Clearing Switches for Themes of Dark Energy & Fears -  October 2020

Clearing Switches for Themes of Dark Energy & Fears - October 2020

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Originally recorded October 28, 2020.

This month's call was all about Clearing Switches for Themes of Dark Energy & Fears.  We had to slug through some heavy stuff at the start, but I promise you things lifted and improved by the end of the call.

It's a wild time for everyone of course but I think you're going to be feeling a lot better after you hear this. You might feel hot or cold or like I'm running my fingers through your hair, people have reported all kinds of weird feelings, so just know that things are all good and it's all the stuff coming off of you and all of us collectively. 

We had an incredible list of write-ins for this call so a huge thanks to all who participated and made this a very impactful call for all listeners now and in the future!

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand on things and cover the clearings in a much deeper way.

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

 What people are saying:

"LOVE monthly switch events. Woowoo. Feel like a weight has been lifted (again). Grateful for you and all you do. Sincerely" - Dona





  • am afraid of dark energies, demons and nasty entities
  • I fear the daily darkness I must duck and cover from 
  • I’m afraid of insidious/ evil spirits
  • Clear the creepy ungrounded energies that float around near Halloween 
  • Clear taking on other people's negative energy.
  • Clear and repel any energetic field where people get implanted to run away, and act opposite of their original free will feeling 
  • Release constructs from the mental/causal/spiritual/divine planes that no longer serve ourselves or the collective conscious
  • Resolve and remove any outdated karmic and soul contracts that no longer serve us
  • Release constructs from the mental/causal/spiritual/divine planes that no longer serve ourselves or the collective conscious  
  • Call back and reintegrate any lost soul fragments over this or any lifetime
  • Release inserted soul fragments that we've taken on from others
  • Seal up any cracks, tears, holes, gaps and leaks in our energy systems that allow the negative to seep in
  • Clear dark energies that cause me repeated reversals financial and otherwise that keep me from moving forward
  • Clear dark energies that keep me from being seen heard and appreciated
  • Clear dark energies that prevent my efforts from manifesting outward results
  • Lift the heavy curtain of dark energy around us that covers us in fear and oppression   
  • Clear any alien influences that are not our highest good at this time 
  • Clear any influences of negative energies causing stress and anxiety
  • Dissipate the manipulation and contamination of the collective psychetoxic belief systems and hidden cultural brainwashing and poisoning
  • Please realign any discordant energy frequencies and clear any energetic interference affecting us
  • Remove any unwanted, parasitic energy and release any attachments and cords 
  • Extract and exile any unwanted/unfriendly/non-benevolent energetic beings from this realm
  • Release all those who are in a prison of darkness throughout the world. 
  • Clear off all evil forces, evil spirits, entities, demons and any harassing, hostileunfriendlymeddling beings in and around us
  • Dispellvanquish, rescind and recant any oathsvows, contractsagreementshexesspellscharms or bad luck curses
  • Clear any force fields, negative energetic forces, and barriers that are not for our highest good
  • Freedom from the network of negativity and darkness and any hidden influences known and unknown that exist    
  • Disentangle and unravel any hidden, sneaky, subtle patterns in the collective unconscious that are harmful and invisible to us 
  • Dissipate any negative thought forms in the ethers that form core beliefs and reinforce our false perceptions    


