Clearing Switches for Enhancing Love, Sex, and Romance - February 2022

Clearing Switches for Enhancing Love, Sex, and Romance - February 2022

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Originally recorded March 2, 2022 (Feb. makeup date)

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Enhancing Love, Sex, and Romance".  Over 90 clearings submitted by dozens of participants and separated into 5 sections focused on clearing patterns, traumas and blocks to loving yourself, being in a loving relationship, increasing sex drive, sexiness, intimacy,  Wishes for the best relationship and best sex and romance to come into your life, beyond your wildest dreams.

1) Love clearings 2) Love wishes 3) Sex & Sensuality 4) Enhancing Romance 5)  Love Affirmations

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

This is a 28-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

"Thank you for an amazing Zoom last night, super charged as always!" - Nichole

"Thank you, Jimmy!! I had a breakthrough with my husband today, although, it was along different lines; but it was relational. So, thank you so much!" - Anne

"The love call had a beauty in it different than any call before. Something really shifted in the cosmos. See an opening for new next level of Love for the planet and everyone..Much appreciation." - Diane L.
Love clearings
  1. Delete all mental programming that leads us to choose toxic partners.

  2. Delete all mental programming that associates abuse with love.

  3. Allow us all to see, recognize, and connect with genuine opportunities for heart connected, mutually supportive love.

  4. Clearing family trauma, family feuds, drama and negative behavioural patterns to have a harmonious relationship with siblings, close and extended family.

  5. Clearing gracefully all blocks to love, romance, and the relationship I always dreamed of 

  6. To bring down my heart walls so I can allow and accept love from my husband, friends and family

  7. To clear the notion that I am not worthy of true love because of my past.

  8. To clear the belief that “I don't have to be used to receive love.”

  9. To clear the belief that “I don't have to be needed to be loved.”

  10. Clear the belief that "Love and romance is never going to happen for me."

  11. Release any blocks to being with my beloved and us living in a co-creative, committed sacred, partnership with grace and ease.

  12. Clearing for deep, and reciprocal love relationship between my honey and me

  13. Clear all heart breaks once and for all and start fresh with a fully open heart.

  14. Delete judgments and strengthen unconditional love and acceptance, especially within my family

  15. Clear all blocks to meeting my most ideal marriage partner

  16. Clear all blocks to having a confident, magnetic, charming and likable personality

  17. Delete out the fear of having a love relationship

  18. Clear and delete all fear, doubt, flaws and bring in: total Self Love, Courage, Self-Confidence, Spark & Magic

  19. I wish I didn’t have so many things to be critical of about myself and could release  my flaws 

  20. I wish to fully and truly love myself consistently, and stop sabotaging myself

  21. I wish to heal all past emotional love traumas for me and all people who desire that.

  22. Please release all baggage from past relationships in all lifetimes and all dimensions so that I remain open to the Love flowing from the Universe and my beloved.

  23. Please transmute all fears of commitment to a life partner and strengthen: my sovereignty, financial plenty, communication skills, and ability to have fun:) 

  24. To clear any and all blockages from me having the love and mate that’s for me.

  25. Please clear any/all known or unknown double proxy marriage contracts blocking me from a divine marriage and relationship with my husband.

Love wishes

  1. Wish to find a nice sexy girl friend who loves me for who I am and does not see my blindness as a major issue when dating me.

  2. I wish for . . . An understanding kind husband and life partner in a loving relationship with me, that is built on friendship, respect, tender affection, caring and great sex. 

  3. I wish for a handsome man of strength and high integrity that appreciates who I am and what I bring to our relationship and knows that, that is enough as we are. 

  4. I wish for a partner that will take care of me and provide a shelter (emotionally, physically, and financially) from the and refuge of daily life and society. 

  5.  I wish to manifest a loving, lasting relationship full of trust, respect, support and amazing sex.

  6.  I wish to bring in that higher 5D form of love I came here to experience into the physical now.

  7. I wish to be able to open up to love again, let walls down.

  8. I wish to be open to receive love and freely give love without fear.

  9. To have total unconditional uncompromising love for myself.

  10.  I would like to deepen my love for all people and be free from negative thoughts  when I don't agree with their behavior and thinking.

