Clearing Switches and Deleting Family Issues Past & Present - April 2021

Clearing Switches and Deleting Family Issues Past & Present - April 2021

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Originally recorded April 28, 2021

We had a great and important call this month. We all have family issues & traumas to deal with from the past and present, me included, and we addressed some very universal themes and topics that any listener will benefit from.  This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches and Deleting Family Issues Past & Present "  

We went long and deep on this one about 40 minutes total.  The clearing categories were broken down into Clearing Childhood Wounds, Clearing Marital Issues, Clearing Family Emotional Traumas and Patterns, Clearing Parental Traumas and Patterns and finally Prayers for Love, Forgiveness and Harmony.

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

Just know that a lot of folks after listening will not feel "snappy happy" right away, but it will get better in the days ahead.  

This is a 43-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)


"Great call tonight. Thank you!" ~ Holly

"Last week’s clearing work on ‘family’ was exceptionally deep and powerful. The group felt like familiar souls coming together in a spirit of oneness to work on  deep wounds of family and ancestral patterns.  I’ve come to trust the content of the group’s introspective and insightful requests. It takes the pressure off covering all my bases for my own requests. It’s now a week later. I can feel the healing still in process and have a feeling this will continue, possibly until all these lifelong and past-life wounds are intrinsically healed. Immeasurable appreciation, gratitude, and love to Jimmy and team, and all of us participating in these monthly Wednesday healings." Diane Linn

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate these monthly events once I began to experience them. I've been excited for each and every clearing you speak, because I know for a fact that for each one, it helps so many more who are on the call or will listen to it later. Sometimes I cry a little in the beauty that was expressed by each and every heart. I love when your Spirit adds to the phrase, and sometimes I lift my arms and cheer a healthy - YES!!!   I want to thank you for your work and the gift that you are to humanity.  Even though your family had some really rough moments at your dinner table, you turned out fantabulous. LOL" - Janet G.

"Hi Jimmy & team, I just wanted to express my gratitude for this recent Family healing zoom/audio. I have noticed powerful healing within, especially my emotional & mental bodies maturing. I had previously worked on my inner self so much that I thought I was healed, but this audio showed me it was buried deep & now healing rapidly. Many thanks." - Caroline D.


What folks wrote in about:


  • Noticing I feel like I married my mom and my dad and reliving childhood wounds.
  • I feel alone in the world because of my parents outdated beliefs imposed since childhood 
  • I was not ‘wanted’ as a child and now as an adult I’m also not ‘wanted’ by my family and friends  
  • suffered Incest with relative (uncle) – felt shame, guilt, lack of trust & respect. Self hate. So angry.
  • Please stop the karmic loop, oaths, vows, curses and contracts in my current life and all past lives of being emotionally/physically/sexually abused as a child.
  • I felt blamed, manipulated, criticized, disrespected, was cursed at and mal-treated as a child and now as an adult by both my birth & married family  
  • Release the effects of being repeatedly told “you're too sensitive or too shy”    
  • Release limiting beliefs from family about expectations - about what is allowed, acceptable behavior and physical appearance
  • Growing up in my family it was all judgment and non communication and people telling you how it should be done and competition of who got more than the other one.. please clear the lingering judgement and resentment

  • In my marriage we have a blended family dynamic that seems to carry over issues of choosing unavailable men with themes of Mr. Nice Guys who are really covert narcissists, assholes and lack proper boundaries.
  • please clear avoidance and trust issues and themes of insecurity with men 
  • need strength to move forward with my children as they cannot have visitation with their father due to his mistreatment. 
  • please clear past unresolved issues on deciding whether to leave a marriage with someone I love but with whom I feel disconnected due to different frequencies we are holding 
  • please clear the trauma resulting from the lies that my ex was feeding my daughter about me that ruined our relationship 
  •  for my spouse and I to be OPEN to LOVING each other and ENJOYing a VERY SATISFYING and MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship in whatever form it takes



