Clearing Blocks and Barriers to Receiving

Clearing Blocks and Barriers to Receiving

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Originally recorded: November 30, 2022

Video length: 39 minutes

Format: M4A video,  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

This month's call was all about "Clearing the Blocks and Barriers to Receiving". Over 100 items submitted by nearly 100 participants and separated into 4 sections.

    1. The main barrier I see that is blocking me from receiving is
    2.  I want to see myself as deserving but the main issue in my way is
    3. I believe I am worthy of more, but the main part that’s blocking my worthiness is
    4. Random Clearing Requests (physical and emotional)

      And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.  The video replay link is available now, it's just as powerful as having been listening live. 


      The main barrier I see that is blocking me from receiving is:

      1. is fear of change, uncertainty/the unknown, fear of failure, risk and instability 
      2. i suffered childhood trauma because as a little boy there was always quarreling about money and how to pay the bills
      3. feeling unworthy because of past mistakes
      4. lasting effects from my childhood trauma
      5. an invisible wall I can't seem to break through
      6. the fear of truly being seen  
      7. not showing up as the real me to the world
      8. I don't believe I can thrive and be safe
      9. past life and current life abuse and trauma leaving me feeling forsaken
      10. is my mum always telling us to say no when offered anything
      11. Sibling told me almost daily growing up that I was stupid.
      12. is my family speaking so negatively about people who have wealth and health that if I have money and stability and vibrancy in my life then they will attack me too.
      13. is my job/ career and lack of prosperity
      14. is that I don't believe I will ever get what I want
      15. is not surrendering and trusting everything will work out for my highest good
      16. is my underlying fear of not seeing them manifesting
      17. is myself and not feeling deserving or that I don't know how to do it
      18. is me (self-sabotage, procrastination, lack of determination and confidence, self-love).
      19. worry that i am receiving the wrong thing or not trusting myself to receive the "right" thing for me (control issues)
      20. release my blocks to receiving all of the blessings and birthrights from the beginning of my existence to the present
      21. the feeling that there is never enough time for me to do the things I really love and to have the time to make my goals a reality
      22.  is a history of disappointment at not receiving what I've been praying for and believing will come to me
      23.  is by being a mother, my mind is trained to always be thinking and taking care of other people's needs before my own
      24.  is my ongoing court case for 7 years in regards to my inheritance from my father by my brother's ex-wife, because he asked her for a divorce
      25. is that my finances are in shambles due to the delay of resolution and the expenses of all these court cases
      26. is the attachment to old emotional wounds and a delayed response in learning how to detach from all which doesn't serve me
      27. my husband’s belief system of: “One step forward, two steps back” or “just when you get ahead, there’s always something”
      28. clear any barriers to receiving and the fact that I may be resisting it because I am not in my power and I'm waiting for someone/something to do it for me 
      29. I was told that my birth chart shows disappointment with males, and since then, that is always what has happened - from father and then all male relationships since
      30. is a working class idea about money being hard to get and keep – I was also told by a tarot reader that I was cursed once and that unnerved me
      31. is my belief system. I just quit my day job to be a full-time healer.  I have a feeling of scarcity about it
      32. I feel like the most blessed person on this planet except for this financial thing. I really need the tools to serve my communities on a bigger, better level. I'm ready to do whatever it takes
      33. is the lack of a miracle. A bolt from the blue - an amazing miracle that just blesses the situation and changes everything
      34. Please clear whatever the main barrier blocking me from allowing myself to receive and all other barriers on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual and through all generations.

      I want to see myself as deserving but the main issue in my way is:

      1. something blocking and sabotaging me from having my career and prosperity
      2. childhood trauma & conditioning and other past life traumas 
      3. always sacrificing for others and sacrificing my needs and desires - doing things for others and never thinking about myself
      4. remnants of old ideas about who we were and what we would have - attitudes came from the working class culture I grew up in 
      5. my dad always telling me I only get what I earn
      6. something in me that is blocking/sabotaging my having good relationships with myself and other people
      7. I have screwed up so many times that maybe it’s true I just don’t deserve anything good
      8. shame around a pattern of creating debt (which stems from a core issue of 'not enough' which stems from being given up as a baby)
      9. fearing lack of money and its effects on my survival
      10. past life trauma and fear of success
      11. people get angry with me if I have more than they do
      12. childhood programming that says I am not capable or intelligent enough
      13.  I don't care much about what my dreams are, especially regarding my career as an artist
      14. the thought that I am not good enough to be successful as an entrepreneur
      15. I have guilt about having more than others
      16. the issue is how I perceive my own self-worth
      17. definitely some form of a subconscious guilt imprint that is in conflict with my "hell ya, I deserve this!" attitude
      18.  Something around the issues of shame, guilt or anger or fear, not quite able to articulate it 
      19.  the belief that I should always be playing and being small, and then getting the short end of the stick
      20.  many traumas from the past, child abuse, family programming for "its not possible to make a living from what you like"
      21.  I'm always seeing my limitations (lack of money, skills, opportunities, lack of good relationships/connections and education, not being appreciated by others) and comparing with others success
      22. I see myself as deserving but I can't figure out what is holding me back
      23.  self-hatred and self-loathing, a cocktail of self-pity and perpetual negative thoughts
      24.  giving too much and not openly able to receive - or giving too much for free - possible early messages from childhood too
      25.  sometimes I think God hates me
      26. Please clear my main barrier and all barriers to deserving so I may receive all the gifts and miracles I deserve on a daily basis with love, grace and ease

