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This is for established clients only who have worked with me in the past or on going and know exactly what a session is like and how to prepare for the session. This session is for crossroads. Very brief Q and A’s; like should we buy this house or that one? Car or SUV, which school for our child etc.

Read about the changes people are reporting:

​"After getting off the phone with you. I felt that I didn't really care about when things would get resolved, all out of my hands. Within an hour I got five calls and emails from people and everything was resolved! all my new system for the new company are up and running. no stress involved!  thank you!" - D.M.


"When you worked with me on the phone - and it was only for about 10 min and ​it was amazing... I swear, the rest of the day I was on fire!  When you were doing (the fishing work) with me it was so FAST! I haven't felt that good in a very long time. I was blown away and I'm not impressed easily, but I was deeply impressed."​

- Mike Picone, host of Awakened & Ready Summit


"Hi Jimmy, Thank you so much for another great session today. You always came up with those statements that produced maximal shift! Thank you."

- W.P. / California


“Hey Jimmy, We signed a contract for the sale of the farm last Friday 14th October which was our last day to get a contract or we had to hand over the keys on 30th October!  You once said that they said it looked like we would be saved at the last minute….. they were right !!  The contract has a finance clause on it which goes until early November and once through that we will have settlement in early December.   We sold for $1.9m.  And there’s so much to deal with and do to take the next step. Thanks so much for supporting me through this challenge….. you helped me so much !! Thanks again Jimmy.

–  E.B. / Australia