[EDUCATION & LEARNING] MyBeliefworks™ for Clearing Educational Blocks & Past Traumas to Learning, Teaching, Speaking & Meetings

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Clearing blocks and healing past traumas having to do with education learning, school issues, teaching and coaching, public speaking, and meetings of all types from the past, present and future.

This new audio will clear a path for greater success in learning, improving public speaking and teaching and breaking down the blocks and barriers created due to past traumas. Ideal for those with school age or college age children, or adults who have to give presentations & speeches.  There are not many people who can't think of a memory of a time during their school years where they were traumatized by something a teacher said to embarrass them, a struggle they had due to an upcoming test, anxiety over speaking in front of the classroom. The clearings on this audio can help clear a new path, break down the blocks, beliefs and barriers due to past traumas and re-set those old memories allowing you to have better outcomes with learning, teaching, speaking and meetings going forward. This one is a game changer!!

Includes over 35 mins of audio with over 100 clearings 

These recordings not only contain the pre-written word tracks for deep clearing - they are encoded with healing energy downloaded from Spirit as I recorded them in my voice and the healing will be transmitted to each listener. 

1 MP3 audio and 1 PDF written transcript

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

Sample Clearings:

  • "During any and all lifetimes, including this one, where I have been ridiculed about my learning, talked down to during a meeting, felt berated by what I said or called out by a teacher - the muscle memory and imprint is released and transformed into forgiveness and wholeness now."


  • "During any time period were I felt stuck energy comprehending, reading, writing, listening to audio or seeing video where I have knowingly or unknowingly spaced out is released here and now."


  • "It is safe and comfortable for me to learn information, process it, verbalize it and present it in front of larger groups and authority figures here and now." 


  • "Any and all issues or traumas that I have caused or received with any and all authority figures associated with learning and teaching where I was reprimanded, forced to repeat a course, quiz, test or semester are released off this body here and now."


  • "Any time where I have overslept, had that terror of missing something or leaving something undone which should have been done is released now."


  • "Any time that I have experienced the darkness of failure, almost making it, falling short, just barely missing the mark, that would have made the difference is resolved now and any betrayal, shame and guilt are released off of this body, mind and spirit here and now."  


  • "It is safe and comfortable to release fear, tension and nervousness set in a classroom or work environment, and in its place I allow love and tenderness to pour over me healing the wounds."



     Here's What People Are Saying...

    "I had scheduled a session with Jimmy the day before a big licensing exam I had. I didn't plan it that way it just was his first available. I wasn't feeling very optimistic and was really dreading taking the 5 1/2 hour test.  I actually wasn't even going to say anything about it but thought I might mention it. We started to clear away all my beliefs about test-taking, how hard everything was, my annoyance from not passing it before, etc. He works so fast we did this in about 7 minutes! He mentioned that he had an educational MP3 that he had good results with. After the call I started to loop it and then played it on silent all night long. I PASSED. I was able to stay focused during the test and keep plugging until all the time was up. Skip to a day later and I feel so much lighter and optimistic about everything." A Bevans / Florida

    "As we were listening in the car today I realized how important and timely the message was. With back to school upon us and fall coming it's important to let go of past issues and emerge ready to enter a new school year and a new fall and holiday season with an open positive heart. I feel cleansed and renewed and ready willing and able to take on whatever challenges life throws at me."  ~ C.S. / Georgia

    "You always seem to create new products that seem to reflect whats going on in my life and come along at the perfect time. I just ordered your My Belief Works clearing educational blocks and traumas audio; I have a presentation that I have to do for work at the end of the month and I've always dreaded public speaking. So this is so timely!" ~ K.M.

    "A great audio!!! My mind felt light and clear and I was eager to get back to my studying with ease! Fantastic for school and work!!" ~ Emily J. / New Mexico

    “Jimmy, listening to this new audio and I love the new level of clearings, and frequencies coming through.The energies and subtle energies are noticeable with this one. The field in this audio just gets stronger and stronger!  Thanks so much” ~ P.T. / Florida  

    "Removing blocks from education, learning, meetings, speaking, teaching and more is simply amazing!!  As I listened to this I felt "stuff" leaving my chest/heart area. This covers so many areas, it is a must listen to for you and anyone you love or care about. By the end my chest and head felt lighter, This is the perfect gift, thank you!" ~ T.G. / Wisconsin

    “As a small business owner, I interface with clients and new people daily. Even though I love what I do, I’m always looking for ways to improve myself, my marketing skills and my ability to connect with my clients to give them the best, most effective service possible. What I loved about this download was how eager I felt afterward about all of my upcoming work engagements as well as building my client base even further! Sometimes you don’t even know you have blockages and listening to this opened new floodgates of enthusiasm for my business!” ~ B.E. / California