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In the farming world, the time of the Fall Equinox is prime time for bringing in the crop  harvest and if you're standing in "high cotton" that means you're reaping a plentiful bounty and it's a metaphor for having tremendous wealth and abundance.  That's what we want for YOU this season, to be energetically at a level of "high cotton"! 

We chose to release this on the date of the 9/23/23 Fall Equinox with blessings that will carry through energetically, from this date forward for all who listen, that the probability of "your ship coming in" will increase NOW!  It could look like; getting paid back the highest returns on the investments you've made; people paying back a debt that is owed to you and more. We want to see you richly rewarded and standing in the abundance of high cotton. 

These MyBeliefWorks clearings can support you in collapsing negative, stuck energy in the way of your success with money and uses the latest word tracks given to me by Spirit to help you rewire your mind to higher abundance frequencies that will allow you to reap the financial rewards of your hard work. 

When you listen, the fishing is DONE-FOR-YOU as the waves of Tesla 3, 6, 9 energy, frequency, and vibration wash over your very being.  You can listen at low volume and on repeat throughout your day or overnight.

Includes over 80 clearings delivered on one 1 PDF written transcript and INSIDE is the link to the 21-minute MP3 audio recording for download.

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

**IMPT. NOTE** When you get access to your download, it will come to you in PDF format ONLY (you aren't missing a file) The AUDIO MP3 download link is INSIDE at the top of page 1 of the PDF! This should ease the access for both desktop & mobile users and be downloadable for both Apple and Android users.


"It has been a slow year so far. I have been in my head wondering what I could do. Then Jimmy Mack sent me his audio “High Cotton” which caught my attention me living in AL. I listened to it and got a renewed since of the power of attraction driven by his affirmations. Afterwards two clients pop up. One said hey I thought he should get a jump on things this year and placed a $6,000 order a month ahead of schedule and the other a $2,000 order just days after that. Along with other orders (not expected) this month is the first month over $10,000 this year… so far. I can’t wait to see what’s next!" - Jamie WWW.NEXTSTEPIMAGE.COM

"As a Hospice RN sometimes you have to take breaks, so I took a much-needed trip to Sedona AZ and on the plane was listening to High Cotton Audio MP3. It was concise and seemed deep. It did not affect me financially, at least I thought it hadn't, but I will say this, I saw UAP/UFO's like never before on a little tour with others using night vision goggles!!! Then I found  two pearl and gold necklaces on a hiking trail along with an aqua marine blue bead and it was not until I got back that I was offered a better position for more money and less travel with Hospice!!! Wow, simply amazing." - Kiki / Hawaii

"I am getting high off the Jimmy "Ninja" Mack "High Cotton" Money MP3. I just can't get enough! First off, his voice is so soothing/comforting, and the money affirmations are great like having the Midas Touch etc… I've listened to it a few times so far and the first day I found money on the ground, small but noticeable. 2nd time I got refunds/rebates not expected so a bit of $ there. Today was the game changer… I listened again & within 2 hours, I got contacted by a company to perform live music for an upcoming private event. I will be listening more. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!” - CoCo / Florida

"This High Cotton transmission really resonates with me.  I was raised in a rural area where farming was very important to the community and people spoke especially of the corn needing to be a certain height in July to be on target.   Jimmy Mack has once again tied everything together on a level of farming and the harvest. The important action step of preparing for the harvest with decluttering which is vital, and allowing for angelic assistance.  I know a big harvest is on its way for me and everyone who hears this. Blessings and gratitude for this stellar transmission. Granny Ruth definitely is in this transmission!  Hugs!"Kathryn Mihalek /Pennsylvania 

"First and foremost, Jimmy is an amazing healer, who does miraculous work, whether it be on an MP3, a Zoom, or during a private session. This particular MP3 affected me very differently than other ones. I was able to get into a very deep meditation and have visualizations and a sense of peace that was unlike anything I’ve experienced with Jimmy’s other MP3s. I strongly recommend you get this, but even more so recommend that when you listen to it, you really lay down and absorb it. Allow your mind to do the work with Jimmy’s work you’ll be pleasantly surprised."  -Celebrity Psychic, Medium Toni Greene / WI

"After listening to this audio, I experienced a sense of relief from money-related stress and gained a fresh perspective on the energy and flow of money." - Pat T. / Florida

“The newest Money MP3 High Cotton from Jimmy Mack is very different than the previous ones. Addressing money and abundance in such a poetic way creates a very different energy to receive from. It's so lavish, expansive, and wild in its vision. It was almost hard for me to hear it, but I realized that that's the magical way it works - it was showing me where I still hold lack consciousness and am not able to go beyond the constructs of my mind. It cleared after 2-3 times and now I get so excited about the prospects, look very differently at what I can have and create, the money flows openly into my bank account from unexpected sources and I also noticed more daily miracles. Thank you, Jimmy!!!!” Gosia Lorenz / CA

"Another great one by Jimmy Mack! When I first started to listen to this amazing MP3, I had to stop at about 10 minutes, as an important business call came in! OK, off to a good start, I thought… Even though I had only listened briefly, later that day while folding laundry, it occurred to me that I would love to have someone do my laundry, and not only that, maybe even a personal assistant? I realized I was thinking bigger already!!  I finished listening the next morning. By the end of the day I got a call from someone letting me know I was chosen to do some modeling for their company, OMG!! High Cotton kept blowing in the breeze, as the following day I received an email from the Ritz Carlton Cruise Line, wanting me to take a look at some of their high-end cruises. Who even knew there was a Ritz Carlton private yacht cruise line? I had fun daydreaming about which one I would go on. Can’t wait for more to come, as I know it will!  I love the entire tone of this MP3, and Jimmy Mack has found the secret sauce to market ourselves to the Universe for high-vibe living!!" Katherine D. / Florida

"The best clothes are made from 100% organic cotton........ and the best manifestations of abundance are made from Jimmy Mack's 'high cotton'.  Woven together like the finest of fabrics, these word tracks are spun from the ethereal loom into a more desirable tapestry for our lives.  As we allow ourselves to open up and receive this gift, I'm struck by just how powerful of a shift this mp3 can help create, often in real time, as we layer it in.  Don't miss this one, friends. This might just be the best one yet!  Thank you again Jimmy Mack for being the humble vessel and powerful conduit through which Spirit flows, you are most loved and appreciated for what you bring in to help raise the vibration of human consciousness." Justin A. / Tampa,FL