  • clear patterns of Sabotage, interference, disharmony turbulence, chaos, crisis 
  • clear patterns of abandonment – left in hospital after born. Felt rejection & not wanted
  • Not good enough (for my parents love & affection) - became an angry kid
  • I have a pattern of co-dependency with Mom
  • I have a family pattern of anxiety, depression
  • I have a family pattern of failure to live up to potential (lots of wasted talent)
  • my children need healing peace from an abusive father
  • our folks had a constant feeling of lack even when they had money.  
  • I want to heal from pain/guilt/PTSD/anxiety caused by my abusive family members.  
  • clear the trauma of my brother being an alcoholic, then committing suicide
  • please clear patterns of depression with my siblings
  • clear the trauma of my sister who had ADHD and was as mean as can be.  I had a very low self esteem      
  • Please remove the karmic loop of not being supported, not being seen & heard by my family, "loved ones" and others 
  • Dissolve, delete and/or transform all the energy of the limiting, destructive emotions that arise from the heartache of past family betrayal
  • Release anger towards deceased family members and guilt over that having that anger    
  • please clear all family members that are always self-serving and at the expense of others.
  • clear the upset I have when family members only call when they want something
  • Release the negative emotions around what family members have stated about my sleeping pattern and the negative effects it will have on men.  
  • Please help me move on to finally free myself from the illusions of my siblings' support and to stop putting my life on hold to take care of them or their families and clear any thoughts and feelings of guilt for finally moving on.  

  • trauma from unstable bullying father, probably would be considered bipolar today but never got help
  • It's time for me to stop hating my birth mother for giving me up for adoption & never bothering to look for me after I grew up. 
  • clear hurt feeling that she will never know how awesome I turned out - I'm worthy, I'm loved, I'm wanted & I'm blessed. 
  • clear the belief that my family had that because of my disability they would not always want me to do things with the sited friends who I wanted to hang out with  
  • clear the Angry father, abuse issues and the continued poor connection then or now. I was scapegoated a lot
  • to finally clear the pain and my resultant lack of self confidence caused by my lifetime of abuse betrayal and neglect by my mother & stepfather
  • to finally clear the pain and my resultant lack of self confidence caused by my lifetime of abuse betrayal and neglect by my father & stepmother
  • My parents still treat me like a small child, even though I'm already 45 years old.
  • I've never felt supported, understood, loved and appreciated by my family.
  • to release all resentment for my mother's constant manipulation throughout my life 
  • My mother was always critical of me
  • My father was overly strict and religious.  
  • Please release the hurts and resentments of an absent Father who abandoned and betrayed his first family and hid lots and lots of money. 
  • Switch off programs around being sick and dying early like my mother and switch on the regenerative miracle programs.  
  • Mother was depressed, menopausal and did not have time for me. Felt neglected
  • Father was an alcoholic and would disappear for weeks. Felt abandoned
  • I am releasing any and all things preventing me from believing, thinking, knowing and feeling accepted
  • I am releasing anything that is causing me to feel rejected in any and all beliefs, thoughts, knowing or feelings here and now


  • Give me the confidence to clear all family ties that limit me, known and unknown, and allow me to stay heart centered and loving as I go forward in the direction of my dreams and passions in my life now and always!

  • To know in my being that when I was less than I could have been, my family knew that I was growing and learning as I should, and that all is well, and love always flowed.  

  • To trust that my journey is mine, and their journey is theirs and to let go of all feelings of superiority and judgement on how each has lived our lives.

  •  I would like to turn all the mistrust and hate and judging into love, communication and acceptance without judgement. May we all be heard. 

  • I would like to turn the uneasiness in communication with my son into easy and joy filled communication. 

  • I pray that my husband and I stop reflecting our parents' relationships into our marriage and family life. 

  • It is ok for me not to interact with family members when I know it is not for my highest good.  

  • prayers for harmony with my siblings

  •  I no longer carry on the illnesses from my family line. 

  •  I no longer repeat the trauma I suffered as a child. I am healed from all that happened. 

  • I will give & provide my kids an amazing, great family life starting now! 

  • Prayers for my entire Family, Soul Family, Ancestors, any one in the future, to have optimal Health, Wealth, Well being , happiness, peace, and Joy!!!!   

  • All the clearings received tonight will be a true and lasting benefit to all the participants and listeners in this group tonight as well as our relatives and ancestors.