Clearing Switches for Healing the Empath - July 2021

Clearing Switches for Healing the Empath - July 2021

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Originally recorded July 28, 2021

This month's call was all about "Clearing Switches for Healing the Empath".  We were right at 30 minutes total on this one and it's a very important one for us all.  We broke the clearings down into section Clearing Physical Empathy, Releasing Emotional Empathy, Healing the Healers, Strengthening Peace and Grounding.

And know too that I bring in additional pieces from Spirit in the moment of reading each item that really expand and amplifies things in a much deeper way.

Just know that a lot of folks after listening will not feel "snappy happy" right away, but it will get better in the days ahead.  

This is a 30-minute video and a large download file*  (Audio-only mp3 available by request)

  • Clear where I feel other people’s exact pain and then take it on as my own for hours or a day later 
  • Clear being overly stressed about life and living. 
  • Clear feelings and sensations of pain where the doctors can’t find anything wrong 
  • Experiencing groundhog day, living the same day over and over again
  • I can’t get off the couch, with the dog days of Summer/heat - I feel like doing nothing because what’s the point 
  • I am tired all the time, my frontal lobe is not functional. I have sciatica and grind my teeth, so it hurts to chew, walk and live. Doctors do not have a clue.  I am ready to be healed and well.
  • Strengthening light core so that I can be in a haunted environment or buffeted with energy weapons, shunts, hooks and cords with no ill effects.
  • Clear fears of agoraphobia, fear of crowds 
  • I would like to release the disgust and distrust towards men that I picked up from my mother.
  • Clear where I take on the stress of others at work in addition to my own stress
  • Need to not let others' opinions affect me so much
  • release the feelings of unsafeness and unprotectedness that I picked up from my mother
  • to release all judgements and fears I keep picking up from others
  • Remove the cycle of abuse from my ex-husband. I still explain away his abhorrent behavior to myself and my family
  • I am empathic to the homeless, situations and people in need as well as myself one day with the situation I am in.
  • wish to clear the views that some people expressed because I am totally blind that I do not have the ability to be intuitive to other’s feelings In large crowds, stores, restaurants, even in church, I can feel drained rather quickly from other people's stuff.
  • Fear something bad is going to happen if I leave the house & drive
  • Even sensitive on the road when traveling -- I don't know if this increase in anxiety has to do with empath stuff or something else.
  • I am very nervous and overeat around other people
  • To heal any and all inner wounds due to my sensitivity that have kept and are keeping me from stepping into my true power to create a life full of abundance, financial prosperity and heartfelt joy!
  • Clear all empathic influences connected to lack & not having enough 
  • Clear all empathic frequencies that are not mine including but not limited to ancestral and family lineage 
  • Clear all empathic influences negatively impacting receiving and thriving financially and in all areas of life
  • Strengthen all energetic boundaries due to being a sensitive empath
  • Hard to ask for help as a healer when you feel you should be able to do something, but nothing seems to be working anymore
  • Clear when we feel "burned out" with sending love and healing and just want to curl up in a little ball and not listen to any more problems
  • As an empath, keep my heart from aching all the time
  • Clear any resentment I feel when clients have unrealistic expectations of timelines and their outcomes
  • Clear when I do a healing and it feels like it "sent" but things just go another unhelpful way and you feel stupid for trying
  • Need assistance to get through this ‘stuck’ feeling/place/thing I’m currently in
  • Release heart walls and protective programs that prevent intimacy  and connection. Restore trust.
  • Clear fears of getting the vaccine and/or fear of NOT getting the vaccine
  • Release the ability to further work with numbers as a modality. Gain clear access to the unlimited computing abilities we have but don’t use on a daily basis.
  • Let this cycle of being treated like garbage be done.  I’m not the punching bag anymore.  Bring in love to replace my grief & sadness. 
  • I have A.D.D. and I believe it’s purpose is to distract me from feeling
  • I have issues with my own boundaries because if I say no, or don't agree etc, I feel I will hurt others
  • I am filled with the frequencies that are missing or incomplete that will allow me to step into my unique gifts as a balanced, healthy, whole and complete empath.
  • Release any victim/martyr consciousness that has gunked up our understanding of empathy
  • Sometimes I just can't get clear or stay clear.  Jimmy calls it "extra crispy"  Always other people's stuff.
  • How do we turn down our empath ability and sensitivity, what is the best way?

  • Bring in peace and grounding, restore vigor and strengthen your ability to move forward in life. 
  • Bring in more direction and discernment as well as abundance. 
  • Experience and feel other’s issues without taking them on co-create healthy boundaries and restore our angelic factory settings!
  • Input that I am enough. Input confidence and steadfastness. 
  • I'm waking up every morning with a positive “go get it” attitude feeling good, feeling alive, having crystal clear focused thought and energy. Feeling all around AWESOME!!!
  • Spirit Guides me how to be more quick to forgive situations and people. Stronger and better than ever
  • Bring in the confidence, courage and strength to not let the negativity in. 
  • stay focused on how I can serve better
  • To be quick to show compassion and be super quick to forgive. 
  • I feel that I can tell what others are feeling even when they don't tell me and wish this intuition to be stronger. 
  • To be comfortable in my own skin, to acknowledge and affirm what I "know" and to be strong enough to always trust and follow my inner guidance no matter what anyone else says or does!
  • I no longer need to stay in the background for fear of the energy of others.  
  • I use my empathic powers with a wide open and loving heart to be the best of who I am even and it is far greater than I could ever imagine!
  • This whole thing of being an empath is simple, easy and purposeful when I let go of expectations, judgements and fear and allow myself to live from a place of joy and knowing.
  • I use discernment and have emotional self-regulation to stand in my power and make a positive difference by responding to the world around me.
  • Bring in the ability to be balanced & empowered empaths on planet earth who get to share the joys of being human & loving it. 
  • clear all energy exchanges with my clients. Our money exchanges are always positive and a blessing to all! 
  • let others take care of me as I take care of them
  • May I feel loved and protected & folded in the wings of the Divine
  • to easily access the ability to freely speak light language, enabling this will help others and myself with our healing.
  • Empower us to know when we are not in, or not alone ie: spirit invasion, in our body to take sovereignty immediately with grace and ease.
  • Help us know our value, power etc. to be using our gifts vs being oppressed by the energy around us.
  • Help us know when we are under outside interference of mind, body, spirit, affecting relations, thoughts etc. and then ground us to then have and take ultimate power and authority in our thoughts, feelings and emotions and life.
  • Help us know when we are picking up outside emotions and/or interference and ground them out to be strong in our own body, truth, emotions
  • To receive calm, love, and peace, to surround me when I’m in public and feeling overwhelmed because my senses are overloaded.
  • Bring abundant opportunities to restore my bank account with more than, but not limited to $10,000, so that I may start my healing business immediately
  • My ideal clients love finding me through my super easy, delightful word-of-mouth grapevine, & I enjoy a fulfilling, abundant, & perfectly god-calibrated client flow! 
  • I am stronger than I know, in touch with the greatest source of protection and now feel free to be totally open and accepting of all my powers feeling safe, protected, secure, confident