[GOLD COIN] MyBeliefWorks™ for The Gold Coin: Creating Financial Increases in All Forms MP3 & PDF

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The Gold Coin audio is about being in vibrational frequency with MONEY in all forms including gold/silver, crypto-currency, digital and paper.  Creating an energetic alignment for experiencing increases in all financial forms of investing, savings, retirement plans, trading Forex, stocks & bonds and increasing luck and favorable odds in lottery and games of chance - this would include of course casino’s, gambling, and betting --  it’s all in here!  You may even hear words or terms you're not familiar with and those are for private traders who will gamble on the stock market from their homes!  

The whole inspiration of me coming up with The Gold Coin is because my prayer for you is to have more ease with money and to co-create more income with grace and ease so that your life will feel more free and FUN!

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  • I release the fear of investing and transacting money now and always know that spirit has my back.
  • Any chaos or drama in this life or any other where lack held me back are released here and now.
  • As I hear or read this now, the frequencies of good fortune in all of my financial transactions flows in, around and through me here and now.
  • I channel in the highest and best of my ancestors and I remain confident in knowing that I can make, invest and increase my money in any market conditions or dynamics - I retain forward momentum.
  • As I hear or read this now, I am releasing any allergies to paper money, coins, metals, diamonds and precious gemstones, allowing and increasing attraction and alignment, and inviting in more.

Includes 30 mins of clearings on 1 MP3 Audio & 1 PDF written transcript 

Section I. Overall Money Clearing

Section II. Savings, Insurance and Retirement Plans

Section III. Stocks, Bonds, Trading and Investing

Section IV. Luck and Lottery, Gambling & Games of Chance

Section V. Bonus - The Final Prayer 

Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!


Here's What People Are Saying...

"Thank you !! Jimmy guess what ! This week I hit the lotto for 8,000 dollars and I know it’s all because of the Gold Coin audio !!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻" - D.J. / Hawaii

"The Gold Coin Guided Meditation is very thorough and empowering! I could feel shifts in my consciousness as I aligned with your statements and intentions, including with investing for the future. I will listen to this often to ensure that I maintain these new frequencies in Body, Mind and Spirit. I feel lighter and unburdened by the stress I’ve been holding about what is in store for me, and I feel I can relax and trust Spirit to show me the way. Thank you, Jimmy!" - C.S. / Florida

"I downloaded your Gold Coin audio and play it softly while I trade in the markets.  Last month I almost tripled my goal!  Thank you for all your help with Spirit." - Carlotta T / Florida

"I love The Gold Coin download I plan to layer listen and let spirit guide me to play lotto.. scratch offs. I actually want to go to the casino I'm sooooo excited to see the manifestation become reality...It will!!"Kiki / Honolulu

"I am so psyched to start working with the Gold Coin. My inheritance was relatively large and I have been so nervous about losing it in the stock market. Talk about 0 to 100 mph!! I listened to GC today for the first time and know its going to help a lot!"Jane / North Carolina

"So I listened to the Gold Coin last night, which was absolutely awesome and thank you for sharing and putting all your fabulous energy into something so wonderful . I can't even begin to tell you what's possibly lining up today, It's some big real estate deals and I'll know more on Monday or Tuesday, you just wait till I tell you! If all this comes together I'm retiring early." - Kat D. / Virginia

"Jimmy's audio The Gold Coin is a powerful transmission of good luck and fortune, shifting old patterns and beliefs that can keep us stuck. My feet were buzzing as I listened, indicating to me that my old beliefs were exiting out through the bottom of my feet!"  - Marla / Los Angeles

"I feel like a Golden Child after listening to "Gold Coin" by Jimmy "the Healer". He covers all the money attracting bases with his soothing voice and comforting style. I was pleasantly surprised by the Bonus Prayer at the end. I've only just started listening and already been winning free tickets with the lotto. Looking forward to what's going to happen next for me financially as I continue to listen & layer the effects of this audio." - Colleen / Canada 

"I am always so excited to hear about Jimmy's new offerings. No matter what the topic is, afterwards I always feel a level of physical, energetic, and spiritual alignment and a level of clarity that is hard to come by so tangibly through most other methods. We all can use a little or a lot of support when it comes to finances, and clearing up any limiting beliefs or negative energies around your self and money can be truly life-changing. I really enjoyed listening to this new offering and I'm excited to see how it unfolds in my daily life! Jimmy always has a few tricks up his sleeve and this time is no different." - Marley / Kansas City 

"Another winner!  This is a very comprehensive audio.  Jimmy Mack has truly thought of everything related to money blocks and inviting abundance into your life!   It is an informative audio as well as an interesting audio and reminded me of numerous money related things to consider improving.  He really covers it all in his soothing voice.  Relax, listen, take action, repeat!   Much gratitude for another helpful audio to improve my life" - K. M. / New York


"Jimmy thank you so much for creating this MP3 in them I believe works series. It is been a vital part of me moving forward with finances. The first time I listen to it I felt overwhelmed almost like I was tired. The second time I listened to it I could feel Energy leaving me and changes happening. By the third time I was completely comprehending the entire MP3 and feeling extremely confident. Thank you so much for creating this." - Toni G / Michigan