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This is the Advanced Level of My Liquid Fish™.  It is the follow up book to "The Tackle Box." It contains a  series of continual downloads from the spirit world and experiences that seem to unfold as I continue working and playing with My Liquid Fish™  Change Made Simple™ .  This book gives you an even deeper foundation on your journey of change. I would like to see things work out for you in mystical, magical ways that you never thought possible. Spirit has shown me that any dilemma or challenge you may be facing can in fact be changed dynamically and dramatically for the better, if you fish it out.'

This book is best for those that already know how to fish and may sometimes wonder "if you're doing it right". It will fill in the gaps to what might feel "missing" and greatly enhance your technique. It contains DEEP observations, downloads and vivid descriptions as to how and why this all comes together and works to improve your life that are not in any of my other books.



"This morning I've been re-reading your Advanced Deep Sea Fishing book. I've been struggling with my relationship with my daughter and trying to figure her out!  The chapter on Relationship Chaos jumped out at me!  "Clear YOU regarding the gender of women. I spent a few minutes clearing issues with my mother from my tissues as suggested.  Wow, what a difference in how I feel!  Also, it completely shifted and changed the stress and worry I was feeling for my daughter to joy and increased love for her. I have ALL your book. I keep them close.  I feel positive shifts just holding them.  It always surprises me what I learn or receive a deeper understanding of each time I read them. Thank you for your work Jimmy and what you share with us!" ~ Leean / Virginia

"This book is a gem! While still readable and interesting to the lay person, Advanced Deep Sea Fishing goes into (like it says) advanced healing technologies. Using humorous and profound examples from clients and his own life, Jimmy gives clear instructions on how to restore the human body, mind, and soul to wholeness. Jimmy Mack, a unique and hilarious voice in the healing and self-help world, has written another refreshingly practical “fishing” guide to healing and change." ~ TG, /Seattle Washington

"Oh my gosh! You wrote this for me! Be the butterfly I am supposed to be! Don't ask why, fly! Weed the garden...this all resonates with me! I am finally hearing this!!!" - KR, Dallas Texas

"It's easy for us to get lost in our own struggles and become convinced that the only way out has to be hard or expensive or time consuming. What's incredible about this book is that it reminds us that we are not our problems. We are the solutions if we'll just tap into ourselves and use the simple tools laid out here. Amazing stuff!" ~ B.B. /Los Angeles California

"Holy cow! Did you write this for me?! You nailed it on the head. I have been coming to you and this depicts me so much! You have shown me and believe in me where I change quickly, but I like to sabotage myself with the why's.....this depicts what I do and why I shouldn't. Thank you!!! I do not need to hold myself back anymore. You show that I am the one holding me back. No one else! This is a great read! Wow what an eye opener. After reading the other two books and going on to this one is amazing! You always know what to say at the right time. Thank you, Jimmy. You are truly amazing and I am so blessed I found you!" ~ RK, Orlando Florida

"Love your new book - as I read it, it was like I was sitting in your office and talking with you. It's a fun and beautiful conversation! I enjoyed reading all the short stories. Thank you for the gifts you bring to the world!" ~ KP, Grand Rapids Michigan