BONUS - Generative Questions for Choosing Your Destiny by Sandy Bidinger

BONUS - Generative Questions for Choosing Your Destiny by Sandy Bidinger

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MyBeliefWorks for Discovering Your Destiny & Life's Purpose

This audio recording was created by our own Sandy Bidinger as a FREE BONUS piece for anyone who buys the new MBW Destiny audio release.  If you didn't know, Sandy has her own fabulous website and digital products at

"Part of our life’s process towards destiny and life’s work is to shake things up and learn to make intuitive and bold choices.  Sandy’s on-point, large-scope questions in this audio recording are SO vast and open ended, I thought, “Man, those are bound to shake up some statements that can really clear us all up!" Her audio is simple in its concept yet it runs DEEP.  Her message is delivered with a smooth comforting voice and I believe you could experience an epiphany with all of this.  It’s worth the time to try it out and then notice what changes or what may be different this week, next week and beyond!"  - Jimmy Mack


"I've been manifesting and using affirmations for years now, but the Asking Generative Questions tool is now a complete game-changer for me in my process of shifting energy.  I've been at the tail end of an energetic shift for about a month now, I couldn't figure out what I was missing to push me over this hump and step into this next shift of alignment. I've listened to the tool 3 separate times now, and am left completely speechless by the shift it has now prompted. Sandy, your energy, confidence, thoroughness, and direction of questions have vibrationally created a complete game-changer in supporting me to allow, align, and receive.  The PDF listing the questions was also incredibly thorough and supportive; it has allowed me to go back and jot down a few questions that really pinged with me for further work.  I am so grateful and will be suggesting this tool of co-creation to my clients, students, and colleagues."  - Kelly Ballard / 4th Generation Medium


"So many times we feel “stuck” and our mind loops impossible scenarios and limits. Sandy’s Generative questions offer such a powerful solution to this. Allowing our mind to open to the questions Sandy asks us to pose to ourselves truly allows for rewiring and an opening for new solutions to come in. I found the PDF informative and the guided questions very peaceful but exciting at the same time. I found myself pausing and part of me wanting to sit with and answer the questions. It felt like my brain was rewiring to allow for new possibilities to enter.  I feel this is SUCH a helpful exercise and practice that you can use in EVERY part of your life to bring in transformation.  I will be listening again and also recording a few of these myself. Thank you Sandy for a powerful and useful tool for transformation! - Jenny Mannion / Energy Healer




Includes: 6-pg PDF  |  7:42 min MP3 w/25 questions - All in one file 

Asking Generative Questions is an energetic co-creation tool that can help you bring about greater outcomes in all aspects of your life!

What if when you chose to ask these questions, you are bridging the gap between possibilities and reality and expanding the possibilities of those outcomes?

That's exactly what can happen when you start to ask generative questions that begin with:  “What if…” or “I wonder… or “What would it take…” from a true space of curiosity, wonder and non-judgement.

Can you see how your own conclusions and judgments of any situation as "good or bad" or “right or wrong” is actually an energetic limitation that will stop the flow that allows new and different possibilities to show up?  Using the simple tool of Asking Generative Questions to bring about the things that you desire to receive and inviting in the Universe to co-create your life with you, in flow, you’re then opening up the space to receive something even greater - BEYOND what you can imagine!

You’ll begin noticing that more and more favorable outcomes will start showing up for you today, tomorrow, a week, a month or a year from now because now you're actively co-creating life with the universe with greater trust, faith and knowing.  On this recording, you'll have the specially-crafted words to use and the step by step recommendations for how to best use them and all done-for-you.