        I believe I am worthy of more, but the main part that’s blocking my worthiness is:

        1. the feeling that "nothing works for me".  I'm very frustrated and disillusioned.
        2.  is feeling worthless, unwanted and undervalued as the third daughter born to parents who wanted a son 
        3. is the belief that it's greedy/selfish to want more than I have
        4. often told I was too lazy and forgetful to be worthy of anything or anyone
        5. verbal abuse - I was told that I am worthless..My kids treat me that way because that is what they saw
        6. the inability to release myself from my scars and pain of the past, and family lineage and ancestral curses, hexes and spells
        7. deep down I still believe that I am not worthy and I can’t clear that belief 
        8. ancestral beliefs keeping me locked into being an employee and working for a living
        9. my history of being knocked back/knocked down when I practice standing on a belief of being more worthy
        10.  believing that all my efforts are actually worthless/meaningless/waste of time. That I'm just kidding myself. It is futile, but distracting.
        11.  past life issues and lack of parental bonding making me feel worthless
        12.  no matter how hard I work, there is always more that needs to be done or done better, or faster or more efficiently - meaning, it's never enough!
        13.  my Catholic/religious upbringing which emphasized that women are less than or second class citizens
        14.  the religious programming of "to be Saintly, one needs to be poor"
        15.  my ego and fear of surrendering
        16.  lack of education, timidity and lack of direction 
        17. lack of confidence in myself and others
        18. actually believing it ... again the guilt and anger come up here
        19.  not feeling worthy and hiding due to past trauma
        20. feeling like an outsider and not feeling worthy or deserving to have new friends in my life to hang out with 
        21.  I feel worthy but having gone through some quite negative experiences in this life, it's like good things will never come to me with grace and ease in this lifetime
        22. I have the mindset that I have to be constantly giving, even as I am receiving!  (but I do love the feeling of being generous and helpful!).
        23.  not believing people can pay me for doing healing sessions and coaching or I don't know enough people to promote myself
        24. feeling unworthy of finding good instructors for audio engineering training who see me as truly capable, despite my blindness, and who see that as a benefit not a hinderance.
        25. a weird belief that I'm not like other successful people and I don't get to have/receive/create or succeed like they do.  (I'm not one of the 'big kids').
        26.  is bloodline patterns/karma playing out as "the drama around my grandson" leaving me feeling hopeless and wholly unworthy
        27. that I have past life issues, my ex husband and friends and kids who told me I was worthless, a lack of trust that I deserved to be loved and seen.
        28. a long-time imprint that won't budge - definitely on both sides of the family lineage and being bible thumped growing up
        29. Please clear and heal all issues, events, situations, interactions, and past life events in my life that are blocking my worthiness on all levels through all space and time.
        Random Clearing Requests (physical and emotional):



        1. Please clear whatever (genetics) caused the Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome response to toxic mold, mycotoxin, LPS in my body
        2. please clear whatever is blocking me from being ageless, in perfect health, perfect alignment, structure, function of my bones, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, joints
        3. Please clear all self sabotage, procrastination and not believing I can accomplish my dreams
        4. Please clear anyone or anything holding me back from being the best version of myself
        5. Please permanently clear all seen and unseen blocks hindering my happiness in this reality, and all timelines past present and future
        6. please release what's holding my son back from producing his music
        7. please clear what’s stopping me from going forward with my business
        8. I have pain in right side from the head to my hips, i cannot recollect the cause
        9. I want to speak my truth with confidence
        10. I have swollen feet - it could be caused by the tablets I take for diabetes and prostate cancer
        11. I want to release 25 lbs
        12. I would like to remove the blocks that allow money and financial abundance to easily and effortlessly flow into my life
        13. I would like a new romantic relationship but I have severe low confidence and can be very shy (even at my age)
        14. I would like to move to a better place, but I can't see how
        15. I would like to release the feelings of being alone/lonely this holiday season without friends or a romantic partner and instead to find the joy in the holidays and all things
        16. to release any limiting beliefs, from myself or others, about my blindness/handicap that are preventing me from finding a loving romantic partner
        17. Any and all of my handicaps are overlooked - and as others find acceptance in the true me, the more I accept myself
        18. I command release for myself of all blocks & interference to receiving the $13 million dollars that has already showed up in my account at Chase Bank // (When the insurance check for roof replacement was signed over.)
        19. I wish to actually experience proof that my luck and money magnetizing abilities have increased with slots, lottery, draftKings, sports bets, and/or any other ways of money coming to me. 
        20.  please clear any barriers to my experiencing luck with winning on slot machines or games of chance for myself  - I can bless others to win and it usually works out for them but not for me
        21. please clear anywhere I am unwilling, unable, unknowing on any level to take the action needed to co-create and manifest the things I most desire to have in my life with grace and ease