Clearing Switches for Calling in a Soulmate Love - February 2021

Clearing Switches for Calling in a Soulmate Love - February 2021

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Originally recorded February 24, 2021

This month's call was all about Clearing Switches for Calling in a Soulmate Love this one was big and powerful and one of the best, easiest flowing ones we've ever done.

We had a long list of write-ins for this call, 129 total clearings in the 39 minute recording.  We grouped them into Clearing blocks and traumas of past love & relationships; Clearing negative thoughts, fears and beliefs about finding love and these served to clear away the blocks, weed out and plow the garden so we could plant the seeds for the final section on Self-love, being ready for love, sustaining love & finding a soulmate., Our goal is for things to improve for you with every listen.   You can read a partial list of clearings below.  Huge thanks to all who participated and made this a very impactful call for all listeners now and in the future!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 39-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

What People Are Saying...

"Jimmy, I just wanted to let you know that tonight's recording on love was way over the top! Thank you so very much for this evening and I want to thank everyone who was on the call & gave their requests.  I loved the additions that your guides added in. " - Janet G

"Omg, Jimmy!  I woke up in a horrific, hopeless mood, played the "Clearing switches for calling in a soulmate" and felt amazing.  Then, that afternoon, I had a business meeting with someone I have a crush on and formerly considered way out of my league.  They expressed interest in me!  So excited! " - Ayisha Munro

"Wow! I am blown away by this clearing session! I seriously cannot think of anything I could have added. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! I am going to listen to this often. The energy I felt in, around and through me while participating in the replay was astounding! From the past life karma release to the protective body weight I cannot seem to shake--you literally touched on everything. It gives me hope that the conflicting energy in my life will resolve into the best (or better!) life I can imagine." - Nichole

What folks wrote in about:

Clearing blocks and traumas of past love and relationships

    • Clear the trauma and shock related to betrayal, abandonment and rejection in relationships 
    • To eliminate resentment, taking each other for granted, and any stonewalling 
    •  I release any and all blocks I may have created in my past as to what I thought love was, with sincere opportunities for me to express myself as love to the world.  
    •   to release the feeling of being discouraged and lonely and abandoned
    •   to clear all past love traumas and sexual traumas keeping me from feeling love and acceptance of myself.  
    •   Clear blocks to the perfect partner finding me
    •   Canceling any contracts on having to be fully on my mission before being with my ideal romantic partner    
    • Please clear any and all possibilities of someone cheating on me ever happening again, turn off any ancestral switches and patterns that contributed to infidelities both known and unknown from any past lifetimes  
    •  Clear blocks to weight loss resulting from abusive relationships and trying to protect myself from men.
    • Clear emotional unavailability for both of us so we vibrate at the perfect level to find and recognize each other
    • Clear any past traumas with men that get in the way of finding love  (ie: with stepfather and father )
    • clear anywhere I have shut my emotions down am hiding myself and am unable to express myself
    • clear where I loved someone so much they couldn't receive and it pushed them away
    • clear disappointment or expectation that relationships are like the fantasy we see in the movies
    • clear anywhere I am repeating my parent's and or my own bad mistakes in relationships
    • clear any lack of love received as a child
    • clear any regret of old relationships and regret relationships that never were
    • clear all the cummulative effects of past heartaches and heartbreaks
    • clear any cords to "the one that got away" and that I'll never find that kind of love again
    •  clear anywhere seeing other couples makes me sad, jealous, envious...
    • clear anywhere i decided to give up and stop caring and desensitized my heart
    • I gave pieces of my soul away and need to reclaim them from past partners
    • clear anywhere I chose a partner for the wrong reasons and/or stayed for wrong reasons
    • clear any false definitions and misunderstandings about what love is or what a soulmate is or has to be
    • clear anywhere I believed or was told someone was my soul mate/twin flame and felt obligated to make it work or it didn't work out
    • decided someone was soul mate/ twin flame and it blocked other possibilities from coming in 


