Clearing Switches and Blocks to Educational Success - Sept 2021

Clearing Switches and Blocks to Educational Success - Sept 2021

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Originally recorded September 28, 2021

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches and Blocks to Educational Success ".  We separated the over 65 submissions that folks wrote in about into four different categories. 1) Internal blocks to Education 2) External Blocks to Education 3) Skills and Attributes to Strengthen and Embody 4) Affirmations for Success

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 28-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

What folks are saying:

"Mind Blowing, Universe high Five'n, Cheering education success call Wow!!! What a community I am so thankful to be a part of. That was great!!!  They just keep getting better and better for sure. Thank You ~Cheers to your Awesomeness,~Mahalo~Thank You" ~Scotty S / Hawaii

Internal blocks to Education

  • Clear the memories of my parents making fun of me when I tried something new and so I wasn't expert at it yet

  • Clear the memory of my parents viciously and abusively criticising things that I would say that I wanted to try.

  • Clear the parental voices I integrated saying 'You don't want to do that' - all of which made me question myself so much that I stopped trying anything

  • clear anything or anyone who made me think I was not good enough, smart enough, capable enough to start an extremely successful healing (homeopathy) practice. 

  • Clear not having Self-trust

  • Clear the belief that I can’t heal myself

  • Clear the belief that I’m not capable

  • To permanently let go of all shame and self hatred.

  • Please clear all blocks, fears, insecurities conscious and unconscious around starting my own successful business 

  • clear and delete all burdens, procrastination and all blocks that are preventing myself, loved ones and all listeners to have major success in education, job, business and life 

  • clear all blocks that made me lose focus for life and the study I am currently enrolled in 

  • Clear all blocks, burdens and mind chatter that are preventing us from choosing the right teachers and mentors 

  • I don't know how to live and make money.

  • Having issues with a stable brain, karma, dysfunction and I want to die. 

  • To once and for all let go of this limiting belief system that I was brought up with and through my whole family lineage. 

  • I do not have a clear picture of my goals - trying to envision my heart’s desire shows up as a vague abstract.

External Blocks to Education

  • My debt is blocking me

  • clear myself of not being able to find the proper accessible technology to complete my school work successfully.

  • Each time I am on the creative flow to start working on my art, events are showing up and preventing me from doing so.

  • My lifestyle is acting like an impingement on what I want to achieve and I am getting depressed in not being able to overcome that.

  • I bought several courses very relevant to help me in my career but I am procrastinating in starting them.

  • Please clear all blocks, people and situations that I have allowed to stop me and hold myself back

  • clear any and all blocks preventing me from achieving and living what I came into this world to do 

  • to calmly diminish evening urges to over-indulge in wine

  • decluttering, finish old small or big projects and dissolve procrastination

  • Dissolve fears / doubts and inspire Confidence / Clarity

  • there is an interfering thick plexiglass wall that I can see through to where I want to be that I have no idea how to get past, even though I've invested much expense and energy to do so. 

  • I am immersed in volumes of never-ending papers to sort and categorize, technical barriers and financial constraints. 

  • I am on a hamster wheel of all work and no play; my inner child is worn out from being overtaxed.  I see no end to this.

  • My stamina, drive and mojo are at a steady low and I am wondering if they can recover or if my system just threw in the towel because it's been a very difficult journey.

Skills and Attributes to Strengthen and Embody

  • To manifest success and pass cum-laude in study and life.

  • to make new friends and find supportive teachers who believe in me.

  • Bring in the knowing that we are more than enough

  • Support from spirit to guide me on my path to combining my various degrees, skills, knowledge and experience to manifest a high-paying and high-quality successful job / career with the ideal work environment.

  • Infinite recall with high discernment in all things

  • Laser-like focus with mental clarity in all things 

  • Mindfulness with infinite gratitude in all things

  • To be able to enjoy cooking for myself and for others, to follow recipes and integrate new kitchen skills like fermenting and preserving foods from the garden with ease.

  • knowing I have all the knowledge and education I need to start my own successful business 

  • To really be able to connect even better with my true guidance system - right here, right now!!!

  • To download what I need to know at this time about this cryptocurrency. and make it easy, breezy and fun. 

  • To make it so the teachers, guides, healers and organizations that I’m a part of can get monthly financial support from me. 

  • To make it possible for me to physically go visit and financially support them as well. 

  • To receive the motivation and inspiration to have better organization

  • To become 100 percent accurate in my Divination (eg. pendulum, muscle testing).

  • To have the ongoing ability to successfully connect to my Spiritual Family (Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Arch Angels).

  • To successfully facilitate psycho-spiritual groups.

  • To have a fun, effective way to maintain energetic boundaries, free of cords, attacks, absorption, etc., OR an entirely new reality where those issues are mute.

  • To easily and gracefully receive self-love, God's love, authenticity, and radiant self-confidence

  • Be given a new map and key to finish the novel and help other deeply frustrated geniuses to do the same.

  • To have the grounding, motivation, energy, focus, and razor-sharp memory to finally prioritize and focus my attention properly on the crypto investment training program that I've purchased, with grace, joy, and ease.

Affirmations for Success

  • I intuitively know exactly what information I need to get started in my new greenhouse - my greenhouse is a THRIVING universe of happy plants. I love spending time in it!

  • My new workshops come together easily and effortlessly; I get out of my own way & let them flow through me, just like music. Everyone loves them.

  • All the blocks, known and unknown, standing between me and a new super job are now forever removed; my path is clear.

  • I know exactly who to contact, when to speak and what to say to achieve my goals, and I act consequently.

  • I now clearly hear, see and understand the messages sent to me by my guides.

  • I am easily able to grasp and implement the technology I have to learn to succeed in any new industry.

  • My new industry will be an easy and fun way for me to make money.

  • It's the right time for me to start something new.

  • I am a smart, confident, intelligent, strong, capable, woman who will not let anxiety, judgement and criticism by others, supervision or testing of any kind get in the way of my heartfelt knowing to be the best at whatever I choose to do with my education and career choice.

  • There is so much that wants and needs to be shared with what I’ve learned, developed and have been given from the Divine. I am willing to do this!

  • I can easily listen to my intuition and trust my heart for honest loving guidance and choices!