  • I am so afraid of being like my mother  
  • I am afraid of being misunderstood and not heard  
  • I fear losing our freedoms 
  • please clear whatever is making me anxious and unable to sleep soundly
  • I am feeling disconnected from my intuition - I feel like my switch was shut off due to an event over 12 years ago - feels like healer I worked with took my ability in a weird way
  • I have the sense of dread that I'll never be enough, or be good enough, or create enough, or achieve enough for me to relax and be happy with lifework and money
  • I have fears regarding severe financial loss ...and the immense shame that surrounds that (from family especially)  
  • fear uncertainty and financial insecurity  
  • I have a fear of not receiving good luck and good fortune 
  • I am afraid of losing all of our money and not having enough to eat and get by.  
  • I am afraid of poverty and debt and of being broke and homeless  
  • I am afraid to 'put myself out there' and take the next step after recently qualifying as a hypnotherapist and energy healer.
  • I fear I won't find a new job or position that is right fit for me 
  • I fear that time is running out for me to achieve my cherished goals and outcomes due to my age  
  • Please clear all fears/blocks preventing me from having the strength and taking the steps I need to leave toxic and unsupportive relationships in the family
  • Afraid of being alone the rest of my life.  
  • I'm finding it hard to get out and stay out of bed
  • Feel like I'm on a hamster wheel of depression
  • Longer nights make me feel depressed
  • please clear anywhere I hear in my head "give up, don't bother"  
  • I'm afraid of rejection and sad that people treat me as if I'm somehow different than them and I feel they don't want me around  
  • Halloween and scary things bring up childhood fears and memories of not being careful, makes me feel depressed/out of sorts 
  • I feel scared about not moving forward
  • I'm afraid of not reaching my highest human potential and not tapping into my true inner power and gifts
  • I'm afraid of four more years
  • I'm afraid that the world will continue to become more divided as separation and opposition is increasing (political, racial, financial, gender)
  • I have fears regarding loss of safety
  • I have a fear of being and feeling left alone or abandoned  
  • I'm scared about the future especially when it comes to 5G Technology and also scared about the development and rollout of the Coronavirus vaccine.
  • I feel scared about being "watched" and not knowing (I caught a peeping Tom one morning when I was getting dressed)
  • I still remember being scared when waking up in the night and someone was in my bed (and raped me)
  • I fear masks of any kind as I cannot wear a C-pap and have severe sleep apnea 
  • Please clear all fears around Covid-19 infection and fear of mandatory vaccines  
  • Clear the fear of upcoming dental work being painful or difficult or too expensive.  
  • Having to take pharmaceutical medications scares me    
  • I still remember being scared when I was enthusiastic and got smashed in the face  
  • I fear being trapped 
  • I'm afraid of being verbally or psychically attacked
  • Please clear any fears of being buried alive or claustrophobia 
  • I fear being in crowds/restaurants/malls - they tend to make me feel drained, anxious, and out of sorts
  • I have a fear of driving
  • I'm afraid of the dark and that someone will enter the house at night. yuck!  
  • I'm feeling disconnected from intuitive guidance (like switch was flipped off and circuits are jammed)
  • Clear the root of any unexplained fatigue and body aches, mental fog/confusion
  • Clear the root of any unexplained sleep disturbances or nightmares
  • Clear the root of any nameless dread or anxiety and mood swings or unexplained emotional upsurges
  • I fear my own sexuality
  • I'm afraid of being "looked" at in a lustful way
  • I have fears of abandonment... fears of losing a partner (whether death or break-up)
  • I fear that I will never be able to let go of shame & guilt, so that I can fully experience sensual & sexual unbridled pleasure and heart centered intimacy with a partner who respects and encourages me!     
  • I'm afraid of never being able to create healthy boundaries and to speak up for myself - clearly, calmly and directly without backing down! 
  • I worry that I can't get what I need or can't disagree with someone without arguing, fighting or going to "war" for it and I fear being attacked just for asking or expressing my opinion
  • I have a fear of exposing myself to snarky criticism and being laughed at for failing at my ventures
  • I have a fear of being in a romantic partnership
  • I fear that I'm holding back and I have a fear of missing out and regret
  • I have a fear of being criticized and attacked by being a leader and sticking out and fear of shining my light

closing with the positive...  

  • I invite in only the benevolent, loving and kind energies 
  • Turning on our switches to triumph over any dark adversaries while thriving in a world without limitations imposed by ourselves or others 
  • Instill with us to express empathy, compassion and love for all energies and hold a higher consciousness and higher light in the face of darkness
  • May every home/house dwelling and business be freed of any dark forces that are not in harmony with the highest good.
  • It's safe and comfortable to shine my light on the darkness and see through it all 
  • It's safe and comfortable for me to claim my sovereignty and know my own divinity and that my inner light is always shining brightly