      Releasing negative thoughts, fears and beliefs about finding love

        • Clear beliefs that I am better off alone, that relationships are more work than it's worth or that I have to divorce part of myself for it to work
        • Clear fear of connection and pushing people away because of a lack of trust
        •  Clear fears that he/she doesn't exist and it'll never happen.
        • I am tired of being single
        • clear any belief that i am hard to love
        • clear all the excuses I have for why I am not finding love
        • Letting go of fear and the unsafe feeling when being “looked at”/noticed/found attractive/wolf whistled at or shouted out at - creating a strong fear/heightened anxiety/panic state since I was a small girl 
        • clear the belief that I don't fit in and no one would want me as their potential future love match
        • please release any interference between myself and my ideal lover and create opportunities for us to meet in the physical with grace and ease
        • please release any energy of desperation or longing that is in the way of attracting true love 
        • release the feeling and limiting belief that the people I’m very attracted to aren’t attracted to me and vice versa
        • release the feeling/belief/pattern that I fall I love too fast and lose my sense of self
        • release the nervous feelings I get when I talk to a guy/girl I really like
        • I have to have money first, then love—or only one or the other but not both—or not both at same time
        • that no man could or would want to love, accept, support and commit to me fully unless I and everything/everyone in my environment is “perfect"
        • to release the belief that my health, interests and skills will be judged as 'not enough' by potential love partners
        • Clearing space for me to trust myself to fall in love again
        • Clear belief that the people I like are out of my league.
        • I have lost my looks and am too old to attract someone I am attracted to.
        • clear any fears of not loving myself enough or being capable of loving and sharing with another
        • Clear emotional unavailability for both of us so we vibrate at the perfect level to find and recognize each other 
        • I fear being alone, dying alone - being single forever, being a spinster
        • clear the belief that love doesn't stay
        • clear the belief that rejecting love keeps me safe
        • clear anywhere i feel too broken or damaged to love again  
        • clear any fear of using the internet to date and meet people and all the reasons why and excuses for not trying  

        Self-love, being ready for love, sustaining love & finding a soulmate

        • I am experiencing a heart-felt love with the most important person in my life - myself.
        • I choose to draw to me only heart-felt relationships and experiences.
        •  I am ready for an inspired, committed relationship  
        • to fully be my beautiful, sexy, alluring self
        • I commit to love, honour and accept myself with humour and compassion 
        • I AM enough and it's safe and comfortable for me to be loved & shown affection
        • I am worthy of love because I am lovable and allow love to flow through me always.
        • to truly know I’m worthy of having many options, that the right one exists and I have the courage to choose and it will show up at the exact right time.
        • I am ready to find a spiritually, mentally and physically fit partner/spouse that is the best match for me 
        • I am able to experience, receive and hold divine love and share it with myself and others
        • I am able to experience unconditional, consistent, divine love in myself, my relationship with my spouse and children
        • To open up to give love to myself and receive the abundance of love from God/Universe including welcoming in my divine mate.
        • To continue to increase and strengthen the love bond and growing relationship with my current partner. 
        • To continue to increase and strengthen self-awareness and self-love more and more, so that I have true, pure, and joyful love to share with others.  
        • That all my actions/ decisions reflect true love for myself
        • To live in continual harmony with my mate without arguing
        • to be on the same vibrational frequency as my soulmate twin flame 
        •  To be emotionally available, physically affectionate, and embrace romance and intimacy.  
        • To love with a genuine and open heart and with wild abandon
        • to be fully compatible and in alignment with finding the right people for me that are active on dating sites  
        •  to have discernment to know that it is not just puppy love and knowing that they are my soulmate  
        • To own and be accepted as my unique self to love unconditionally and without apology, and to know that as I freely give love, so too shall I freely receive love
        • to find a nice mate who does not see my blindness as a major issue and loves me anyway for who I am
        • It is safe and comfortable for me to allow someone to love me fully, honestly and selflessly.
        • My partner in this life will pursue me like it is their life’s mission.
        • The love I will receive from my significant other will be equivalent or greater than the love I give and feel for them.
        • Strengthen the connection to receive clear/concise/confident communication with all of my spirit guides, and the fortitude/courage/assertiveness to follow their guidance
        • for all my actions toward finding love to be guided through serendipitous and synchronistic ways and in divine timing
        • for us to be connected to our highest self and expanded consciousness as well as optimal health/mental stability/energetic sovereignty throughout our pursuits of love 
        • I am now attracting a love soul mate easier than I could ever imagine, one who is faithful, loves, honors, supports, protects, communicates, loves animals and makes my heart and soul sing 
        • to be harmonious and aligned with receiving the companionship of others and feeling the strong pull drawing them toward me and me toward them
        • to be open to receiving and giving another compelling and powerful love with total gratitude
        • to be 100% aligned with bringing in my true love, twin soul in a healthy, happy, loving and supportive relationship
        • to rekindle my spouse's feelings of romance toward me and me being in receptive mode
        • After 30 lonely years on my own, I now attract my perfect love match, to go forwards in happy intimacy harmony and joy.
        •  I’m calling in my twin flame to be present in my life here and now with grace and ease  
        • I now relish in my ideal love relationship with my life partner and we enjoy unlimited beautiful, romantic, magical and wonderful experiences that raise us to our highest vibrations.
        • The Love of God always finds me and eternally shines its countless blessings upon me, my family, my friends, and all living beings
        • to increase and strengthen the love and intimacy bond with my current partner  
        • to attract more loving people, experiences and situations into my daily life
        • I resolve to start fresh and look for love with exuberant enthusiasm
        • My soulmate is as ready to be with me as I am ready to be with them. Spirit allows this to happen at the perfect time with grace and ease