. I am so Honored to be a part of this community. You all Rock!!!!!" - Scotty/ Hawaii


For myself to be released/relieved from the haunting feeling/fear of:

  1. I’d like to be released of all negative entities and attachments from all parts of me and my home that may be preventing me from moving.

  2. to be relieved of the fear beliefs caused by reading and watching horror movies, and the dark side of Halloween

  3. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/ fear caused by empathy, being on the Earth, feeling abandoned and not good enough

  4. To be released of the fear that my voice will not be heard and the belief that I am irrelevant.

  5. to be released from all negative dark energies I picked up from ex-partners

  6. I’d like to be relieved of the fear caused by my daughter in law and her agenda

  7. to be released from the feeling of paranoia about everything and the feeling of looking over my shoulder.

  8. to be relieved of the haunting feeling caused by the mistakes I made in my previous job.

  9. to be relieved from the haunting feeling that I’m at the end of the road regarding my expectations of having a fun, successful and exciting life - that it is too late for me in this lifetime.

  10. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/fear of my husband's over-reactivity to drama, overspending & over-addiction to food.

  11. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/fear caused by childhood abuse, grooming and trauma

  12. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/fear and illness caused by harmful, negative alien technology and implants

  13. To be released from all forms of harmful AI, 5G and any toxic technology or frequency waves being activated and used against humanity

  14. To be relieved of childhood fears of "attack" and "trauma/abuse" through human and other-dimensional sources. 

  15. to be released of this heaviness and paranoia of the unfair justice system and how it’s affecting my life

  16. to clear any evil energy keeping me from attracting what I’d like in life and for this energy to stop messing with my family in allowing me to do what I want

  17. to be relieved of the ever so subtle haunting fear that cancer will be found in my body again.  

  18. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/fear caused by my fear of the future

  19. To be free from that nagging fear that seems to chase me that I will never be able to make my partner happy/or that he will never be happy with our life.

  20. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/fear caused by disease and being ungrounded and my past

  21. to be relieved of the haunting feeling/fear and frustration caused by feeling like I keep getting energetically attacked (in my body, esp. ankles) especially when I try to "step out into the world"

  22. to make sure I’ve learned the lessons from all Karma.

  23. to be more grounded, in my body and in the now and stop reliving the trauma from the past or worrying about the future.

To see my loved one released from:

  1. I would like to see my loved ones released from the fear impacts/effects of watching YouTube videos

  2. to see my loved ones and family released from any entities and negative attachments that are causing their current and future physical health issues 

  3. For all my loved ones to be released from any curses or hexes on the family lineage, within all timelines, dimensions, past and future lives.

  4. to see my loved ones released from depression, guilt, regret, pain, ADHD, OCD and anger  

  5. For my loved one to be released from the tortuous thoughts of the past and the attachment to drinking or other distractions that are keeping him down.

  6. to have my loved ones greatest needs met physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually .

  7. For my ancestors to be free from all curses, hexes, oaths and vows

  8. to see my son be released from the extreme negative, dark energy of my narcissistic daughter-in-law.

  9. to see mom released from her constant fear that all could go wrong, so that she can be more positive about her life

  10. For my mother to be free of fear in regards to her cancer diagnosis

  11. For my mom to be more resilient and stable mentally and emotionally as well as physically while she's going through this experience (again)

  12. for my sister, who is assisting our mother, to have patience and support that she needs in any area.

  13. to see my husband released from his anxiety and bouts of depression caused by money issues and life as a whole.

  14. to see my loved ones released from the pain of all their various health challenges.

  15. to see my loved ones, including my ancestors released from their past so they can have peace and clearly welcome the future

  16. to see my loved one released from all digestive system illness, imbalance and weakness

  17. For our loved ones to be released from all forms of other-dimensional interference and sabotage, especially with health issues and finances, manifestation, and prosperity.

  18. to clear the dark energy that is keeping my friends in very sad states of mind and always thinking down thoughts.  

  19. to see my youngest sister and her husband released from their money problems / debts.

  20. to see all released from incessant worry about finances, health and from whatever negative emotions they seem to keep picking up from their environment

To see the world unencumbered by:

  1. I would like to see all humanity unencumbered by the evils of oppression, persecution, intolerance and injustice 

  2. to see the Earth free from the effects of chemtrails and pollution in the air, water and ground   

  3. I’d like to see our world be released from the dark global energies that are causing wars, poverty, confusion of genders, suppression of free speech, and agendas to imprison and reduce the population of the planet.  

  4. I would like to see our beautiful planet unencumbered by the dark thoughts and actions of people who are in pain and for them to be released and healed from their pain.

  5. For Earth and humanity to be released from the grip of the evil/dark/satanic rulers of this reality

  6. to see our planet being liberated from the evil manipulation of the global financial system that finances wars and maintains poverty.

  7. to see our planet unencumbered by war and destruction and authoritarian government’s manipulative agendas to keep people down, unaware, fearful and dependent.

  8. to see our planet unencumbered by restrictions on our free will, especially in the area of health and health choices. That those in power are stopped from pushing their negative agendas. 

  9. I’d like to see our world unencumbered by hatred, racism and revenge

  10. to see the world free from the evil agendas of control, terror and fear-mongering 

  11. For the world to be released from the unseen evils and manipulations of electromagnetics, 5G, AI, cyberattacks & spam

  12. to see our beloved planet unencumbered by dark, negative beings, entities, leaders, people and practices

  13. to clear the sadness energy that has gripped the world and lift everyone up into a more positive state. 

  14. to see our world unencumbered by hate, fear, greed, envy, close-mindedness, all low vibration thoughts, feelings and emotions and for millions more to wake up to consciousness

  15. I wish for the world/planet and humanity to be more balanced, peaceful, empathetic and have more compassion and self-love.

  16. My wish is for everything that is being removed, taken, used and abused from this Earth to be restored tenfold. 

  17. Asking for prayers for us to always be watched over from our true, pure, Divine Spirit team. That all the beings that are in service to themselves at the expense of others find their inner Divine God spark and take a higher path. 

  18. We offer blessings and prayers for Mother Earth to be surrounded with love and kindness and treated with honor, grace & gratitude.