  11.  I wish for all my family & friends to stop judging each other and accept & love each other as we are.

  12. I wish to truly love & forgive my mother for EVERYTHING.

  13. I wish to meet a perfectly compatible partner

  14. To experience a twin flame love at the age of 88.

  15. I wish to be honest and intimate in my relationships, including with myself. 

  16.  I wish to bring in the most amazing, adorable, stable, intelligent. successful and wonderful partner imaginable


Sex and Sensuality 

  1. Clear the idea that my body must be perfect in order to be desirable and so that I won't be abandoned for a newer model! 

  2. What is said during sex doesnt have to hurt me

  3. Delete sexual trauma and shame of being sexy

  4. Delete all inhibitions, pain, fears, and judgments preventing me from embodying and experiencing deep and succulent pleasure, ecstasy, and bliss

  5. Delete all sexual trauma from sexual abuse, female shaming and being controlled in relationships.

  6. To forgive my spouse completely and let him out of the dog house, stop comparing him to past abusers.

  7. Please heal us of any/all physical, mental, spiritual and sexual abuse blocking divine love between ourself, God and each other

  8. in my marriage, strengthen sexual playfulness, joy, and trusting openness into expressing erotic innocence

  9. Please heal and strengthen mine and my husband's bodies to have full sexual/health capacity free from any interference blocking divine connection and love.

  10. To clear whatever is blocking me and my sacral chakra to bring back my sex drive

  11.  To get my SEXY back!

  12.  To have great Sparkling Health & Vitality and a Healthy doses of Sex drive

  13. I wish to have a fulfilling sacred, sexual relationship with my beloved now.

  14.  I wish that I would feel sexy again

  15.  I wish that the passion between my husband and myself is reignited

  16.  To enjoy fabulous sex for me and all other’s on the call who want that

  17.  To feel beautiful and sexy so that I want and enjoy being intimate with my husband. 

  18. Bring in some sexual confidence and courage.

  19.  To have more love for my aging, changing body and more comfort sexually with these changes.

  20.  To have the ability to gracefully initiate sex (never, a problem until middle age) 

  21.  to have a loving sexual relationship with a true loving partner.

  22. My husband and I fancy each other at the same time and show it in a way that pleases us both.

  23.  Love-making with my partner is heaven on earth. We are so playful & free with each other! 

  24.  Sex is fun. Sex is not a trade to be wanted or loved

  25.  My sexy body, mind and spirit is safe, ready and enthusiastic for sex.

Enhancing Romance: 

  1. clear everywhere I'm not taking responsibility or am not actively pursuing romance 

  2. Clearing my desire to hear the words "I love you" when my partner's loving actions show me that he loves and cares for me. 

  3. To enhance my relationship and connection with my husband on every level mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and romantically.

  4.  to bring an abundance of joy, laughter, intimacy, play, conversation, romance, and shared interests to our relationship so we feel more connected and in love than we ever have before

  5. Bring in the I am good enough for a person and the courage to ask for the date.

  6. Clearing the unfounded suspicions and distrust harbored by my partner as a result of his past marriage.

  7. It would be nice to be good enough for myself and attract loving supportive relationships now

  8. I am blocking myself from having any romance in my life so as to not experience anymore the heartbreaks that I had in the past.

  9. My husband and I experience, enjoy and value romance, passion, humour, and loving communication in our relationship. 

  10. Romance has many faces and we recognise, experience and appreciate it in its diversity.

  11. I am ready for romance that is sustainable and delights & just gets better & more romantic with time. 

  12.  I AM able to allow FUN and romance back into my life now!

  13. To have a healthy, sparkling, balanced, harmonious, loving, romantic relationship based on mutual love and respect filled with magic, joy and happiness. 

  14. I can be romantic with grace & ease.

  15. To believe, know and feel that I deserve a loving romantic relationship

  16. I can attract a romantic partner and enjoy a fun relationship and enjoy being cared for

Love Affirmations

  1. May we all see with the eyes of Love, hear with the ears of Love, speak with the voice of Love

  2. I believe, think, know and feel that Love is with me, Love is inside me, Love is around me.

  3.  I have the courage to let the love of new positive friends into my life without fear.

  4.  I accept that I’m ready and deserve to have the love that’s for me and I’m now bringing in the ideal mate as we have been searching for each other. 

  5.  I believe, think, know and feel that someone is looking for me, and finds me now

  6. I feel and know that we are all gorgeous and sexy and more than enough.

  7.  Love can be fun and supportive

  8. My Mr./Miss Perfect for me finds me now!

  9. I am deeply in love with myself and feel the romance and sensuality of life in every breath

  10. I deeply love myself and am happy to be me.